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Mulund (MLND) to C Shivaji Maharaj T (CSMT) Trains

from Mulund
97439CSTM TNA LOCAL00.02Thane00.0700.05hr
96020KHPI CSTM LOCAL00.10C Shivaji Maharaj T01.0200.52hr
96653CSTM TLA LOCAL00.10Kalyan Jn00.4600.36hr
96119CSTM KJT LOCAL00.20Kalyan Jn00.5600.36hr
96234BUD CSTM LOCAL00.27C Shivaji Maharaj T01.1900.52hr
97441CSTM TNA LOCAL00.29Thane00.3400.05hr
96655CSTM TLA LOCAL00.34Kalyan Jn01.1100.37hr
96343CSTM ABH LOCAL00.43Kalyan Jn01.1800.35hr
97443CSTM TNA LOCAL00.50Thane00.5500.05hr
96301CSTM ABH LOCAL00.55Kalyan Jn01.3100.36hr
96401CSTM KSRA LOCAL01.05Kalyan Jn01.4100.36hr
96101CSTM KJT LOCAL01.15Kalyan Jn01.5100.36hr
97301CSTM TNA LOCAL01.18Thane01.2400.06hr
97302TNA CSTM LOCAL04.04C Shivaji Maharaj T04.5600.52hr
96102KJT CSTM LOCAL04.08C Shivaji Maharaj T05.0000.52hr
97304TNA CSTM LOCAL04.24C Shivaji Maharaj T05.1600.52hr
96302ABH CSTM LOCAL04.33C Shivaji Maharaj T05.2500.52hr
97306TNA CSTM LOCAL04.44C Shivaji Maharaj T05.3600.52hr
96602TLA CSTM LOCAL04.52C Shivaji Maharaj T05.4400.52hr
96304ABH CSTM LOCAL05.00C Shivaji Maharaj T05.5200.52hr
96403CSTM KSRA LOCAL05.05Kalyan Jn05.4100.36hr
96104KJT CSTM LOCAL05.10C Shivaji Maharaj T06.0200.52hr
96601VVH TLA LOCAL05.10Kalyan Jn05.4600.36hr
95902TNA CSTM FAST05.11C Shivaji Maharaj T05.5000.39hr
96003CSTM KHPI LOCAL05.14Kalyan Jn05.5100.37hr
97002KYN CSTM LOCAL05.16C Shivaji Maharaj T06.0800.52hr
96604TLA CSTM LOCAL05.23C Shivaji Maharaj T06.1500.52hr
97308TNA CSTM LOCAL05.28C Shivaji Maharaj T06.2000.52hr
96603VVH TLA LOCAL05.31Kalyan Jn06.0700.36hr
96107CSTM KJT LOCAL05.38Kalyan Jn06.1500.37hr
97310TNA CSTM LOCAL05.40C Shivaji Maharaj T06.3200.52hr
96306ABH CSTM LOCAL05.45C Shivaji Maharaj T06.3700.52hr
96201VVH BUD LOCAL05.46Kalyan Jn06.2200.36hr
96405CSTM KSRA LOCAL05.50Kalyan Jn06.2600.36hr
95702KYN CSTM SEMI FAST05.51C Shivaji Maharaj T06.3600.45hr
97312TNA CSTM LOCAL05.52C Shivaji Maharaj T06.4500.53hr
96606TLA CSTM LOCAL05.56C Shivaji Maharaj T06.4800.52hr
97001VVH KYN LOCAL05.58Kalyan Jn06.3500.37hr
96106KJT CSTM LOCAL06.00C Shivaji Maharaj T06.5200.52hr
95102KJT CSTM FAST06.01C Shivaji Maharaj T06.4200.41hr
96505CSTM ASO LOCAL06.02Kalyan Jn06.3900.37hr
97314TNA CSTM LOCAL06.04C Shivaji Maharaj T06.5600.52hr
96308ABH CSTM LOCAL06.08C Shivaji Maharaj T07.0000.52hr
96109CSTM KJT LOCAL06.10Kalyan Jn06.4700.37hr
96402KSRA CSTM LOCAL06.12C Shivaji Maharaj T07.0400.52hr
96303CSTM ABH LOCAL06.14Kalyan Jn06.5100.37hr
96605CSTM TLA LOCAL06.18Kalyan Jn06.5400.36hr
97316TNA CSTM LOCAL06.20C Shivaji Maharaj T07.1200.52hr
97003VVH KYN LOCAL06.22Kalyan Jn07.0000.38hr
97202DI CSTM LOCAL06.24C Shivaji Maharaj T07.1600.52hr
96608TLA CSTM LOCAL06.28C Shivaji Maharaj T07.2000.52hr
96305CSTM ABH LOCAL06.30Kalyan Jn07.0700.37hr
97318TNA CSTM LOCAL06.32C Shivaji Maharaj T07.2400.52hr
97005VVH KYN LOCAL06.34Kalyan Jn07.1300.39hr
95012KHPI CSTM FAST06.35C Shivaji Maharaj T07.1500.40hr
96202BUD CSTM LOCAL06.36C Shivaji Maharaj T07.2800.52hr
97004KYN CSTM LOCAL06.40C Shivaji Maharaj T07.3200.52hr
96607CSTM TLA LOCAL06.42Kalyan Jn07.2200.40hr
96404KSRA CSTM LOCAL06.46C Shivaji Maharaj T07.3800.52hr
97007VVH KYN LOCAL06.46Kalyan Jn07.2500.39hr
97006KYN CSTM LOCAL06.50C Shivaji Maharaj T07.4200.52hr
96507CSTM ASO LOCAL06.52Kalyan Jn07.3100.39hr
97320TNA CSTM LOCAL06.54C Shivaji Maharaj T07.4600.52hr
97009VVH KYN LOCAL06.56Kalyan Jn07.3400.38hr
96310ABH CSTM LOCAL07.00C Shivaji Maharaj T07.5200.52hr
97011CSTM KYN LOCAL07.00Kalyan Jn07.3900.39hr
95201CSTM BUD FAST07.03Kalyan Jn07.2500.22hr
96610TLA CSTM LOCAL07.04C Shivaji Maharaj T07.5600.52hr
96609VVH TLA LOCAL07.06Kalyan Jn07.4300.37hr
97322TNA CSTM LOCAL07.08C Shivaji Maharaj T08.0000.52hr
95104KJT CSTM FAST07.08C Shivaji Maharaj T07.4600.38hr
96307CSTM ABH LOCAL07.10Kalyan Jn07.4600.36hr
96204BUD CSTM LOCAL07.12C Shivaji Maharaj T08.0400.52hr
97201CSTM DI LOCAL07.13Thane07.1600.03hr
97013VVH KYN LOCAL07.16Kalyan Jn07.5500.39hr
97008KYN CSTM LOCAL07.20C Shivaji Maharaj T08.1200.52hr
96611CSTM TLA LOCAL07.20Kalyan Jn07.5900.39hr
97203CSTM DI LOCAL07.23Thane07.2700.04hr
95103CSTM KJT FAST07.25Kalyan Jn07.4900.24hr
97010KYN DR LOCAL07.26Dadar08.0000.34hr
97303CSTM TNA LOCAL07.27Thane07.3200.05hr
96502ASO CSTM LOCAL07.29C Shivaji Maharaj T08.2200.53hr
95401CSTM KSRA FAST07.30Kalyan Jn07.5300.23hr
97015CSTM KYN LOCAL07.31Kalyan Jn08.0800.37hr
97324TNA CSTM LOCAL07.33C Shivaji Maharaj T08.2600.53hr
96612TLA CSTM LOCAL07.37C Shivaji Maharaj T08.3000.53hr
97305CSTM TNA LOCAL07.38Thane07.4400.06hr
95704KYN CSTM FAST07.41C Shivaji Maharaj T08.2000.39hr
96206BUD CSTM LOCAL07.41C Shivaji Maharaj T08.3300.52hr
96309CSTM ABH LOCAL07.42Kalyan Jn08.1900.37hr
97012KYN DR LOCAL07.45Dadar08.1800.33hr
95106KJT CSTM FAST07.48C Shivaji Maharaj T08.2600.38hr
97326TNA CSTM LOCAL07.49C Shivaji Maharaj T08.4100.52hr
96613CSTM TLA LOCAL07.50Kalyan Jn08.2800.38hr
97014KYN CSTM LOCAL07.53C Shivaji Maharaj T08.4500.52hr
95501CSTM ASO FAST07.54Kalyan Jn08.3300.39hr
95002KHPI CSTM FAST07.56C Shivaji Maharaj T08.3700.41hr
97204DI CSTM LOCAL07.57C Shivaji Maharaj T08.4900.52hr
97017CSTM KYN LOCAL07.58Kalyan Jn08.3600.38hr
95602TLA CSTM FAST08.00C Shivaji Maharaj T08.4000.40hr
97328TNA CSTM LOCAL08.01C Shivaji Maharaj T08.5300.52hr
97307CSTM TNA LOCAL08.02Thane08.0700.05hr
97330TNA CSTM LOCAL08.05C Shivaji Maharaj T08.5700.52hr
97205CSTM DI LOCAL08.06Thane08.1000.04hr
95001CSTM KHPI FAST08.06Kalyan Jn08.3000.24hr
95904TNA CSTM FAST08.08C Shivaji Maharaj T08.4700.39hr
97016KYN CSTM LOCAL08.11C Shivaji Maharaj T09.0500.54hr
97019CSTM KYN LOCAL08.14Kalyan Jn08.5200.38hr
95108KJT CSTM FAST08.15C Shivaji Maharaj T08.5400.39hr
97206DI CSTM LOCAL08.15C Shivaji Maharaj T09.0800.53hr
97309CSTM TNA LOCAL08.18Thane08.2400.06hr
97332TNA CSTM LOCAL08.19C Shivaji Maharaj T09.1200.53hr
95708KYN CSTM SEMI FAST08.19C Shivaji Maharaj T08.5700.38hr
97021CSTM KYN LOCAL08.22Kalyan Jn09.0000.38hr
96504ASO CSTM LOCAL08.23C Shivaji Maharaj T09.1600.53hr
97018KYN CSTM LOCAL08.26C Shivaji Maharaj T09.1900.53hr
97207CSTM DI LOCAL08.26Thane08.3000.04hr
97334TNA CSTM LOCAL08.30C Shivaji Maharaj T09.2200.52hr
95906TNA CSTM FAST08.30C Shivaji Maharaj T09.0800.38hr
96511CSTM ASO LOCAL08.32Kalyan Jn09.0900.37hr
97020KYN CSTM LOCAL08.34C Shivaji Maharaj T09.2600.52hr
97311CSTM TNA LOCAL08.35Thane08.4100.06hr
95502ASO CSTM FAST08.36C Shivaji Maharaj T09.1500.39hr
97022KYN CSTM LADIES SPL08.38C Shivaji Maharaj T09.3000.52hr
97023DR KYN LOCAL08.40Kalyan Jn09.1600.36hr
97336TNA CSTM LOCAL08.41C Shivaji Maharaj T09.3300.52hr
96614TLA CSTM LOCAL08.45C Shivaji Maharaj T09.3700.52hr
95308ABH CSTM FAST08.46C Shivaji Maharaj T09.2500.39hr
97025CSTM KYN LOCAL08.46Kalyan Jn09.2200.36hr
97313CSTM TNA LOCAL08.50Thane08.5600.06hr
97338TNA CSTM LOCAL08.53C Shivaji Maharaj T09.4500.52hr
95204BUD CSTM FAST08.53C Shivaji Maharaj T09.3200.39hr
95712KYN CSTM FAST08.57C Shivaji Maharaj T09.3500.38hr
97024KYN CSTM LOCAL08.57C Shivaji Maharaj T09.4900.52hr
97315CSTM TNA LOCAL08.58Thane09.0400.06hr
95406KSRA CSTM FAST09.00C Shivaji Maharaj T09.3800.38hr
97027CSTM KYN LOCAL09.02Kalyan Jn09.3900.37hr
96616TLA DR LOCAL09.02Dadar09.3700.35hr
97340TNA CSTM LOCAL09.06C Shivaji Maharaj T09.5900.53hr
95908TNA CSTM FAST09.06C Shivaji Maharaj T09.4500.39hr
97317CSTM TNA LOCAL09.06Thane09.1200.06hr
97208DI CSTM LOCAL09.10C Shivaji Maharaj T10.0200.52hr
97209CSTM DI LOCAL09.10Thane09.1400.04hr
95714KYN CSTM FAST09.11C Shivaji Maharaj T09.5100.40hr
95403CSTM KSRA FAST09.11Kalyan Jn09.3300.22hr
97342TNA CSTM LOCAL09.14C Shivaji Maharaj T10.0600.52hr
97319DR TNA LOCAL09.14Thane09.1900.05hr
95707CSTM KYN FAST09.14Kalyan Jn09.3700.23hr
97321CSTM TNA LOCAL09.17Thane09.2300.06hr
95716KYN CSTM SEMI FAST09.20C Shivaji Maharaj T10.0000.40hr
97344TNA CSTM LOCAL09.22C Shivaji Maharaj T10.1400.52hr
97029CSTM KYN LOCAL09.23Kalyan Jn10.0000.37hr
96618TLA CSTM LOCAL09.26C Shivaji Maharaj T10.1800.52hr
95903CSTM TNA FAST09.27Thane09.3300.06hr
95207CSTM BUD FAST09.31Kalyan Jn09.5300.22hr
97210DI CSTM LOCAL09.32C Shivaji Maharaj T10.2600.54hr
97346TNA CSTM LOCAL09.36C Shivaji Maharaj T10.3000.54hr
97323CSTM TNA LOCAL09.36Thane09.4200.06hr
95718KYN CSTM SEMI FAST09.38C Shivaji Maharaj T10.1600.38hr
95905CSTM TNA FAST09.40Thane09.4600.06hr
97031CSTM KYN LOCAL09.40Kalyan Jn10.1700.37hr
97348TNA CSTM LOCAL09.47C Shivaji Maharaj T10.4000.53hr
97325CSTM TNA LOCAL09.47Thane09.5300.06hr
95601CSTM TLA SEMI FAST09.48Kalyan Jn10.1000.22hr
96210BUD CSTM LOCAL09.51C Shivaji Maharaj T10.4400.53hr
97327CSTM TNA LOCAL09.53Thane10.0000.07hr
95603CSTM TLA SEMI FAST09.54Kalyan Jn10.2900.35hr
97350TNA CSTM LOCAL09.56C Shivaji Maharaj T10.4800.52hr
97033CSTM KYN LOCAL09.57Kalyan Jn10.3600.39hr
95910TNA CSTM FAST09.59C Shivaji Maharaj T10.3700.38hr
97026KYN CSTM LOCAL10.00C Shivaji Maharaj T10.5200.52hr
95503CSTM ASO FAST10.02Kalyan Jn10.2500.23hr
97352TNA CSTM LOCAL10.03C Shivaji Maharaj T10.5600.53hr
97028KYN CSTM LOCAL10.06C Shivaji Maharaj T11.0000.54hr
97211CSTM DI LOCAL10.06Thane10.1000.04hr
95408KSRA CSTM SEMI FAST10.09C Shivaji Maharaj T10.4900.40hr
97329CSTM TNA LOCAL10.09Thane10.1500.06hr
95605CSTM TLA SEMI FAST10.09Kalyan Jn10.4600.37hr
97354TNA CSTM LOCAL10.12C Shivaji Maharaj T11.0400.52hr
97212DI DR LOCAL10.16Dadar10.5000.34hr
97037DR KYN LOCAL10.16Kalyan Jn10.5300.37hr
95405CSTM KSRA FAST10.17Kalyan Jn10.4100.24hr
95720KYN CSTM SEMI FAST10.18C Shivaji Maharaj T10.5700.39hr
97331CSTM TNA LOCAL10.19Thane10.2500.06hr
95213CSTM BUD FAST10.20Kalyan Jn10.4400.24hr
95004KHPI CSTM FAST10.21C Shivaji Maharaj T11.0000.39hr
97039CSTM KYN LOCAL10.22Kalyan Jn11.0000.38hr
97356TNA CSTM LOCAL10.24C Shivaji Maharaj T11.1600.52hr
95907CSTM TNA FAST10.24Thane10.3000.06hr
97213CSTM DI LOCAL10.26Thane10.3100.05hr
97030KYN CSTM LOCAL10.28C Shivaji Maharaj T11.2000.52hr
95307CSTM ABH FAST10.29Kalyan Jn10.5200.23hr
97333CSTM TNA LOCAL10.29Thane10.3500.06hr
96508ASO CSTM LOCAL10.32C Shivaji Maharaj T11.2400.52hr
97335CSTM TNA LOCAL10.32Thane10.3800.06hr
97358TNA CSTM LOCAL10.36C Shivaji Maharaj T11.2800.52hr
97337CSTM TNA LOCAL10.39Thane10.4600.07hr
97032KYN CSTM LOCAL10.42C Shivaji Maharaj T11.3400.52hr
95215CSTM BUD FAST10.42Kalyan Jn11.0500.23hr
96617CSTM TLA LOCAL10.47Kalyan Jn11.2400.37hr
97360TNA CSTM LOCAL10.48C Shivaji Maharaj T11.4000.52hr
97041CSTM KYN LOCAL10.52Kalyan Jn11.2900.37hr
97034KYN CSTM LOCAL10.53C Shivaji Maharaj T11.4500.52hr
95407CSTM KSRA FAST10.53Kalyan Jn11.1700.24hr
95912TNA CSTM FAST10.55C Shivaji Maharaj T11.3300.38hr
97339CSTM TNA LOCAL10.56Thane11.0100.05hr
97362TNA CSTM LOCAL10.58C Shivaji Maharaj T11.5000.52hr
97341CSTM TNA LOCAL11.00Thane11.0500.05hr
95217CSTM BUD FAST11.01Kalyan Jn11.2600.25hr
97036KYN CSTM LOCAL11.02C Shivaji Maharaj T11.5400.52hr
95116KJT CSTM FAST11.03C Shivaji Maharaj T11.4100.38hr
97043CSTM KYN LOCAL11.04Kalyan Jn11.4200.38hr
97214DI CSTM LOCAL11.07C Shivaji Maharaj T11.5900.52hr
96510ASO CSTM LOCAL11.11C Shivaji Maharaj T12.0300.52hr
97215CSTM DI LOCAL11.12Thane11.1500.03hr
95607CSTM TLA SEMI FAST11.15Kalyan Jn11.5200.37hr
97343CSTM TNA LOCAL11.18Thane11.2500.07hr
97045DR KYN LOCAL11.21Kalyan Jn11.5900.38hr
97040KYN DR LOCAL11.21Dadar11.5400.33hr
96212BUD CSTM LOCAL11.24C Shivaji Maharaj T12.1600.52hr
95219CSTM BUD FAST11.24Kalyan Jn11.4700.23hr
97217CSTM DI LOCAL11.26Thane11.3000.04hr
97364TNA CSTM LOCAL11.28C Shivaji Maharaj T12.2000.52hr
97216DI CSTM LOCAL11.32C Shivaji Maharaj T12.2400.52hr
97345CSTM TNA LOCAL11.32Thane11.3700.05hr
95609CSTM TLA SEMI FAST11.35Kalyan Jn12.1200.37hr
97042KYN CSTM LOCAL11.36C Shivaji Maharaj T12.2800.52hr
97047CSTM KYN LOCAL11.39Kalyan Jn12.1700.38hr
97347CSTM TNA LOCAL11.42Thane11.4800.06hr
97366TNA CSTM LOCAL11.43C Shivaji Maharaj T12.3500.52hr
97049DR KYN LOCAL11.46Kalyan Jn12.2800.42hr
96622TLA CSTM LOCAL11.47C Shivaji Maharaj T12.4000.53hr
95410KSRA CSTM FAST11.48C Shivaji Maharaj T12.2700.39hr
96312ABH CSTM LOCAL11.51C Shivaji Maharaj T12.4400.53hr
97349CSTM TNA LOCAL11.51Thane11.5700.06hr
96619CSTM TLA LOCAL11.54Kalyan Jn12.3300.39hr
97046KYN DR LOCAL11.55Dadar12.2800.33hr
96214BUD CSTM LOCAL12.02C Shivaji Maharaj T12.5400.52hr
97351CSTM TNA LOCAL12.02Thane12.0600.04hr
97368TNA CSTM LOCAL12.06C Shivaji Maharaj T12.5800.52hr
97353CSTM TNA LOCAL12.06Thane12.1100.05hr
96314ABH CSTM LOCAL12.10C Shivaji Maharaj T13.0200.52hr
97051CSTM KYN LOCAL12.10Kalyan Jn12.4800.38hr
96624TLA CSTM LOCAL12.14C Shivaji Maharaj T13.0600.52hr
96621CSTM TLA LOCAL12.14Kalyan Jn12.5200.38hr
95318ABH CSTM FAST12.16C Shivaji Maharaj T12.5400.38hr
97218DI CSTM LOCAL12.18C Shivaji Maharaj T13.1000.52hr
97219CSTM DI LOCAL12.21Thane12.2600.05hr
95409CSTM KSRA FAST12.22Kalyan Jn12.4600.24hr
97050KYN DR LOCAL12.22Dadar12.5500.33hr
97053CLA KYN LOCAL12.24Kalyan Jn13.0400.40hr
96216BUD CSTM LOCAL12.26C Shivaji Maharaj T13.1800.52hr
97355CSTM TNA LOCAL12.27Thane12.3300.06hr
97052KYN CSTM LOCAL12.30C Shivaji Maharaj T13.2200.52hr
96311CSTM ABH LOCAL12.31Kalyan Jn13.1100.40hr
96512ASO CSTM LOCAL12.35C Shivaji Maharaj T13.2600.51hr
97357CSTM TNA LOCAL12.36Thane12.4000.04hr
97220DI CSTM LOCAL12.38C Shivaji Maharaj T13.3000.52hr
97055CSTM KYN LOCAL12.40Kalyan Jn13.1800.38hr
96218BUD CSTM LOCAL12.42C Shivaji Maharaj T13.3400.52hr
96623CSTM TLA LOCAL12.44Kalyan Jn13.2000.36hr
95412KSRA CSTM FAST12.46C Shivaji Maharaj T13.2400.38hr
97054KYN DR LOCAL12.46Dadar13.1900.33hr
96313CSTM ABH LOCAL12.49Kalyan Jn13.2600.37hr
96626TLA CSTM LOCAL12.50C Shivaji Maharaj T13.4200.52hr
97221DR DI LOCAL12.53Thane12.5700.04hr
96316ABH CSTM LOCAL12.54C Shivaji Maharaj T13.4600.52hr
97057CSTM KYN LOCAL12.57Kalyan Jn13.3500.38hr
96220BUD CSTM LOCAL12.58C Shivaji Maharaj T13.5000.52hr
97370TNA CSTM LOCAL13.02C Shivaji Maharaj T13.5400.52hr
97059CSTM KYN LOCAL13.05Kalyan Jn13.4300.38hr
96318ABH CSTM LOCAL13.07C Shivaji Maharaj T13.5900.52hr
95411CSTM KSRA SEMI FAST13.09Kalyan Jn13.3500.26hr
97223DR DI LOCAL13.10Thane13.1400.04hr
96628TLA CSTM LOCAL13.11C Shivaji Maharaj T14.0300.52hr
97359CSTM TNA LOCAL13.14Thane13.2000.06hr
97058KYN CSTM LOCAL13.15C Shivaji Maharaj T14.0700.52hr
95122KJT CSTM FAST13.18C Shivaji Maharaj T13.5600.38hr
97061CSTM KYN LOCAL13.18Kalyan Jn13.5500.37hr
96222BUD CSTM LOCAL13.19C Shivaji Maharaj T14.1100.52hr
97063CSTM KYN LOCAL13.22Kalyan Jn13.5900.37hr
97222DI CSTM LOCAL13.25C Shivaji Maharaj T14.1700.52hr
96315CSTM ABH LOCAL13.26Kalyan Jn14.0200.36hr
97060KYN CSTM LOCAL13.29C Shivaji Maharaj T14.2100.52hr
97225CSTM DI LOCAL13.30Thane13.3400.04hr
97372TNA CSTM LOCAL13.34C Shivaji Maharaj T14.2600.52hr
96625CSTM TLA LOCAL13.34Kalyan Jn14.1000.36hr
96630TLA CSTM LOCAL13.37C Shivaji Maharaj T14.2900.52hr
97065DR KYN LOCAL13.38Kalyan Jn14.1400.36hr
96320ABH CSTM LOCAL13.41C Shivaji Maharaj T14.3300.52hr
95505CSTM ASO SEMI FAST13.41Kalyan Jn14.1800.37hr
97361CSTM TNA LOCAL13.44Thane13.5000.06hr
97062KYN CSTM LOCAL13.45C Shivaji Maharaj T14.3700.52hr
96317CSTM ABH LOCAL13.48Kalyan Jn14.2400.36hr
95115CSTM KJT FAST13.49Kalyan Jn14.1400.25hr
96632TLA CSTM LOCAL13.51C Shivaji Maharaj T14.4300.52hr
97067CSTM KYN LOCAL13.52Kalyan Jn14.2900.37hr
97069CSTM KYN LOCAL13.56Kalyan Jn14.3300.37hr
97224DI CSTM LOCAL13.59C Shivaji Maharaj T14.5100.52hr
97363CSTM TNA LOCAL14.00Thane14.0600.06hr
97066KYN CSTM LOCAL14.03C Shivaji Maharaj T14.5600.53hr
96627CSTM TLA LOCAL14.04Kalyan Jn14.4100.37hr
95216BUD CSTM FAST14.07C Shivaji Maharaj T14.4600.39hr
97374TNA CSTM LOCAL14.08C Shivaji Maharaj T15.0000.52hr
96319CSTM ABH LOCAL14.08Kalyan Jn14.4400.36hr
96634TLA CSTM LOCAL14.12C Shivaji Maharaj T15.0400.52hr
97071CSTM KYN LOCAL14.12Kalyan Jn14.4900.37hr
95117CSTM KJT FAST14.16Kalyan Jn14.3900.23hr
97227DR DI LOCAL14.16Thane14.2100.05hr
97226DI DR LOCAL14.16Dadar14.4900.33hr
97068KYN CSTM LOCAL14.20C Shivaji Maharaj T15.1200.52hr
96515CSTM ASO LOCAL14.20Kalyan Jn14.5900.39hr
96322ABH CSTM LOCAL14.24C Shivaji Maharaj T15.1600.52hr
97073CSTM KYN LOCAL14.24Kalyan Jn15.0200.38hr
97376TNA CSTM LOCAL14.28C Shivaji Maharaj T15.2000.52hr
97365CSTM TNA LOCAL14.28Thane14.3400.06hr
95223CSTM BUD FAST14.30Kalyan Jn14.5300.23hr
97070KYN CSTM LOCAL14.32C Shivaji Maharaj T15.2400.52hr
96629CSTM TLA LOCAL14.32Kalyan Jn15.0800.36hr
97228DI CSTM LOCAL14.36C Shivaji Maharaj T15.2900.53hr
97077CSTM KYN LOCAL14.36Kalyan Jn15.1300.37hr
96321CSTM ABH LOCAL14.40Kalyan Jn15.1600.36hr
97072KYN DR LOCAL14.40Dadar15.1300.33hr
96636TLA CSTM LOCAL14.44C Shivaji Maharaj T15.3700.53hr
95225CSTM BUD FAST14.44Kalyan Jn15.0800.24hr
97229CSTM DI LOCAL14.44Thane14.4800.04hr
97074KYN CSTM LOCAL14.48C Shivaji Maharaj T15.4100.53hr
97367CSTM TNA LOCAL14.48Thane14.5400.06hr
96324ABH CSTM LOCAL14.52C Shivaji Maharaj T15.4500.53hr
95218BUD CSTM FAST14.53C Shivaji Maharaj T15.3200.39hr
97079CLA KYN LOCAL14.53Kalyan Jn15.3000.37hr
97378TNA CSTM LOCAL14.58C Shivaji Maharaj T15.5000.52hr
96631CSTM TLA LOCAL14.58Kalyan Jn15.3400.36hr
97076KYN CSTM LOCAL15.02C Shivaji Maharaj T15.5400.52hr
97081CSTM KYN LOCAL15.02Kalyan Jn15.3900.37hr
96205CSTM BUD LOCAL15.07Kalyan Jn15.4200.35hr
97078KYN CSTM LOCAL15.09C Shivaji Maharaj T16.0100.52hr
97369CSTM TNA LOCAL15.10Thane15.1500.05hr
96326ABH CSTM LOCAL15.13C Shivaji Maharaj T16.0500.52hr
97083CSTM KYN LOCAL15.16Kalyan Jn15.5300.37hr
97080KYN CSTM LOCAL15.17C Shivaji Maharaj T16.0900.52hr
95507CSTM ASO SEMI FAST15.18Kalyan Jn15.5600.38hr
97371CSTM TNA LOCAL15.20Thane15.2600.06hr
97380TNA CSTM LOCAL15.21C Shivaji Maharaj T16.1300.52hr
95324ABH CSTM FAST15.23C Shivaji Maharaj T16.0600.43hr
96323CSTM ABH LOCAL15.24Kalyan Jn16.0000.36hr
97230DI CSTM LOCAL15.25C Shivaji Maharaj T16.1700.52hr
97085CSTM KYN LOCAL15.28Kalyan Jn16.0500.37hr
97382TNA DR LOCAL15.28Dadar16.0100.33hr
97082KYN CSTM LOCAL15.32C Shivaji Maharaj T16.2500.53hr
97087DR KYN LOCAL15.32Kalyan Jn16.0900.37hr
96638TLA CSTM LOCAL15.36C Shivaji Maharaj T16.2900.53hr
96633CSTM TLA LOCAL15.36Kalyan Jn16.1200.36hr
97084KYN CSTM LOCAL15.42C Shivaji Maharaj T16.3400.52hr
96325CSTM ABH LOCAL15.42Kalyan Jn16.1800.36hr
97089CSTM KYN LOCAL15.46Kalyan Jn16.2300.37hr
97384TNA CSTM LOCAL15.47C Shivaji Maharaj T16.3900.52hr
96517CSTM ASO LOCAL15.50Kalyan Jn16.2700.37hr
96640TLA CSTM LOCAL15.56C Shivaji Maharaj T16.4800.52hr
95005CSTM KHPI FAST15.58Kalyan Jn16.2000.22hr
97091DR KYN LOCAL15.59Kalyan Jn16.3600.37hr
97386TNA CSTM LOCAL16.00C Shivaji Maharaj T16.5200.52hr
97231CSTM DI LOCAL16.02Thane16.0600.04hr
97232DI CSTM LOCAL16.04C Shivaji Maharaj T16.5600.52hr
97093CSTM KYN LOCAL16.06Kalyan Jn16.4300.37hr
95220BUD CSTM FAST16.08C Shivaji Maharaj T16.4600.38hr
97088KYN CSTM LOCAL16.09C Shivaji Maharaj T17.0300.54hr
96635CSTM TLA LOCAL16.10Kalyan Jn16.4600.36hr
97090KYN CSTM LOCAL16.15C Shivaji Maharaj T17.1200.57hr
97233CSTM DI LOCAL16.18Thane16.2300.05hr
96637CSTM TLA LOCAL16.22Kalyan Jn17.0000.38hr
95222BUD CSTM FAST16.24C Shivaji Maharaj T17.0500.41hr
97092KYN DR LOCAL16.24Dadar16.5700.33hr
97373CSTM TNA LOCAL16.26Thane16.3300.07hr
96642TLA CSTM LOCAL16.28C Shivaji Maharaj T17.2000.52hr
95121CSTM KJT FAST16.29Kalyan Jn16.5200.23hr
95723BY KYN SEMI FAST16.31Kalyan Jn17.0700.36hr
97388TNA CSTM LOCAL16.32C Shivaji Maharaj T17.2400.52hr
97095CSTM KYN LOCAL16.32Kalyan Jn17.1100.39hr
95227DR BUD FAST16.34Kalyan Jn17.0000.26hr
97390TNA CSTM LOCAL16.36C Shivaji Maharaj T17.2800.52hr
97235CSTM DI LOCAL16.36Thane16.4100.05hr
97392TNA CSTM LOCAL16.40C Shivaji Maharaj T17.3200.52hr
97097CSTM KYN LOCAL16.40Kalyan Jn17.1800.38hr
95128KJT CSTM FAST16.42C Shivaji Maharaj T17.2100.39hr
97096KYN CSTM LOCAL16.44C Shivaji Maharaj T17.3600.52hr
95508ASO CSTM FAST16.45C Shivaji Maharaj T17.2600.41hr
97375DR TNA LOCAL16.45Thane16.5100.06hr
97394TNA CSTM LOCAL16.48C Shivaji Maharaj T17.4000.52hr
97099CSTM KYN LOCAL16.49Kalyan Jn17.2600.37hr
97098KYN DR LOCAL16.52Dadar17.2500.33hr
95509CSTM ASO SEMI FAST16.53Kalyan Jn17.2900.36hr
97237CSTM DI LOCAL16.56Thane17.0100.05hr
97377CSTM TNA LOCAL16.59Thane17.0500.06hr
97396TNA CSTM LOCAL17.01C Shivaji Maharaj T17.5200.51hr
96329CSTM ABH LOCAL17.03Kalyan Jn17.3900.36hr
95224BUD CSTM FAST17.04C Shivaji Maharaj T17.4100.37hr
97398TNA CSTM LOCAL17.05C Shivaji Maharaj T17.5700.52hr
95123CSTM KJT FAST17.06Kalyan Jn17.3000.24hr
97100KYN CSTM LOCAL17.08C Shivaji Maharaj T18.0000.52hr
97379CSTM TNA LOCAL17.08Thane17.1500.07hr
95732KYN CSTM FAST17.09C Shivaji Maharaj T17.4600.37hr
97234DI CSTM LOCAL17.12C Shivaji Maharaj T18.0400.52hr
96639CSTM TLA LOCAL17.12Kalyan Jn17.4900.37hr
97400TNA CSTM LOCAL17.16C Shivaji Maharaj T18.0800.52hr
97101CLA KYN LOCAL17.17Kalyan Jn17.5400.37hr
97381CSTM TNA LOCAL17.20Thane17.2600.06hr
97402TNA DR LOCAL17.20Dadar17.5200.32hr
97236DI CSTM LOCAL17.23C Shivaji Maharaj T18.1400.51hr
97239CSTM DI LOCAL17.24Thane17.2800.04hr
95130KJT CSTM FAST17.25C Shivaji Maharaj T18.0300.38hr
97404TNA CSTM LOCAL17.27C Shivaji Maharaj T18.1900.52hr
97383CSTM TNA LOCAL17.28Thane17.3500.07hr
97406TNA CSTM LOCAL17.31C Shivaji Maharaj T18.2200.51hr
95610TLA CSTM SEMI FAST17.34C Shivaji Maharaj T18.1100.37hr
97105CLA KYN LOCAL17.34Kalyan Jn18.1400.40hr
97408TNA DR LOCAL17.37Dadar18.1100.34hr
97107CSTM KYN LOCAL17.38Kalyan Jn18.1800.40hr
97238DI CSTM LOCAL17.42C Shivaji Maharaj T18.3400.52hr
97385CSTM TNA LOCAL17.42Thane17.4800.06hr
97241DR DI LOCAL17.46Thane17.5100.05hr
95226BUD CSTM FAST17.47C Shivaji Maharaj T18.2300.36hr
97410TNA CSTM LOCAL17.48C Shivaji Maharaj T18.4100.53hr
97109CLA KYN LOCAL17.49Kalyan Jn18.2900.40hr
97102KYN CSTM LOCAL17.52C Shivaji Maharaj T18.4500.53hr
97111CSTM KYN LOCAL17.52Kalyan Jn18.3400.42hr
95725DR KYN FAST17.53Kalyan Jn18.1700.24hr
97387CSTM TNA LOCAL17.55Thane18.0000.05hr
97412TNA CSTM LOCAL17.58C Shivaji Maharaj T18.5000.52hr
97389CSTM TNA LOCAL17.59Thane18.0400.05hr
95727CSTM KYN FAST18.00Kalyan Jn18.3800.38hr
97240DI DR LOCAL18.01Dadar18.3400.33hr
95332ABH CSTM FAST18.02C Shivaji Maharaj T18.3900.37hr
97113CSTM KYN LOCAL18.02Kalyan Jn18.4200.40hr
97391CSTM TNA LOCAL18.06Thane18.1200.06hr
95611CSTM TLA FAST18.06Kalyan Jn18.3100.25hr
97104KYN CSTM LOCAL18.07C Shivaji Maharaj T19.0000.53hr
97115DR KYN LOCAL18.10Kalyan Jn18.4800.38hr
97414TNA CSTM LOCAL18.11C Shivaji Maharaj T19.0400.53hr
95228BUD CSTM FAST18.13C Shivaji Maharaj T18.5000.37hr
97393CSTM TNA LOCAL18.14Thane18.2000.06hr
97416TNA CSTM LOCAL18.16C Shivaji Maharaj T19.0800.52hr
95738KYN CSTM FAST18.17C Shivaji Maharaj T18.5400.37hr
95513CSTM ASO FAST18.17Kalyan Jn18.4400.27hr
97117CLA KYN LOCAL18.18Kalyan Jn18.5600.38hr
97418TNA CSTM LOCAL18.22C Shivaji Maharaj T19.1400.52hr
97395CSTM TNA LOCAL18.22Thane18.2800.06hr
95729DR KYN FAST18.24Kalyan Jn19.0100.37hr
97242DI CSTM LOCAL18.26C Shivaji Maharaj T19.1800.52hr
97119CSTM KYN LOCAL18.26Kalyan Jn19.0400.38hr
97243DR DI LOCAL18.30Thane18.3400.04hr
97420TNA DR LOCAL18.30Dadar19.0300.33hr
95334ABH CSTM FAST18.31C Shivaji Maharaj T19.1000.39hr
97121CLA KYN LOCAL18.34Kalyan Jn19.1200.38hr
97106KYN CSTM LOCAL18.38C Shivaji Maharaj T19.3000.52hr
97397CSTM TNA LOCAL18.38Thane18.4400.06hr
95731CSTM KYN FAST18.39Kalyan Jn19.1700.38hr
97422TNA DR LOCAL18.42Dadar19.1500.33hr
97123CSTM KYN LOCAL18.43Kalyan Jn19.2100.38hr
95909CSTM TNA FAST18.46Thane18.5200.06hr
97245CSTM DI LOCAL18.49Thane18.5400.05hr
97244DI CSTM LOCAL18.50C Shivaji Maharaj T19.4200.52hr
97125DR KYN LOCAL18.53Kalyan Jn19.3200.39hr
97424TNA CSTM LOCAL18.54C Shivaji Maharaj T19.4600.52hr
95424KSRA CSTM FAST18.54C Shivaji Maharaj T19.3200.38hr
97399CSTM TNA LOCAL18.57Thane19.0200.05hr
97110KYN CSTM LOCAL18.58C Shivaji Maharaj T19.5000.52hr
97127CSTM KYN LADIES19.00Kalyan Jn19.3700.37hr
95742KYN CSTM SEMI FAST19.01C Shivaji Maharaj T19.4000.39hr
95419CSTM KSRA FAST19.02Kalyan Jn19.2600.24hr
97426TNA DR LOCAL19.03Dadar19.3600.33hr
97129CSTM KYN LOCAL19.04Kalyan Jn19.4200.38hr
95325CSTM ABH FAST19.06Kalyan Jn19.3100.25hr
95342ABH DR FAST19.09Dadar19.3300.24hr
97112KYN CSTM LOCAL19.10C Shivaji Maharaj T20.0200.52hr
97247CSTM DI LOCAL19.12Thane19.1600.04hr
95616TLA CSTM FAST19.15C Shivaji Maharaj T19.5500.40hr
97131DR KYN LOCAL19.16Kalyan Jn19.5400.38hr
97428TNA DR LOCAL19.16Dadar19.4900.33hr
95235CSTM BUD FAST19.17Kalyan Jn19.4100.24hr
97246DI CSTM LOCAL19.19C Shivaji Maharaj T20.1100.52hr
97401CSTM TNA LOCAL19.20Thane19.2600.06hr
96641CSTM TLA LOCAL19.24Kalyan Jn20.0200.38hr
97116KYN CSTM LOCAL19.26C Shivaji Maharaj T20.1800.52hr
97403CSTM TNA LOCAL19.28Thane19.3400.06hr
96516ASO CSTM LOCAL19.30C Shivaji Maharaj T20.2200.52hr
95327CSTM ABH FAST19.30Kalyan Jn19.5500.25hr
97249CSTM DI LOCAL19.32Thane19.3700.05hr
97430TNA CSTM LOCAL19.36C Shivaji Maharaj T20.3000.54hr
95737DR KYN FAST19.36Kalyan Jn20.1400.38hr
97405CSTM TNA LOCAL19.36Thane19.4200.06hr
95210BUD CSTM FAST19.37C Shivaji Maharaj T20.1500.38hr
97120KYN CSTM LOCAL19.40C Shivaji Maharaj T20.3400.54hr
95911CSTM TNA FAST19.40Thane19.4600.06hr
97432TNA CSTM LOCAL19.44C Shivaji Maharaj T20.3700.53hr
97133DR KYN LOCAL19.44Kalyan Jn20.2700.43hr
97407CSTM TNA LOCAL19.47Thane19.5400.07hr
97122KYN DR LOCAL19.47Dadar20.2000.33hr
95320ABH CSTM FAST19.50C Shivaji Maharaj T20.3100.41hr
95237CSTM BUD FAST19.50Kalyan Jn20.1200.22hr
97124KYN CSTM LOCAL19.51C Shivaji Maharaj T20.4400.53hr
97135CSTM KYN LOCAL19.51Kalyan Jn20.3100.40hr
95421CSTM KSRA FAST19.54Kalyan Jn20.1900.25hr
97434TNA CSTM LOCAL19.55C Shivaji Maharaj T20.4800.53hr
97251CSTM DI LOCAL19.55Thane19.5900.04hr
97248DI CSTM LOCAL19.59C Shivaji Maharaj T20.5200.53hr
97409DR TNA LOCAL20.00Thane20.0600.06hr
97126KYN CSTM LOCAL20.03C Shivaji Maharaj T20.5600.53hr
97137CSTM KYN LOCAL20.04Kalyan Jn20.4300.39hr
95739CSTM KYN FAST20.05Kalyan Jn20.3100.26hr
97139CSTM KYN LOCAL20.08Kalyan Jn20.4700.39hr
95617CSTM TLA FAST20.08Kalyan Jn20.3400.26hr
97436TNA CSTM LOCAL20.09C Shivaji Maharaj T21.0100.52hr
95514ASO CSTM FAST20.10C Shivaji Maharaj T20.5200.42hr
97411CSTM TNA LOCAL20.12Thane20.1700.05hr
97128KYN DR LOCAL20.13Dadar20.4600.33hr
97253DR DI LOCAL20.15Thane20.2000.05hr
97130KYN CSTM LOCAL20.17C Shivaji Maharaj T21.0900.52hr
97141CLA KYN LOCAL20.20Kalyan Jn20.5800.38hr
96213CSTM BUD LOCAL20.23Kalyan Jn21.0100.38hr
97413CSTM TNA LOCAL20.26Thane20.3200.06hr
95129CSTM KJT FAST20.26Kalyan Jn20.5200.26hr
97415DR TNA LOCAL20.30Thane20.3500.05hr
96328ABH CSTM LOCAL20.31C Shivaji Maharaj T21.2400.53hr
97134KYN DR LOCAL20.34Dadar21.0700.33hr
97143CSTM KYN LOCAL20.35Kalyan Jn21.1300.38hr
95517CSTM ASO SEMI FAST20.38Kalyan Jn21.1600.38hr
97417CSTM TNA LOCAL20.41Thane20.4600.05hr
96646TLA CSTM LOCAL20.43C Shivaji Maharaj T21.3600.53hr
96215CSTM BUD LOCAL20.45Kalyan Jn21.2200.37hr
95232BUD CSTM FAST20.46C Shivaji Maharaj T21.3000.44hr
97438TNA CSTM LOCAL20.47C Shivaji Maharaj T21.3900.52hr
97255CSTM DI LOCAL20.50Thane20.5400.04hr
97250DI CSTM LOCAL20.51C Shivaji Maharaj T21.4400.53hr
96643CSTM TLA LOCAL20.55Kalyan Jn21.3200.37hr
97136KYN DR LOCAL20.55Dadar21.2800.33hr
96518ASO CSTM LOCAL20.59C Shivaji Maharaj T21.5200.53hr
97145DR KYN LOCAL20.59Kalyan Jn21.3700.38hr
97252DI CSTM LOCAL21.03C Shivaji Maharaj T21.5600.53hr
96333CSTM ABH LOCAL21.03Kalyan Jn21.4000.37hr
97138KYN CSTM LOCAL21.08C Shivaji Maharaj T22.0000.52hr
97419CSTM TNA LOCAL21.08Thane21.1400.06hr
96648TLA CSTM LOCAL21.12C Shivaji Maharaj T22.0400.52hr
97257CSTM DI LOCAL21.13Thane21.1600.03hr
95913CSTM TNA FAST21.17Thane21.2100.04hr
97140KYN DR LOCAL21.18Dadar21.5100.33hr
95741CSTM KYN FAST21.20Kalyan Jn21.5800.38hr
96645CSTM TLA LOCAL21.22Kalyan Jn22.0100.39hr
95009CSTM KHPI FAST21.23Kalyan Jn21.4700.24hr
97421CSTM TNA LOCAL21.26Thane21.3200.06hr
97440TNA CSTM LOCAL21.27C Shivaji Maharaj T22.2000.53hr
95423CSTM KSRA FAST21.28Kalyan Jn21.5200.24hr
96335CSTM ABH LOCAL21.30Kalyan Jn22.0900.39hr
96650TLA CSTM LOCAL21.34C Shivaji Maharaj T22.2800.54hr
97147DR KYN LOCAL21.35Kalyan Jn22.1400.39hr
95516ASO CSTM FAST21.37C Shivaji Maharaj T22.1800.41hr
97254DI CSTM LOCAL21.38C Shivaji Maharaj T22.3200.54hr
97259CSTM DI LOCAL21.39Thane21.4300.04hr
97144KYN CSTM LOCAL21.42C Shivaji Maharaj T22.3500.53hr
97423CSTM TNA LOCAL21.42Thane21.4800.06hr
96519CSTM ASO LOCAL21.46Kalyan Jn22.2400.38hr
97442TNA DR LOCAL21.47Dadar22.2000.33hr
95428KSRA CSTM FAST21.50C Shivaji Maharaj T22.3100.41hr
97149DR KYN LOCAL21.50Kalyan Jn22.2900.39hr
96652TLA CSTM LOCAL21.51C Shivaji Maharaj T22.4300.52hr
97425CSTM TNA LOCAL21.54Thane22.0000.06hr
97146KYN CSTM LOCAL21.56C Shivaji Maharaj T22.4800.52hr
95140KJT CSTM FAST21.57C Shivaji Maharaj T22.3500.38hr
96219CSTM BUD LOCAL21.58Kalyan Jn22.3400.36hr
97256DI DR LOCAL22.01Dadar22.3400.33hr
97261CSTM DI LOCAL22.02Thane22.0600.04hr
95131CSTM KJT FAST22.03Kalyan Jn22.2800.25hr
96330ABH CSTM LOCAL22.06C Shivaji Maharaj T22.5800.52hr
96647CSTM TLA LOCAL22.10Kalyan Jn22.4800.38hr
96654TLA CSTM LOCAL22.15C Shivaji Maharaj T23.0800.53hr
97151DR KYN LOCAL22.15Kalyan Jn22.5300.38hr
96221CSTM BUD LOCAL22.18Kalyan Jn22.5500.37hr
96332ABH CSTM LOCAL22.22C Shivaji Maharaj T23.1600.54hr
96409CSTM KSRA LOCAL22.22Kalyan Jn22.5900.37hr
97258DI CSTM LOCAL22.26C Shivaji Maharaj T23.1900.53hr
95743CSTM KYN SEMI FAST22.26Kalyan Jn23.0400.38hr
95142KJT CSTM FAST22.29C Shivaji Maharaj T23.0600.37hr
97148KYN DR LOCAL22.29Dadar23.0200.33hr
96337CSTM ABH LOCAL22.30Kalyan Jn23.0700.37hr
95745CSTM KYN FAST22.32Kalyan Jn22.5700.25hr
96226BUD CSTM LOCAL22.33C Shivaji Maharaj T23.2600.53hr
97153DR KYN LOCAL22.34Kalyan Jn23.1200.38hr
96223CSTM BUD LOCAL22.38Kalyan Jn23.1500.37hr
97150KYN CSTM LOCAL22.42C Shivaji Maharaj T23.3500.53hr
97427CSTM TNA LOCAL22.42Thane22.4700.05hr
97260DI CSTM LOCAL22.46C Shivaji Maharaj T23.3900.53hr
97155CSTM KYN LOCAL22.46Kalyan Jn23.2600.40hr
96334ABH CSTM LOCAL22.50C Shivaji Maharaj T23.4300.53hr
96649CSTM TLA LOCAL22.50Kalyan Jn23.2900.39hr
96228BUD CSTM LOCAL22.54C Shivaji Maharaj T23.4800.54hr
97157CSTM KYN LOCAL22.54Kalyan Jn23.3400.40hr
95430KSRA CSTM FAST22.55C Shivaji Maharaj T23.3100.36hr
96656TLA CSTM LOCAL22.58C Shivaji Maharaj T23.5200.54hr
97429DR TNA LOCAL23.02Thane23.0800.06hr
97152KYN CSTM LOCAL23.03C Shivaji Maharaj T23.5700.54hr
95241CSTM BUD FAST23.05Kalyan Jn23.3100.26hr
97159CSTM KYN LOCAL23.07Kalyan Jn23.4400.37hr
96112KJT CSTM LOCAL23.11C Shivaji Maharaj T00.0400.53hr
97431CSTM TNA LOCAL23.11Thane23.1500.04hr
97262DI DR LOCAL23.15Dadar23.4800.33hr
97161CSTM KYN LOCAL23.15Kalyan Jn23.5100.36hr
96019CSTM KHPI LOCAL23.19Kalyan Jn23.5600.37hr
96339DR ABH LOCAL23.25Kalyan Jn00.0000.35hr
96520ASO CSTM LOCAL23.26C Shivaji Maharaj T00.1900.53hr
97433CSTM TNA LOCAL23.28Thane23.3300.05hr
95746KYN CSTM SEMI FAST23.29C Shivaji Maharaj T00.0500.36hr
95425CSTM KSRA FAST23.30Kalyan Jn00.0600.36hr
96225CSTM BUD LOCAL23.33Kalyan Jn00.1100.38hr
97435CSTM TNA LOCAL23.37Thane23.4200.05hr
96651CSTM TLA LOCAL23.41Kalyan Jn00.1800.37hr
97154KYN DR LOCAL23.47Dadar00.2100.34hr
96227DR BUD LOCAL23.50Kalyan Jn00.2700.37hr
96406KSRA CSTM LOCAL23.53C Shivaji Maharaj T00.4500.52hr
97437CSTM TNA LOCAL23.54Thane23.5900.05hr
96341CSTM ABH LOCAL23.58Kalyan Jn00.3400.36hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Mulund and C Shivaji Maharaj T?
    There are 620 trains beween Mulund and C Shivaji Maharaj T.
  2. When does the first train leave from Mulund?
    The first train from Mulund to C Shivaji Maharaj T is Mumbai Cst Thane LOCAL (97439) departs at 00.02 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Mulund?
    The first train from Mulund to C Shivaji Maharaj T is Mumbai Cst Ambarnath LOCAL (96341) departs at 23.58 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to C Shivaji Maharaj T and its timing?
    The fastest train from Mulund to C Shivaji Maharaj T is Mumbai Cst Dombivli LOCAL (97201) departs at 07.13 and train runs on M Tu W Th F Sa. It covers the distance of 2km in 00.03 hrs.