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Merta Road Jn (MTD) to Bhagat Ki Kothi (BGKT) Trains

from Merta Road Jn
16311SGNR KCVL EXP00.26Jodhpur Jn02.4502.19hr
16588BKN YPR EXPRESS00.57Jodhpur Jn03.0502.08hr
19028VIVEK EXPRESS00.57Jodhpur Jn03.0502.08hr
18243BSP BGKT EXPRESS02.36Bhagat Ki Kothi05.0002.24hr
14659DLI JSM EXPRESS03.26Jodhpur Jn05.0001.34hr
19224JAT ADI EXPRESS03.38Jodhpur Jn05.3501.57hr
15632GHY BME BKN EXP04.15Jodhpur Jn06.0001.45hr
12307HWH JU EXPRESS04.40Jodhpur Jn06.5502.15hr
12461MANDOR EXPRESS05.55Jodhpur Jn08.0002.05hr
12463RAJSTHN S KRANTI06.38Jodhpur Jn08.3501.57hr
22482DEE JU SUP08.00Jodhpur Jn10.0002.00hr
22478JP JU SF EXP09.03Jodhpur Jn11.0001.57hr
22475HSR CBE AC S F09.37Jodhpur Jn11.1001.33hr
54703ABS JU PASSENGR10.08Jodhpur Jn13.3003.22hr
20813PURI JU EXPRESS10.08Jodhpur Jn12.0001.52hr
14707RANAKPUR EXPRES12.10Jodhpur Jn14.1502.05hr
74836HSR JU DMU13.20Jodhpur Jn16.3003.10hr
14887KLK BME EXPRESS13.40Jodhpur Jn16.0002.20hr
24887HW BME LINK EXP13.50Jodhpur Jn16.0002.10hr
16864MQ BGKT EXP15.15Bhagat Ki Kothi17.5002.35hr
14814BPL JODHPUR EXP15.35Jodhpur Jn19.5004.15hr
22421SALASAR SUP FAST16.00Bhagat Ki Kothi18.2002.20hr
14853MARUDHAR EXPRES16.35Jodhpur Jn18.4002.05hr
14863MARUDHAR EXPRES16.35Jodhpur Jn18.4002.05hr
14865MARUDHAR EXPRES16.35Jodhpur Jn18.4002.05hr
22473BKN BDTS SF EXP17.13Jodhpur Jn19.1502.02hr
17624SGNR NED EXP18.42Jodhpur Jn21.0002.18hr
17038HSR SC EXPRESS18.42Jodhpur Jn21.0002.18hr
18573VSKP BGKT EXP19.05Bhagat Ki Kothi22.0002.55hr
15624KYQ BGKT EXPRESS19.40Bhagat Ki Kothi22.0002.20hr
12465RANTHAMBORE EXP20.18Jodhpur Jn22.2502.07hr
22916HSR BDTS S F EXP22.25Jodhpur Jn23.4801.23hr
54809RE JU PASS23.15Jodhpur Jn01.5002.35hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Merta Road Jn and Bhagat Ki Kothi?
    There are 33 trains beween Merta Road Jn and Bhagat Ki Kothi.
  2. When does the first train leave from Merta Road Jn?
    The first train from Merta Road Jn to Bhagat Ki Kothi is BIKANER JN KOCHUVELI EXPRESS (16311) departs at 00.26 and train runs on W.
  3. When does the last train leave from Merta Road Jn?
    The first train from Merta Road Jn to Bhagat Ki Kothi is Rewari Jodhpur Jn PASSENGER (54809) departs at 23.15 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Bhagat Ki Kothi and its timing?
    The fastest train from Merta Road Jn to Bhagat Ki Kothi is Hisar Bandra Terminus SUPERFAST EXPRESS (22916) departs at 22.25 and train runs on Tu. It covers the distance of 104km in 01.23 hrs.