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Mumbai Central (BCT) to Mira Road (MIRA) Trains

from Mumbai Central to Mira Road
91223CCG VR LOCAL00.0801.1101.03hr
91229CCG BYR LOCAL00.1801.2101.03hr
91235CCG VR LOCAL00.3001.3101.01hr
91237CCG BYR LOCAL00.3801.4101.03hr
91243CCG BYR LOCAL00.5301.5601.03hr
91245CCG VR LOCAL01.0002.0201.02hr
90017CCG VR LOCAL04.2505.2601.01hr
90029CCG VIRAR FAST04.5005.3500.45hr
90041CCG BYR FAST05.1406.0100.47hr
90045CCG VR FAST05.1706.0300.46hr
90051CCG VR FAST05.2506.0700.42hr
90063CCG VR FAST05.3806.2100.43hr
90067CCG VR FAST05.4206.2500.43hr
90081CCG VIRAR FAST06.0206.5200.50hr
90095CCG VR FAST06.1807.0200.44hr
90097CCG VR LOCAL06.1807.2201.04hr
90107CCG VR FAST06.3107.1400.43hr
92007CCG VR FAST06.4207.2500.43hr
90125CCG VR FAST06.4707.3100.44hr
90139CCG VR FAST07.0307.4600.43hr
92009CCG VR FAST07.0807.5100.43hr
90147CCG VR FAST07.1307.5500.42hr
90171CCG VR FAST07.3508.2200.47hr
90187CCG VR FAST07.4608.3000.44hr
90197CCG VR FAST07.5508.4100.46hr
90209CCG VR FAST08.0508.4700.42hr
90243CCG VR FAST08.3609.2200.46hr
90249CCG VR FAST08.4309.2700.44hr
94003CCG VR A/C FAST09.0409.4500.41hr
90281CCG BYR FAST09.1009.5200.42hr
90287CCG VR FAST09.1309.5500.42hr
90301CCG VR FAST09.2010.0400.44hr
90319CCG VR FAST09.3710.2100.44hr
90333CCG VR FAST09.4610.3100.45hr
90345CCG BYR FAST09.5710.4200.45hr
90385CCG VR FAST10.2511.1400.49hr
90399CCG VR FAST10.3911.2200.43hr
90407CCG BYR FAST10.4611.2900.43hr
90413CCG VIRAR LOCAL10.4911.5101.02hr
90423CCG VR FAST10.5711.4200.45hr
90431CCG BYR LOCAL11.0412.0601.02hr
90435CCG VR FAST11.1011.5200.42hr
90439CCG VR FAST11.1311.5700.44hr
90451CCG VR FAST11.2212.0600.44hr
90461CCG VR FAST11.2812.1200.44hr
92023CCG VR FAST11.3712.2000.43hr
90479CCG BYR FAST11.4212.2500.43hr
90489CCG VIRAR LOCAL11.4812.5101.03hr
90483CCG BYR FAST11.5012.3500.45hr
94005CCG VR A/C FAST12.0012.4200.42hr
90525CCG VR FAST12.2613.1100.45hr
90541CCG VR FAST12.4413.2700.43hr
90549CCG VR FAST12.5313.3800.45hr
92027CCG VR FAST13.1213.5500.43hr
90571CCG VIRAR LOCAL13.1814.2001.02hr
90601CCG VR FAST13.5314.3400.41hr
90609CCG VIRAR LOCAL14.0215.0501.03hr
90611CCG VR FAST14.0514.4700.42hr
90621CCG VR FAST14.1415.0100.47hr
90629CCG BYR FAST14.2715.1000.43hr
90641CCG VR FAST14.3415.2000.46hr
90645CCG VR FAST14.4015.2600.46hr
90649CCG BSR FAST14.4615.3000.44hr
90659CCG VR FAST15.0015.4400.44hr
94007CCG VR A/C FAST15.0515.4700.42hr
90673CCG VR FAST15.1215.5600.44hr
90691CCG VR FAST15.2816.1100.43hr
90699CCG BYR FAST15.3716.2300.46hr
90709CCG VIRAR LOCAL15.4616.4701.01hr
90711CCG VR FAST15.5016.3400.44hr
90719CCG BYR FAST15.5416.3700.43hr
90731CCG VR FAST16.0616.4700.41hr
92037CCG VR FAST16.2317.0700.44hr
90753CCG BYR FAST16.2817.1200.44hr
90775CCG VIRAR FAST16.5217.3800.46hr
90789CCG VR FAST17.0517.5100.46hr
90809CCG VR FAST17.2918.0900.40hr
90863CCG VR FAST18.0518.5100.46hr
90875CCG BYR FAST18.1318.5900.46hr
90873CCG VR LOCAL18.1519.1801.03hr
90879CCG VR FAST18.2119.0900.48hr
90883CCG VIRAR LADIES SPL18.2319.2601.03hr
90897CCG VR FAST18.3219.2200.50hr
90909CCG BYR FAST18.4319.3100.48hr
90911CCG VR FAST18.4619.3500.49hr
90931CCG BYR LADIES SPL19.0120.0601.05hr
90937CCG VR FAST19.0219.4800.46hr
90943CCG VR FAST19.0819.5300.45hr
90947CCG BSR FAST19.1520.0300.48hr
90981CCG VR FAST19.4320.2600.43hr
90991CCG VR LADIES FAST19.5020.3700.47hr
94011CCG VR A/C FAST19.5920.4500.46hr
91015CCG VR FAST20.0620.5300.47hr
92051CCG VR FAST20.2321.0900.46hr
91045CCG VR FAST20.3421.1600.42hr
91067CCG VIRAR FAST20.4821.3200.44hr
91071CCG VR LOCAL20.5121.5301.02hr
91077CCG VR FAST21.0221.4400.42hr
91111CCG VR FAST21.3222.1600.44hr
91113CCG BYR LOCAL21.3322.3701.04hr
91117CCG VIRAR FAST21.4022.2500.45hr
91139CCG VR FAST21.5822.4400.46hr
91153CCG VR FAST22.0722.5400.47hr
91155CCG VR FAST22.1122.5800.47hr
91167CCG VR FAST22.2823.1000.42hr
91175CCG BYR LOCAL22.3623.3801.02hr
91177CCG VIRAR FAST22.4023.2800.48hr
91181CCG BYR LOCAL22.4623.4801.02hr
91195CCG VIRAR FAST23.0623.5600.50hr
91203CCG BYR FAST23.2200.1300.51hr
91211CCG VIRAR FAST23.3500.2700.52hr
91213CCG BYR LOCAL23.4000.4201.02hr
91215CCG VIRAR FAST23.4700.3600.49hr
91217CCG BYR LOCAL23.5000.5301.03hr
91219CCG NSP LOCAL23.5400.5701.03hr
from Borivali to Mira Road
91197ADH VR LOCAL00.0100.0900.08hr
91207ADH BYR FAST00.1000.1700.07hr
91227ADH BYR LOCAL01.0701.1500.08hr
92001BVI VR LOCAL04.4204.4900.07hr
90007BA VR LOCAL04.4904.5700.08hr
90011BVI VR LOCAL05.0605.1300.07hr
90015BA VR LOCAL05.1105.1900.08hr
90019BVI BSR LOCAL05.2305.3000.07hr
90053BVI BSR LOCAL06.0506.1300.08hr
90055BVI VR LOCAL06.2006.2900.09hr
90059BA VIRAR LOCAL06.2506.3300.08hr
90073BVI VR LOCAL06.4006.4800.08hr
90071BVI BSR LOCAL06.4006.4800.08hr
90083BVI VR LOCAL06.5006.5800.08hr
90089BVI VR LOCAL07.0107.0800.07hr
90115BA VIRAR LOCAL07.3007.3800.08hr
90145BVI BYR LOCAL07.4407.5300.09hr
90149BA VR LOCAL08.0508.1300.08hr
90191BVI VR LOCAL08.3008.3800.08hr
90179ADH BSR LOCAL08.3608.4400.08hr
90193BA VIRAR LOCAL08.4208.4900.07hr
92013ADH VRR SEMI FAST08.5309.0100.08hr
90217BVI BYR LOCAL09.0009.0800.08hr
90231BVI VR LOCAL09.1509.2300.08hr
90233BA BSR LOCAL09.1909.2700.08hr
90257BVI VR LOCAL09.3009.3800.08hr
90251ADH NSP LOCAL09.3809.4600.08hr
90283BVI VR LOCAL09.4909.5800.09hr
90291BVI NSP LOCAL10.0210.1100.09hr
90295BVI VR LOCAL10.0810.1600.08hr
90307BVI BSR LOCAL10.1910.2700.08hr
92015ADH VRR SEMI FAST10.1910.2600.07hr
90309ADH VR LOCAL10.2310.3100.08hr
90349ADH VRR SEMI FAST10.3710.4500.08hr
92019ADH VRR SEMI FAST10.5211.0000.08hr
90365BVI NSP LOCAL11.0011.0800.08hr
90393BVI VR LOCAL11.1711.2500.08hr
90395ADH VR LOCAL11.2611.3300.07hr
90409BVI NSP LOCAL11.3811.4600.08hr
90443BVI VR LOCAL12.1112.1900.08hr
90459BVI VR LOCAL12.2112.2900.08hr
90475BA BSR LOCAL12.3112.3800.07hr
90487ADH VR LOCAL12.3912.4700.08hr
90515CCG VIRAR FAST12.5413.0200.08hr
90517BVI VR LOCAL13.0313.1100.08hr
90519ADH VR LOCAL13.1413.2200.08hr
90543ADH VR LOCAL13.4013.4800.08hr
90613ADH BSR FAST14.4514.5300.08hr
90625ADH BYR LOCAL15.1515.2300.08hr
90647BVI VR LOCAL15.4215.5000.08hr
90671BVI BSR LOCAL16.0716.1500.08hr
90683BA VIRAR LOCAL16.1116.1900.08hr
90701ADH VR LOCAL16.3216.4000.08hr
90715ADH VR LOCAL16.4316.5100.08hr
90741ADH BSR SEMI FAST16.5217.0000.08hr
90747ADH VR LOCAL17.1917.2700.08hr
90751BVI VR LOCAL17.2217.3100.09hr
90783BVI BSR LOCAL17.3917.4700.08hr
90785BA VIRAR LOCAL17.5218.0100.09hr
90811BVI VR LOCAL18.1818.2700.09hr
92041ADH VR SEMI FAST18.2818.3600.08hr
90829BVI VR LOCAL18.4018.4800.08hr
90865BVI BSR LOCAL18.5419.0200.08hr
92043ADH VR SEMI FAST19.1019.1900.09hr
90913BVI NSP LOCAL19.3019.3900.09hr
90927ADH VR SEMI FAST19.3619.4500.09hr
90967BVI VR LOCAL20.2120.3000.09hr
90973BA VIRAR LOCAL20.3020.3900.09hr
90985ADH VR LOCAL20.3520.4200.07hr
92047ADH BSR FAST20.4220.4900.07hr
92049BVI VR LOCAL20.5021.0000.10hr
91005ADH VR LOCAL20.5521.0300.08hr
91027ADH VR SEMI FAST21.0621.1300.07hr
91047BVI VR LOCAL21.1621.2500.09hr
91039BA BYR LOCAL21.2021.2800.08hr
91049BVI VR LOCAL21.2421.3300.09hr
91075ADH VR LOCAL21.5322.0100.08hr
91085BVI VR LOCAL22.0022.1000.10hr
91105ADH BSR LOCAL22.1922.2900.10hr
92053ADH VR LOCAL22.3122.3800.07hr
91121ADH BYR LOCAL22.3722.4500.08hr
91123BVI NSP LOCAL22.3822.4800.10hr
91147BVI BYR LOCAL22.5523.0300.08hr
91149ADH NSP LOCAL23.0223.1000.08hr
91157BA VR LOCAL23.0823.1600.08hr
91169BVI VR LOCAL23.1623.2400.08hr
91179ADH NSP LOCAL23.3423.4200.08hr
from Vasai Road to Mira Road
91176VIRAR BVI LOCAL00.0800.2200.14hr
91182VIRAR CCG LOCAL00.1600.3000.14hr
90006VIRAR CCG LOCAL03.3603.5000.14hr
90012NSP BVI LOCAL03.4604.0000.14hr
90022VIRAR CCG LOCAL04.0404.1800.14hr
90026NSP BVI LOCAL04.1104.2500.14hr
90032VIRAR ADH LOCAL04.2204.3600.14hr
92002VR ADH SEMI FAST04.2604.4000.14hr
90042VIRAR CCG LOCAL04.3404.4800.14hr
90050NSP CCG S FAST04.4905.0300.14hr
90056VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST04.5705.1100.14hr
92004VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST05.0905.2300.14hr
90064NSP BA LOCAL05.1305.2700.14hr
90070VIRAR CCG FAST05.2305.3900.16hr
90074VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST05.2905.4300.14hr
90080NSP BA LOCAL05.3905.5300.14hr
92008VIRAR CCG FAST05.4005.5400.14hr
90084VIRAR ADH LOCAL05.4506.0000.15hr
90088VIRAR BVI LOCAL05.4906.0300.14hr
90092VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST05.5606.1100.15hr
90098BSR DDR FAST05.5806.1400.16hr
90102VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST06.0306.1800.15hr
90116VIRAR BVI LOCAL06.1206.2600.14hr
90124VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST06.1706.3100.14hr
90130VIRAR DDR FAST06.3006.4400.14hr
90138VIRAR BVI LOCAL06.3306.4700.14hr
90144NSP CCG LOCAL06.3906.5300.14hr
92010VIRAR CCG FAST06.4306.5900.16hr
90152BSR DDR FAST06.4607.0300.17hr
90156VR CCG LOCAL06.5207.0700.15hr
90158VR CCG LOCAL06.5607.1100.15hr
90166VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST07.0407.1800.14hr
90172VIRAR DDR FAST07.0907.2400.15hr
90180VIRAR BVI LOCAL07.1307.2800.15hr
90184BSR CCG SEMI FAST07.1607.3300.17hr
90190VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST07.2107.3600.15hr
90196VIRAR ADH LOCAL07.2507.4000.15hr
90208VIRAR BA LOCAL07.3607.5100.15hr
90216VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST07.4207.5700.15hr
92012BSR ADH SEMI FAST07.4308.0000.17hr
90222VIRAR CCG LADIES SPL07.4608.0100.15hr
90226VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST07.5108.0600.15hr
90234VIRAR BVI LOCAL07.5508.1000.15hr
90240VIRAR BA LOCAL07.5908.1400.15hr
90248VIRAR BVI LOCAL08.0308.1800.15hr
90252VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST08.0908.2500.16hr
90262BSR CCG SEMI FAST08.1808.3300.15hr
92014VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST08.2208.3700.15hr
90274VIRAR ADH LOCAL08.2508.4000.15hr
90276VIRAR BVI LOCAL08.3108.4500.14hr
90284VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST08.3508.5100.16hr
90288VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST08.4008.5500.15hr
90292VIRAR BVI LOCAL08.4108.5600.15hr
90298BSR CCG SEMI FAST08.4409.0100.17hr
90300VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST08.5109.0500.14hr
90314VIRAR BVI LOCAL09.0009.1400.14hr
90320VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST09.0509.1900.14hr
90324BSR ADH LOCAL09.1009.2500.15hr
90328VIRAR DDR FAST09.1109.2700.16hr
90336VIRAR BVI LOCAL09.1709.3100.14hr
92016VIRAR ADH FAST09.1709.3100.14hr
90338VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST09.2109.3500.14hr
90352VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST09.2709.4400.17hr
90354VIRAR BVI LOCAL09.3009.4400.14hr
90358VIRAR ADH FAST09.3609.5000.14hr
90366VIRAR BVI LOCAL09.3709.5100.14hr
90372VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST09.4510.0000.15hr
92018VIRAR ADH FAST09.4810.0300.15hr
90378VR BVI LOCAL09.5110.0600.15hr
92020VIRAR DDR FAST09.5310.0700.14hr
90390BSR CCG SEMI FAST09.5610.1100.15hr
90402VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST10.0610.2000.14hr
90404VR CCG FAST10.1110.2600.15hr
90412VIRAR ADH LOCAL10.1410.2800.14hr
90416VIRAR BVI LOCAL10.1910.3300.14hr
90424VIRAR CCG FAST10.2610.4000.14hr
94004VIRAR CCG A/C SEMI FAST10.3310.4700.14hr
90438VIRAR BA LOCAL10.4611.0000.14hr
90442VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST10.5011.0400.14hr
90454BSR ADH LOCAL10.5811.1300.15hr
90456VIRAR CCG S FAST11.0411.1900.15hr
90460VIRAR BVI LOCAL11.0711.2200.15hr
90462VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST11.1111.2700.16hr
90468VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST11.1911.3300.14hr
92024VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST11.2211.3600.14hr
90474VIRAR ADH LOCAL11.2611.4000.14hr
90480VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST11.3311.4800.15hr
90490VR ADH LOCAL11.4311.5700.14hr
90494VIRAR ADH FAST11.4712.0100.14hr
92026VIRAR CCG FAST11.5012.0400.14hr
90500VIRAR BVI LOCAL11.5312.0700.14hr
90506VIRAR ADH LOCAL12.0012.1400.14hr
90508VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST12.0512.1900.14hr
90514VIRAR CCG FAST12.1012.2400.14hr
90522VIRAR ADH LOCAL12.1612.3100.15hr
90524VIRAR BVI LOCAL12.2112.3500.14hr
92028VIRAR DDR FAST12.2512.4000.15hr
90530VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST12.3012.4400.14hr
90540VIRAR CCG LOCAL12.3612.5100.15hr
90542VIRAR DDR FAST12.4112.5700.16hr
90548VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST12.5313.0700.14hr
90556VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST12.5913.1300.14hr
90558VR ADH LOCAL13.0113.1600.15hr
90564VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST13.0813.2200.14hr
90570BSR DDR FAST13.1113.2700.16hr
90572VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST13.1613.3100.15hr
90578VR ADH LOCAL13.1913.3300.14hr
94006VIRAR CCG A/C FAST13.2913.4300.14hr
90590VIRAR CCG S FAST13.3613.5000.14hr
90596VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST13.4113.5500.14hr
90600VIRAR ADH FAST13.4513.5900.14hr
90602VR BVI LOCAL13.4914.0300.14hr
90608VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST13.5314.0700.14hr
90616VIRAR CCG FAST14.0114.1500.14hr
90618VIRAR ADH LOCAL14.0114.1500.14hr
90624VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST14.1114.2500.14hr
90632VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST14.2114.3500.14hr
90638VIRAR DDR FAST14.2614.4100.15hr
90642VIRAR BA LOCAL14.3114.4500.14hr
90646VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST14.3514.4900.14hr
92034VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST14.5415.1000.16hr
90666VR ADH LOCAL15.0415.1800.14hr
90670VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST15.0715.2100.14hr
90672VR BVI LOCAL15.1115.2500.14hr
90684VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST15.2315.3800.15hr
90688BSR CCG FAST15.2515.4100.16hr
90694VIRAR ADH LOCAL15.2715.4200.15hr
90696VIRAR BVI LOCAL15.3115.4600.15hr
90702VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST15.3515.5000.15hr
90710VIRAR ADH FAST15.4616.0300.17hr
90714VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST15.5116.0600.15hr
90718VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST15.5516.0900.14hr
90724BSR ADH LOCAL16.0016.1500.15hr
90726VR ADH SEMI FAST16.0516.1900.14hr
92038VIRAR DDR FAST16.1416.2900.15hr
90738NSP BA LOCAL16.1416.2900.15hr
90742VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST16.1916.3300.14hr
90748VIRAR ADH LOCAL16.2316.3700.14hr
94008VIRAR CCG A/C FAST16.3316.4800.15hr
90766VIRAR ADH FAST16.4016.5400.14hr
90770BSR CCG LOCAL16.4216.5800.16hr
90772VIRAR CCG FAST16.4316.5700.14hr
90778VIRAR BVI LOCAL16.4717.0100.14hr
93022DRD DDR LOCAL16.4817.0200.14hr
90790VIRAR ADH LOCAL16.5617.1100.15hr
90796NSP BVI LOCAL17.0117.1500.14hr
90804BSR BVI LOCAL17.0417.2000.16hr
90806VR CCG FAST17.0917.2400.15hr
90808VIRAR CCG FAST17.1317.2700.14hr
92040VIRAR ADH FAST17.1717.3100.14hr
90820VIRAR CCG FAST17.2617.4000.14hr
90822VR ADH LOCAL17.2917.4400.15hr
90830BSR BVI LOCAL17.3417.4900.15hr
90834VIRAR CCG FAST17.3617.5000.14hr
90840VIRAR CCG FAST17.4017.5400.14hr
90844VIRAR CCG FAST17.4117.5600.15hr
90846NSP BVI LOCAL17.4618.0000.14hr
90860BSR ADH FAST17.5018.0500.15hr
90852VIRAR CCG FAST17.5418.0900.15hr
92042VR ADH SEMI FAST17.5718.1100.14hr
90854NSP ADH LOCAL18.0118.1600.15hr
92044VIRAR CCG FAST18.0618.2000.14hr
90876VIRAR BVI LOCAL18.1118.2500.14hr
90882VIRAR CCG LOCAL18.1618.3000.14hr
90886VIRAR BVI LOCAL18.2018.3400.14hr
90890VIRAR CCG FAST18.2418.3800.14hr
90892BSR ADH FAST18.2618.4200.16hr
90900VIRAR DDR FAST18.3218.4700.15hr
90908VIRAR CCG FAST18.3618.5200.16hr
90914VIRAR CCG FAST18.4218.5700.15hr
90916VIRAR BA LOCAL18.4518.5900.14hr
90926VIRAR BVI LOCAL18.5519.1000.15hr
92046VR CCG FAST18.5819.1200.14hr
90934VIRAR DDR FAST19.0719.2100.14hr
90948VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST19.1919.3300.14hr
90954VIRAR ADH LOCAL19.2319.3700.14hr
92048VIRAR ADH FAST19.2819.4300.15hr
90972BSR ADH LOCAL19.3819.5400.16hr
90974VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST19.4119.5600.15hr
90978VIRAR BVI LOCAL19.4519.5900.14hr
90984VIRAR BVI LOCAL19.5020.0400.14hr
90988VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST19.5420.0800.14hr
90994VR ADH FAST19.5920.1300.14hr
90998VIRAR DDR FAST20.0420.1800.14hr
92050VIRAR BVI LOCAL20.0620.2000.14hr
91004VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST20.0820.2200.14hr
91012VIRAR DDR FAST20.1920.3300.14hr
91020VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST20.2620.4000.14hr
91032VIRAR ADH LOCAL20.3420.4800.14hr
91034VIRAR BVI LOCAL20.3920.5300.14hr
91038BSR CCG SEMI FAST20.4120.5600.15hr
91042VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST20.4621.0000.14hr
91048VIRAR ADH LOCAL20.5421.0800.14hr
91054VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST21.0321.1700.14hr
91058VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST21.1121.2500.14hr
92052BSR ADH FAST21.1621.3000.14hr
91066VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST21.1821.3300.15hr
91078VIRAR BVI LOCAL21.2621.4200.16hr
91080VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST21.3021.4600.16hr
94012VIRAR CCG A/C SEMI FAST21.3521.5000.15hr
91088VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST21.4021.5500.15hr
91090VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST21.4421.5800.14hr
91094VR CCG SEMI FAST21.4922.0400.15hr
92054VIRAR BVI LOCAL21.5622.1000.14hr
91102VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST22.0022.1400.14hr
91104VIRAR BVI LOCAL22.0522.1900.14hr
91110VIRAR CCG LOCAL22.1222.2500.13hr
91112VIRAR CCG S FAST22.1622.3000.14hr
91118VIRAR CCG S FAST22.2522.3900.14hr
91122VR BVI LOCAL22.3222.4800.16hr
91126VR CCG FAST22.3622.5200.16hr
91132VIRAR ADH LOCAL22.4623.0000.14hr
91138VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST22.5223.0600.14hr
91142VIRAR ADH FAST22.5623.1000.14hr
91148BSR BVI LOCAL22.5823.1400.16hr
91150VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST23.0123.1700.16hr
91152VR CCG SEMI FAST23.0923.2400.15hr
91156VIRAR BVI LOCAL23.1323.2700.14hr
91160VIRAR CCG S FAST23.2623.4100.15hr
91164VIRAR ADH LOCAL23.3223.4600.14hr
91168VIRAR CCG S FAST23.4600.0000.14hr
91172VIRAR BA LOCAL23.5800.1200.14hr
from Dadar Wr to Mira Road
90129DDR VIRAR FAST07.0007.4400.44hr
90155DDR VIRAR FAST07.2808.0500.37hr
90215DDR VIRAR FAST08.1808.5700.39hr
90361DDR VIRAR FAST10.1310.5200.39hr
90379DDR VIRAR FAST10.2911.1000.41hr
92021DDR VIRAR FAST10.5511.3400.39hr
90555DDR BYR FAST13.1213.5200.40hr
90589DDR VIRAR FAST13.4314.1900.36hr
90603DDR BYR FAST14.0314.4000.37hr
92031DDR VIRAR FAST14.4415.2300.39hr
90687DDR VR FAST15.2816.0600.38hr
92033DDR VIRAR FAST15.4716.2400.37hr
90761DDR VIRAR FAST16.5017.3400.44hr
92039DDR VIRAR FAST17.2518.0400.39hr
93029DDR DRD LOCAL18.0018.3900.39hr
90949DDR VIRAR FAST19.2520.0800.43hr
90959DDR BYR FAST19.3820.1800.40hr
91089DDR VIRAR FAST21.2622.0500.39hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Mumbai Central and Mira Road?
    There are 442 trains beween Mumbai Central and Mira Road.
  2. When does the first train leave from Mumbai Central?
    The first train from Mumbai Central to Mira Road is Andheri Virar LOCAL (91197) departs at 00.01 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Mumbai Central?
    The first train from Mumbai Central to Mira Road is Virar Bandra Jn VIRAR LOCAL (91172) departs at 23.58 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Mira Road and its timing?
    The fastest train from Mumbai Central to Mira Road is Andheri Bhayandar FAST (91207) departs at 00.10 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 5km in 00.07 hrs.