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Mumbai Central (BCT) to Vithalwadi (VLDI) Trains

from Dadar to Vithalwadi
95301DR ABH FAST08.4209.3000.48hr
95227DR BUD FAST16.1317.0400.51hr
95329DR ABH SEMI FAST19.4020.3100.51hr
96339DR ABH LOCAL22.5200.0501.13hr
96227DR BUD LOCAL23.1800.3201.14hr
from C Shivaji Maharaj T to Vithalwadi
96301CSTM ABH LOCAL00.0501.3601.31hr
96101CSTM KJT LOCAL00.2501.5501.30hr
96003CSTM KHPI LOCAL04.2405.5601.32hr
96107CSTM KJT LOCAL04.4806.2001.32hr
96109CSTM KJT LOCAL05.2006.5201.32hr
96303CSTM ABH LOCAL05.2406.5601.32hr
96305CSTM ABH LOCAL05.4007.1201.32hr
95101CSTM KJT FAST06.1007.1701.07hr
96307CSTM ABH LOCAL06.2007.5101.31hr
95201CSTM BUD FAST06.2707.2901.02hr
95103CSTM KJT FAST06.5007.5301.03hr
96309CSTM ABH LOCAL06.5208.2401.32hr
95203CSTM BUD FAST07.0508.1101.06hr
95001CSTM KHPI FAST07.3008.3401.04hr
95205CSTM BUD FAST07.5809.0301.05hr
95105CSTM KJT FAST08.1609.2101.05hr
95303CSTM ABH FAST08.4709.5301.06hr
95207CSTM BUD FAST08.5409.5801.04hr
95107CSTM KJT FAST09.0110.0401.03hr
95209CSTM BUD FAST09.1510.1901.04hr
95305CSTM ABH FAST09.2210.2501.03hr
95211CSTM BUD FAST09.2910.3201.03hr
95109CSTM KJT FAST09.3810.4101.03hr
95213CSTM BUD FAST09.4410.4801.04hr
95307CSTM ABH FAST09.5310.5601.03hr
95215CSTM BUD FAST10.0511.1001.05hr
95309CSTM ABH FAST10.1011.1401.04hr
95217CSTM BUD FAST10.2511.3101.06hr
95311CSTM ABH FAST10.2911.3601.07hr
95111CSTM KJT FAST10.3611.4301.07hr
95219CSTM BUD FAST10.4811.5101.03hr
95313CSTM ABH FAST10.5311.5501.02hr
95113CSTM KJT FAST11.1512.1801.03hr
95315CSTM ABH FAST11.2212.2801.06hr
96311CSTM ABH LOCAL11.4013.1601.36hr
95221CSTM BUD FAST11.5012.5401.04hr
96313CSTM ABH LOCAL11.5913.3101.32hr
95003CSTM KHPI FAST12.2013.2601.06hr
96315CSTM ABH LOCAL12.3614.0701.31hr
96317CSTM ABH LOCAL12.5414.2901.35hr
95115CSTM KJT FAST13.1314.1801.05hr
96319CSTM ABH LOCAL13.1614.4901.33hr
95117CSTM KJT FAST13.4014.4301.03hr
96321CSTM ABH LOCAL13.5015.2101.31hr
95223CSTM BUD FAST13.5314.5801.05hr
95225CSTM BUD FAST14.0815.1301.05hr
96205CSTM BUD LOCAL14.1715.4701.30hr
96323CSTM ABH LOCAL14.3416.0501.31hr
96325CSTM ABH LOCAL14.5216.2301.31hr
95119CSTM KJT FAST14.5415.5701.03hr
95005CSTM KHPI FAST15.2216.2401.02hr
95121CSTM KJT FAST15.5316.5601.03hr
95317CSTM ABH FAST16.0317.0901.06hr
96329CSTM ABH LOCAL16.1317.4401.31hr
95123CSTM KJT FAST16.3017.3401.04hr
95229CSTM BUD FAST16.4517.4901.04hr
95319CSTM ABH FAST17.0018.1301.13hr
95231CSTM BUD FAST17.2518.3201.07hr
95007CSTM KHPI FAST17.3318.4001.07hr
95321CSTM ABH FAST17.4518.5001.05hr
95233CSTM BUD FAST17.5919.0501.06hr
95323CSTM ABH FAST18.0619.1001.04hr
95125CSTM KJT FAST18.2119.2501.04hr
95325CSTM ABH FAST18.2819.3501.07hr
95235CSTM BUD FAST18.3919.4501.06hr
95327CSTM ABH FAST18.5320.0001.07hr
95127CSTM KJT FAST18.5720.0501.08hr
95237CSTM BUD FAST19.1420.1601.02hr
95239CSTM BUD FAST19.2320.2801.05hr
96213CSTM BUD LOCAL19.3221.0601.34hr
95331CSTM ABH FAST19.4220.4801.06hr
95129CSTM KJT FAST19.5020.5601.06hr
96215CSTM BUD LOCAL19.5521.2701.32hr
96333CSTM ABH LOCAL20.1321.4501.32hr
96335CSTM ABH LOCAL20.4022.1401.34hr
95009CSTM KHPI FAST20.4621.5101.05hr
96219CSTM BUD LOCAL21.0822.3901.31hr
95131CSTM KJT FAST21.2622.3201.06hr
96221CSTM BUD LOCAL21.2823.0001.32hr
96337CSTM ABH LOCAL21.4023.1201.32hr
96223CSTM BUD LOCAL21.4823.2001.32hr
95011CSTM KHPI FAST21.5823.0501.07hr
96019CSTM KHPI LOCAL22.2800.0101.33hr
95241CSTM BUD FAST22.2923.3601.07hr
96225CSTM BUD LOCAL22.4300.1501.32hr
96341CSTM ABH LOCAL23.0800.3901.31hr
95013CSTM KHPI FAST23.1800.2201.04hr
96119CSTM KJT LOCAL23.3001.0101.31hr
96343CSTM ABH LOCAL23.5201.2301.31hr
from Thane to Vithalwadi
96103TNA KJT LOCAL05.0005.3700.37hr
96105TNA KJT LOCAL05.2806.0500.37hr
96111TNA KJT LOCAL10.4811.2600.38hr
96113TNA KJT LOCAL12.0512.4300.38hr
96203TNA BUD LOCAL13.0613.4300.37hr
96207TNA BUD LOCAL16.0016.3700.37hr
96327TNA ABH LOCAL16.5017.2700.37hr
96115TNA KJT LOCAL17.4818.2700.39hr
96209TNA BUD LOCAL18.5119.3000.39hr
96211TNA BUD LOCAL19.4320.2200.39hr
96117TNA KJT LOCAL20.0320.4300.40hr
96331TNA ABH LOCAL20.3121.1000.39hr
96217TNA BUD LOCAL21.3222.1000.38hr
from Kalyan Jn to Vithalwadi
96201VVH BUD LOCAL06.2306.2700.04hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Mumbai Central and Vithalwadi?
    There are 108 trains beween Mumbai Central and Vithalwadi.
  2. When does the first train leave from Mumbai Central?
    The first train from Mumbai Central to Vithalwadi is Mumbai Cst Ambarnath LOCAL (96301) departs at 00.05 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Mumbai Central?
    The first train from Mumbai Central to Vithalwadi is Mumbai Cst Ambarnath LOCAL (96343) departs at 23.52 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Vithalwadi and its timing?
    The fastest train from Mumbai Central to Vithalwadi is Vidyavihar Badlapur LOCAL (96201) departs at 06.23 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 3km in 00.04 hrs.