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Matunga Road (MRU) to Kandivli (KILE) Trains

from Matunga Road to Kandivli
91217CCG BYR LOCAL00.0300.3800.35hr
91219CCG NSP LOCAL00.0700.4200.35hr
91221CCG BVI LOCAL00.1500.5000.35hr
91223CCG VR LOCAL00.2100.5600.35hr
91229CCG BYR LOCAL00.3101.0600.35hr
91233CCG BVI LOCAL00.3901.1400.35hr
91235CCG VR LOCAL00.4301.1800.35hr
91237CCG BYR LOCAL00.5101.2600.35hr
91241CCG BVI LOCAL01.0101.3600.35hr
91243CCG BYR LOCAL01.0601.4100.35hr
91245CCG VR LOCAL01.1301.4800.35hr
91247CCG BVI LOCAL01.2301.5800.35hr
90017CCG VR LOCAL04.3805.1200.34hr
90021CCG BVI LOCAL04.4105.1500.34hr
90027CCG BVI LOCAL05.0405.3900.35hr
90031CCG BVI LOCAL05.0905.4300.34hr
90035MX BVI LOCAL05.2005.5400.34hr
90037CCG BVI LOCAL05.2405.5800.34hr
90049MX BVI LOCAL05.3406.0900.35hr
90057CCG BVI LOCAL05.4106.1500.34hr
90061MX BVI LOCAL05.4706.2100.34hr
90065CCG BVI LOCAL05.5106.2500.34hr
90069CCG BVI LOCAL05.5506.2900.34hr
90075MX BVI LOCAL05.5806.3200.34hr
90079CCG BVI LOCAL06.0706.4100.34hr
90087CCG BVI LOCAL06.1906.5300.34hr
90093CCG BVI LOCAL06.2607.0000.34hr
90097CCG VR LOCAL06.3107.0500.34hr
90099CCG BVI LOCAL06.3407.0800.34hr
90103CCG BVI LOCAL06.3707.1100.34hr
90111MX BVI LOCAL06.4507.2000.35hr
90117CCG BVI LOCAL06.5207.2600.34hr
90121CCG BVI LOCAL06.5507.2900.34hr
90123CCG BVI LOCAL06.5807.3200.34hr
94001MX BVI A/C LOCAL07.0807.4200.34hr
90137CCG BVI LOCAL07.1507.4900.34hr
90143CCG BVI LOCAL07.1807.5300.35hr
90151CCG BVI LOCAL07.2608.0100.35hr
90157CCG BVI LOCAL07.3308.0800.35hr
90165CCG BVI LOCAL07.3908.1300.34hr
90167MX BVI LOCAL07.4208.1600.34hr
90169CCG BVI LOCAL07.4508.1900.34hr
90173CCG BVI LOCAL07.4808.2200.34hr
90185CCG BVI LOCAL07.5708.3300.36hr
90195CCG BVI LOCAL08.0408.4100.37hr
90201CCG BVI LOCAL08.1108.4500.34hr
90211CCG BVI LOCAL08.2008.5400.34hr
90219CCG BVI LOCAL08.2709.0200.35hr
90235CCG BVI LOCAL08.3709.1400.37hr
90241CCG BVI LOCAL08.4609.2000.34hr
90253CCG BVI LOCAL08.5809.3300.35hr
90265CCG BVI LOCAL09.0709.4300.36hr
90273CCG BVI LOCAL09.1309.4800.35hr
90285CCG BVI LOCAL09.2309.5700.34hr
90289CCG BVI LOCAL09.2610.0000.34hr
90303CCG BVI LOCAL09.3610.1000.34hr
90313CCG BVI LOCAL09.4510.2100.36hr
90321CCG BVI LOCAL09.5110.2500.34hr
90331CCG BVI LOCAL09.5710.3100.34hr
90339CCG BVI LOCAL10.0610.4200.36hr
90343CCG BVI LOCAL10.1010.4700.37hr
90357CCG BVI LOCAL10.1910.5400.35hr
90367CCG BVI LOCAL10.2410.5800.34hr
90371CCG BVI LOCAL10.2711.0300.36hr
90381CCG BVI LOCAL10.3311.0800.35hr
90387CCG BVI LOCAL10.4011.1400.34hr
90397CCG BVI LOCAL10.5011.2500.35hr
90411CCG BVI LOCAL10.5911.3300.34hr
90413CCG VIRAR LOCAL11.0211.3600.34hr
90417CCG BVI LOCAL11.0511.3900.34hr
90429CCG BVI LOCAL11.1411.4800.34hr
90431CCG BYR LOCAL11.1711.5100.34hr
90433CCG BVI LOCAL11.2011.5400.34hr
90437CCG BVI LOCAL11.2311.5800.35hr
90449CCG BVI LOCAL11.3212.0700.35hr
90457CCG BVI LOCAL11.3812.1400.36hr
90473CCG BVI LOCAL11.4712.2100.34hr
90481CCG BVI LOCAL11.5512.2900.34hr
90489CCG VIRAR LOCAL12.0112.3600.35hr
90491CCG BVI LOCAL12.0412.3900.35hr
90507CCG BVI LOCAL12.2112.5500.34hr
90511CCG BVI LOCAL12.2913.0400.35hr
90521CCG BVI LOCAL12.3513.1000.35hr
90527CCG BVI LOCAL12.4213.1600.34hr
90547CCG BVI LOCAL13.0413.3800.34hr
90551CCG BVI LOCAL13.0813.4200.34hr
90553CCG BVI LOCAL13.1313.4900.36hr
90561CCG BVI LOCAL13.2213.5600.34hr
90563CCG BVI LOCAL13.2513.5900.34hr
90571CCG VIRAR LOCAL13.3114.0600.35hr
90577CCG BVI LOCAL13.3914.1400.35hr
90585CCG BVI LOCAL13.4514.2000.35hr
90591CCG BVI LOCAL13.4914.2400.35hr
90595CCG BVI LOCAL13.5514.3100.36hr
90597CCG BVI LOCAL14.0114.3400.33hr
90605CCG BVI LOCAL14.0714.4100.34hr
90609CCG VIRAR LOCAL14.1514.5000.35hr
90627CCG BVI LOCAL14.3615.1200.36hr
90639CCG BVI LOCAL14.4315.2000.37hr
90643CCG BVI LOCAL14.4715.2300.36hr
90653CCG BVI LOCAL15.0415.3800.34hr
90657CCG BVI LOCAL15.1215.4800.36hr
90661CCG BVI LOCAL15.1615.5100.35hr
90669CCG BVI LOCAL15.2415.5900.35hr
90677CCG BVI LOCAL15.2716.0200.35hr
90689CCG BVI LOCAL15.3316.0800.35hr
90697CCG BVI LOCAL15.4616.2000.34hr
90705CCG BVI LOCAL15.5616.3000.34hr
90709CCG VIRAR LOCAL15.5916.3300.34hr
90721CCG BVI LOCAL16.0916.4700.38hr
90727CCG BVI LOCAL16.1516.4900.34hr
90729CCG BVI LOCAL16.1816.5200.34hr
90735CCG BVI LOCAL16.2416.5800.34hr
90737CCG BVI LOCAL16.2717.0100.34hr
90745CCG BVI LOCAL16.3417.0900.35hr
90755CCG BVI LOCAL16.4417.1900.35hr
90759CCG BVI LOCAL16.5017.2500.35hr
90763CCG BVI LOCAL16.5617.3100.35hr
90781CCG BVI LOCAL17.0817.4200.34hr
90787CCG BVI LOCAL17.1517.5200.37hr
90807CCG BVI LOCAL17.3418.0800.34hr
90813CCG BVI LOCAL17.4418.1900.35hr
90823MX BVI LOCAL17.4718.2200.35hr
90831CCG BVI LOCAL17.5918.3300.34hr
90835CCG BVI LADIES SPL18.0218.4000.38hr
90851CCG BVI LOCAL18.1118.4700.36hr
90867CCG BVI LOCAL18.2018.5600.36hr
90869CCG BVI LOCAL18.2518.5900.34hr
90873CCG VR LOCAL18.2819.0200.34hr
90883CCG VIRAR LADIES SPL18.3619.1100.35hr
90887CCG BVI LOCAL18.3919.1300.34hr
90907CCG BVI LOCAL18.5219.3000.38hr
90931CCG BYR LADIES SPL19.1419.5100.37hr
90941CCG BVI LOCAL19.2119.5800.37hr
90951CCG BVI LOCAL19.3120.0700.36hr
90969CCG BVI LOCAL19.4320.1900.36hr
90975CCG BVI LOCAL19.5020.2500.35hr
90989CCG BVI LOCAL19.5920.3400.35hr
90999CCG BVI LOCAL20.0820.4400.36hr
91007CCG BVI LOCAL20.1420.5100.37hr
91013CCG BVI LOCAL20.1720.5400.37hr
91019CCG BVI LOCAL20.2421.0000.36hr
91029CCG BVI LOCAL20.3621.1000.34hr
91051CCG BVI LOCAL20.4721.2100.34hr
91057CCG BVI LOCAL20.5321.2900.36hr
91059CCG BVI LOCAL20.5621.3200.36hr
91061CCG BVI LOCAL20.5921.3500.36hr
91071CCG VR LOCAL21.0421.3900.35hr
91079CCG BVI LOCAL21.1521.5200.37hr
91083CCG BVI LOCAL21.1821.5600.38hr
91091CCG BVI LOCAL21.3222.0800.36hr
91107CCG BVI LOCAL21.4022.1500.35hr
91109CCG BVI LOCAL21.4322.1900.36hr
91113CCG BYR LOCAL21.4622.2100.35hr
91115CCG BVI LOCAL21.4922.2400.35hr
91125CCG BVI LOCAL21.5922.3500.36hr
91131CCG BVI LOCAL22.0222.3800.36hr
91133CCG BVI LOCAL22.0522.4200.37hr
91137CCG BVI LOCAL22.0822.4500.37hr
91141CCG BVI LOCAL22.1122.4800.37hr
91145CCG BVI LOCAL22.1422.5100.37hr
91159CCG BVI LOCAL22.2723.0400.37hr
91161CCG BVI LOCAL22.3323.0700.34hr
91171CCG BVI LOCAL22.4523.2000.35hr
91175CCG BYR LOCAL22.4923.2300.34hr
91181CCG BYR LOCAL22.5923.3300.34hr
91183CCG BVI LOCAL23.0223.3600.34hr
91191CCG BVI LOCAL23.1223.4700.35hr
91201CCG BVI LOCAL23.2800.0200.34hr
91205CCG BVI LOCAL23.3500.1000.35hr
91209CCG BVI LOCAL23.4400.1900.35hr
91213CCG BYR LOCAL23.5300.2700.34hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Matunga Road and Kandivli?
    There are 172 trains beween Matunga Road and Kandivli.
  2. When does the first train leave from Matunga Road?
    The first train from Matunga Road to Kandivli is Churchgate Bhayandar LOCAL (91217) departs at 00.03 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Matunga Road?
    The first train from Matunga Road to Kandivli is Churchgate Bhayandar LOCAL (91213) departs at 23.53 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Kandivli and its timing?
    The fastest train from Matunga Road to Kandivli is Churchgate Borivali LOCAL (90597) departs at 14.01 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 19km in 00.33 hrs.