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Naigaon (NIG) to Churchgate (CCG) Trains

from Naigaon to Churchgate
91182VIRAR CCG LOCAL00.2001.4501.25hr
90006VIRAR CCG LOCAL03.4005.0401.24hr
90022VIRAR CCG LOCAL04.0805.3701.29hr
90042VIRAR CCG LOCAL04.3806.0301.25hr
90050NSP CCG S FAST04.5306.0901.16hr
90056VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST05.0106.1201.11hr
92004VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST05.1306.1801.05hr
90070VIRAR CCG FAST05.2806.3701.09hr
90074VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST05.3306.4701.14hr
92008VIRAR CCG FAST05.4406.5101.07hr
90092VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST06.0107.0801.07hr
90102VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST06.0807.2001.12hr
90124VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST06.2107.3101.10hr
90144NSP CCG LOCAL06.4308.1101.28hr
92010VIRAR CCG FAST06.4807.5501.07hr
90156VR CCG LOCAL06.5708.2201.25hr
90158VR CCG LOCAL07.0108.2501.24hr
90166VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST07.0808.1101.03hr
90184BSR CCG SEMI FAST07.2208.3001.08hr
90190VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST07.2608.3701.11hr
90216VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST07.4708.5601.09hr
90222VIRAR CCG LADIES SPL07.5109.1701.26hr
90226VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST07.5609.0501.09hr
90252VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST08.1409.2401.10hr
90262BSR CCG SEMI FAST08.2309.3301.10hr
92014VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST08.2709.3601.09hr
90284VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST08.4009.4901.09hr
90288VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST08.4509.5201.07hr
90298BSR CCG SEMI FAST08.5110.0201.11hr
90300VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST08.5510.0601.11hr
90320VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST09.0910.2001.11hr
90338VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST09.2510.3201.07hr
90352VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST09.3310.4601.13hr
90372VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST09.5011.0001.10hr
90390BSR CCG SEMI FAST10.0111.0901.08hr
90402VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST10.1011.1701.07hr
90404VR CCG FAST10.1611.2601.10hr
90424VIRAR CCG FAST10.3011.3601.06hr
94004VIRAR CCG A/C SEMI FAST10.3711.4601.09hr
90442VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST10.5412.0601.12hr
90456VIRAR CCG S FAST11.0812.1701.09hr
90462VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST11.1712.2601.09hr
90468VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST11.2312.3101.08hr
92024VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST11.2612.3401.08hr
90480VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST11.3812.5101.13hr
92026VIRAR CCG FAST11.5413.0001.06hr
90508VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST12.0913.1601.07hr
90514VIRAR CCG FAST12.1413.2001.06hr
90530VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST12.3413.4001.06hr
90540VIRAR CCG LOCAL12.4114.1001.29hr
90548VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST12.5714.0501.08hr
90556VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST13.0314.1201.09hr
90564VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST13.1214.2001.08hr
90572VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST13.2114.3001.09hr
94006VIRAR CCG A/C FAST13.3314.4401.11hr
90590VIRAR CCG S FAST13.4014.5001.10hr
90596VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST13.4514.5401.09hr
90608VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST13.5715.0501.08hr
90616VIRAR CCG FAST14.0515.1401.09hr
90624VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST14.1515.2401.09hr
90632VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST14.2515.3401.09hr
90646VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST14.3915.4201.03hr
92034VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST14.5816.0701.09hr
90670VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST15.1116.1801.07hr
90684VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST15.2816.3601.08hr
90688BSR CCG FAST15.3116.3901.08hr
90702VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST15.4016.4701.07hr
90714VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST15.5617.0401.08hr
90718VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST15.5917.0701.08hr
90742VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST16.2317.3001.07hr
94008VIRAR CCG A/C FAST16.3817.4201.04hr
90772VIRAR CCG FAST16.4717.5901.12hr
90770BSR CCG LOCAL16.4818.1301.25hr
90806VR CCG FAST17.1418.1901.05hr
90808VIRAR CCG FAST17.1718.2501.08hr
90820VIRAR CCG FAST17.3018.3601.06hr
90834VIRAR CCG FAST17.4018.4501.05hr
90840VIRAR CCG FAST17.4418.4801.04hr
90844VIRAR CCG FAST17.4518.5601.11hr
90852VIRAR CCG FAST17.5919.0501.06hr
92044VIRAR CCG FAST18.1019.1401.04hr
90882VIRAR CCG LOCAL18.2019.4801.28hr
90890VIRAR CCG FAST18.2819.3301.05hr
90908VIRAR CCG FAST18.4219.4901.07hr
90914VIRAR CCG FAST18.4719.5201.05hr
92046VR CCG FAST19.0320.1001.07hr
90948VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST19.2320.3001.07hr
90974VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST19.4520.5601.11hr
90988VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST19.5821.0801.10hr
91004VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST20.1221.2101.09hr
91020VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST20.3021.3601.06hr
91038BSR CCG SEMI FAST20.4621.5401.08hr
91042VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST20.5021.5701.07hr
91054VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST21.0722.1401.07hr
91058VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST21.1522.2101.06hr
91066VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST21.2322.3101.08hr
91080VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST21.3622.4401.08hr
94012VIRAR CCG A/C SEMI FAST21.4022.4801.08hr
91088VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST21.4522.5201.07hr
91090VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST21.4823.0401.16hr
91094VR CCG SEMI FAST21.5423.0801.14hr
91102VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST22.0423.1101.07hr
91110VIRAR CCG LOCAL22.1723.2001.03hr
91112VIRAR CCG S FAST22.2023.3201.12hr
91118VIRAR CCG S FAST22.2923.4301.14hr
91126VR CCG FAST22.4223.5201.10hr
91138VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST22.5600.0501.09hr
91150VIRAR CCG SEMI FAST23.0700.1501.08hr
91152VR CCG SEMI FAST23.1400.2801.14hr
91160VIRAR CCG S FAST23.3100.4301.12hr
91168VIRAR CCG S FAST23.5001.0301.13hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Naigaon and Churchgate?
    There are 111 trains beween Naigaon and Churchgate.
  2. When does the first train leave from Naigaon?
    The first train from Naigaon to Churchgate is Virar Churchgate VIRAR LOCAL (91182) departs at 00.20 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Naigaon?
    The first train from Naigaon to Churchgate is Virar Churchgate VIRAR SEMI FAST (91168) departs at 23.50 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Churchgate and its timing?
    The fastest train from Naigaon to Churchgate is Virar Churchgate VIRAR SEMI FAST (90166) departs at 07.08 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 48km in 01.03 hrs.