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Matunga (MTN) to Kopar (KOPR) Trains

from Matunga to Kopar
96655CSTM TLA LOCAL00.0500.5700.52hr
96343CSTM ABH LOCAL00.1401.0600.52hr
96301CSTM ABH LOCAL00.2601.1700.51hr
96401CSTM KSRA LOCAL00.3601.2700.51hr
96101CSTM KJT LOCAL00.4601.3700.51hr
96403CSTM KSRA LOCAL04.3605.2700.51hr
96003CSTM KHPI LOCAL04.4505.3700.52hr
96107CSTM KJT LOCAL05.0906.0100.52hr
96405CSTM KSRA LOCAL05.2106.1300.52hr
96505CSTM ASO LOCAL05.3306.2500.52hr
96109CSTM KJT LOCAL05.4106.3300.52hr
96303CSTM ABH LOCAL05.4506.3700.52hr
96605CSTM TLA LOCAL05.4906.4100.52hr
96305CSTM ABH LOCAL06.0106.5300.52hr
96607CSTM TLA LOCAL06.1307.0500.52hr
96507CSTM ASO LOCAL06.2307.1500.52hr
97011CSTM KYN LOCAL06.3107.2300.52hr
96307CSTM ABH LOCAL06.4107.3200.51hr
97201CSTM DI LOCAL06.4407.3500.51hr
96611CSTM TLA LOCAL06.5107.4300.52hr
97203CSTM DI LOCAL06.5407.4600.52hr
97015CSTM KYN LOCAL07.0207.5300.51hr
96309CSTM ABH LOCAL07.1308.0500.52hr
96613CSTM TLA LOCAL07.2108.1300.52hr
97017CSTM KYN LOCAL07.2908.2100.52hr
97205CSTM DI LOCAL07.3708.2900.52hr
97019CSTM KYN LOCAL07.4508.3700.52hr
97021CSTM KYN LOCAL07.5308.4500.52hr
97207CSTM DI LOCAL07.5708.4900.52hr
96511CSTM ASO LOCAL08.0308.5500.52hr
97023DR KYN LOCAL08.1109.0200.51hr
97025CSTM KYN LOCAL08.1709.0800.51hr
97027CSTM KYN LOCAL08.3309.2500.52hr
97209CSTM DI LOCAL08.4109.3300.52hr
97029CSTM KYN LOCAL08.5409.4600.52hr
97031CSTM KYN LOCAL09.1010.0300.53hr
97033CSTM KYN LOCAL09.2610.2100.55hr
97211CSTM DI LOCAL09.3710.2900.52hr
97037DR KYN LOCAL09.4710.3900.52hr
97039CSTM KYN LOCAL09.5310.4600.53hr
97213CSTM DI LOCAL09.5710.5000.53hr
96617CSTM TLA LOCAL10.1811.1100.53hr
97041CSTM KYN LOCAL10.2311.1500.52hr
97043CSTM KYN LOCAL10.3511.2700.52hr
97215CSTM DI LOCAL10.4311.3400.51hr
97045DR KYN LOCAL10.5111.4500.54hr
97217CSTM DI LOCAL10.5711.4900.52hr
97047CSTM KYN LOCAL11.1012.0200.52hr
97049DR KYN LOCAL11.1612.1100.55hr
96619CSTM TLA LOCAL11.2512.2000.55hr
97051CSTM KYN LOCAL11.4112.3400.53hr
96621CSTM TLA LOCAL11.4512.3800.53hr
97219CSTM DI LOCAL11.5112.4600.55hr
96311CSTM ABH LOCAL12.0112.5600.55hr
97055CSTM KYN LOCAL12.1113.0400.53hr
96623CSTM TLA LOCAL12.1513.0700.52hr
96313CSTM ABH LOCAL12.2013.1200.52hr
97221DR DI LOCAL12.2413.1600.52hr
97057CSTM KYN LOCAL12.2813.2000.52hr
97059CSTM KYN LOCAL12.3613.2900.53hr
97223DR DI LOCAL12.4113.3400.53hr
97061CSTM KYN LOCAL12.4913.4100.52hr
97063CSTM KYN LOCAL12.5313.4500.52hr
96315CSTM ABH LOCAL12.5713.4900.52hr
97225CSTM DI LOCAL13.0113.5300.52hr
96625CSTM TLA LOCAL13.0513.5700.52hr
97065DR KYN LOCAL13.0914.0000.51hr
96317CSTM ABH LOCAL13.1714.1100.54hr
97067CSTM KYN LOCAL13.2114.1500.54hr
97069CSTM KYN LOCAL13.2514.1900.54hr
96627CSTM TLA LOCAL13.3314.2700.54hr
96319CSTM ABH LOCAL13.3814.3100.53hr
97071CSTM KYN LOCAL13.4314.3500.52hr
97227DR DI LOCAL13.4714.4100.54hr
96515CSTM ASO LOCAL13.5114.4500.54hr
97073CSTM KYN LOCAL13.5514.4800.53hr
96629CSTM TLA LOCAL14.0314.5500.52hr
97077CSTM KYN LOCAL14.0714.5900.52hr
96321CSTM ABH LOCAL14.1115.0300.52hr
97229CSTM DI LOCAL14.1515.0700.52hr
96631CSTM TLA LOCAL14.2915.2100.52hr
97081CSTM KYN LOCAL14.3315.2500.52hr
96205CSTM BUD LOCAL14.3815.2900.51hr
97083CSTM KYN LOCAL14.4715.3800.51hr
96323CSTM ABH LOCAL14.5515.4700.52hr
97085CSTM KYN LOCAL14.5915.5100.52hr
97087DR KYN LOCAL15.0315.5500.52hr
96633CSTM TLA LOCAL15.0715.5900.52hr
96325CSTM ABH LOCAL15.1316.0500.52hr
97089CSTM KYN LOCAL15.1716.0900.52hr
96517CSTM ASO LOCAL15.2116.1300.52hr
97091DR KYN LOCAL15.3016.2200.52hr
97231CSTM DI LOCAL15.3316.2500.52hr
97093CSTM KYN LOCAL15.3716.2900.52hr
96635CSTM TLA LOCAL15.4116.3300.52hr
97233CSTM DI LOCAL15.4816.4300.55hr
96637CSTM TLA LOCAL15.5216.4700.55hr
95415CSTM KSRA FAST15.5716.3800.41hr
97095CSTM KYN LOCAL16.0216.5700.55hr
97235CSTM DI LOCAL16.0717.0000.53hr
97097CSTM KYN LOCAL16.1117.0400.53hr
95723BY KYN SEMI FAST16.1316.5400.41hr
97099CSTM KYN LOCAL16.2017.1200.52hr
97237CSTM DI LOCAL16.2617.2000.54hr
96329CSTM ABH LOCAL16.3417.2600.52hr
96639CSTM TLA LOCAL16.4217.3600.54hr
97239CSTM DI LOCAL16.5517.4700.52hr
97107CSTM KYN LOCAL17.0918.0300.54hr
97241DR DI LOCAL17.1718.1100.54hr
97111CSTM KYN LOCAL17.2318.1700.54hr
97113CSTM KYN LOCAL17.3318.2700.54hr
97115DR KYN LOCAL17.4118.3300.52hr
97119CSTM KYN LOCAL17.5718.5000.53hr
97243DR DI LOCAL18.0118.5400.53hr
97123CSTM KYN LOCAL18.1419.0600.52hr
97245CSTM DI LOCAL18.1919.1400.55hr
97125DR KYN LOCAL18.2319.1700.54hr
97127CSTM KYN LADIES18.3119.2300.52hr
97129CSTM KYN LOCAL18.3519.2800.53hr
97247CSTM DI LOCAL18.4319.3500.52hr
97131DR KYN LOCAL18.4719.4000.53hr
96641CSTM TLA LOCAL18.5519.4900.54hr
97249CSTM DI LOCAL19.0319.5600.53hr
97133DR KYN LOCAL19.1520.1100.56hr
97135CSTM KYN LOCAL19.2220.1600.54hr
97251CSTM DI LOCAL19.2620.2000.54hr
97137CSTM KYN LOCAL19.3520.2800.53hr
97139CSTM KYN LOCAL19.3920.3200.53hr
97253DR DI LOCAL19.4620.4000.54hr
96213CSTM BUD LOCAL19.5420.4700.53hr
97143CSTM KYN LOCAL20.0620.5800.52hr
96215CSTM BUD LOCAL20.1621.0800.52hr
97255CSTM DI LOCAL20.2121.1300.52hr
96643CSTM TLA LOCAL20.2621.1800.52hr
97145DR KYN LOCAL20.3021.2200.52hr
96333CSTM ABH LOCAL20.3421.2600.52hr
97257CSTM DI LOCAL20.4421.3500.51hr
96645CSTM TLA LOCAL20.5221.4700.55hr
96335CSTM ABH LOCAL21.0121.5500.54hr
97147DR KYN LOCAL21.0621.5900.53hr
97259CSTM DI LOCAL21.1022.0300.53hr
96519CSTM ASO LOCAL21.1722.1000.53hr
97149DR KYN LOCAL21.2122.1400.53hr
96219CSTM BUD LOCAL21.2922.2100.52hr
97261CSTM DI LOCAL21.3322.2500.52hr
96647CSTM TLA LOCAL21.4122.3300.52hr
97151DR KYN LOCAL21.4622.3800.52hr
96221CSTM BUD LOCAL21.4922.4100.52hr
96409CSTM KSRA LOCAL21.5322.4500.52hr
96337CSTM ABH LOCAL22.0122.5300.52hr
97153DR KYN LOCAL22.0522.5700.52hr
96223CSTM BUD LOCAL22.0923.0100.52hr
97155CSTM KYN LOCAL22.1723.1100.54hr
96649CSTM TLA LOCAL22.2123.1500.54hr
97157CSTM KYN LOCAL22.2523.1900.54hr
97159CSTM KYN LOCAL22.3823.2900.51hr
97161CSTM KYN LOCAL22.4623.3700.51hr
96019CSTM KHPI LOCAL22.5023.4100.51hr
96339DR ABH LOCAL22.5623.4700.51hr
96225CSTM BUD LOCAL23.0423.5700.53hr
96651CSTM TLA LOCAL23.1200.0500.53hr
96227DR BUD LOCAL23.2100.1300.52hr
96341CSTM ABH LOCAL23.2900.2100.52hr
96653CSTM TLA LOCAL23.4100.3300.52hr
96119CSTM KJT LOCAL23.5100.4300.52hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Matunga and Kopar?
    There are 165 trains beween Matunga and Kopar.
  2. When does the first train leave from Matunga?
    The first train from Matunga to Kopar is Mumbai Cst Titvala LOCAL (96655) departs at 00.05 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Matunga?
    The first train from Matunga to Kopar is Mumbai Cst Karjat LOCAL (96119) departs at 23.51 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Kopar and its timing?
    The fastest train from Matunga to Kopar is Mumbai Cst Kasara FAST (95415) departs at 15.57 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 36km in 00.41 hrs.