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Panvel (PNVL) to Thane (TNA) Trains

from Panvel to Thane
01002SWV CSMT SPL02.0002.4000.40hr
01008SWV CSMT SPL02.0002.4000.40hr
01038PERN LTT SPL03.1004.1801.08hr
01040ZARP LTT SPL03.1004.1801.08hr
10112KONKAN KANYA EXP04.1004.5200.42hr
99002PNVL TNA LOCAL04.3305.2500.52hr
11004TUTARI EXPRESS04.5005.4200.52hr
99004PNVL TNA LOCAL04.5305.4500.52hr
12620MATSYAGANDA EXP05.1505.5300.38hr
99006PNVL TNA LOCAL05.2106.1300.52hr
99008PNVL TNA LOCAL05.4406.3600.52hr
17317LOKAMANYA TT EXP05.5006.3300.43hr
99010PNVL TNA LOCAL06.1707.0900.52hr
22114KCVL LTT SF EXP06.2507.1800.53hr
99012PNVL TNA LOCAL06.3707.2900.52hr
99014PNVL TNA LOCAL07.0107.5300.52hr
99016PNVL TNA LOCAL07.1908.1200.53hr
99018PNVL TNA LOCAL07.4308.3600.53hr
99020PNVL TNA LOCAL08.0408.5600.52hr
99074PNVL TNA LOCAL08.1509.0800.53hr
12134MUMBAI EXP08.3009.2700.57hr
99022PNVL TNA LADIES LOCAL09.0109.5300.52hr
99024PNVL TNA LOCAL09.4810.4000.52hr
12126PRAGATI EXPRESS09.5510.2800.33hr
99072PNVL TNA LOCAL10.1211.0500.53hr
01036SWV CSMT SPL10.2011.1500.55hr
99026PNVL TNA LOCAL10.4111.3300.52hr
99028PNVL TNA LOCAL11.0211.5500.53hr
99030PNVL TNA LOCAL12.1913.1200.53hr
50104RN DADAR PASS12.2013.2701.07hr
99032PNVL TNA LOCAL13.0413.5600.52hr
12202LTT GARIB RATH13.4014.2200.42hr
99034PNVL TNA LOCAL13.5714.5000.53hr
99036PNVL TNA LOCAL14.2415.1600.52hr
22630TEN DR EXPRESS15.0015.5300.53hr
99038PNVL TNA LOCAL15.0415.5600.52hr
17321UBL LTT EXP15.2516.1300.48hr
99040PNVL TNA LOCAL15.3616.2800.52hr
99042PNVL TNA LOCAL15.5316.4500.52hr
99044PNVL TNA LOCAL16.1417.0800.54hr
16346NETRAVATHI EXP16.2017.0200.42hr
99046PNVL TNA LOCAL16.2617.2000.54hr
01096SWV LTT SPECIAL16.5517.3700.42hr
01104SWV LTT SPECIAL16.5517.3700.42hr
11086LTT DOUBLEDECKER17.0017.4000.40hr
99048PNVL TNA LOCAL17.1218.0600.54hr
99050PNVL TNA LADIES LOCAL17.3718.2900.52hr
99052PNVL TNA LOCAL17.5718.4900.52hr
22120TEJAS EXPRESS18.0718.4800.41hr
99054PNVL TNA LADIES LOCAL18.2119.1300.52hr
99056PNVL TNA LOCAL19.0119.5300.52hr
99070PNVL TNA LOCAL19.1820.1100.53hr
10104MANDOVI EXPRESS19.3020.3801.08hr
99058PNVL TNA LOCAL19.3120.2300.52hr
01014SWV CSMT SPL20.1521.5501.40hr
99060PNVL TNA LOCAL20.1921.1100.52hr
99062PNVL TNA LOCAL20.5221.4600.54hr
99064PNVL TNA LOCAL21.2022.1200.52hr
12052JAN SHATABDI EX21.5022.3300.43hr
99066PNVL TNA LOCAL22.1123.0300.52hr
22116KRMI LTT AC SUP23.1023.5200.42hr
01188LTT DOUBLE DECKR23.1023.5000.40hr
99068PNVL TNA LOCAL23.1800.1000.52hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Panvel and Thane?
    There are 63 trains beween Panvel and Thane.
  2. When does the first train leave from Panvel?
    The first train from Panvel to Thane is SWV CSMT SPL (01002) departs at 02.00 and train runs on M Tu W Th Sa Su.
  3. When does the last train leave from Panvel?
    The first train from Panvel to Thane is Panvel Thane LOCAL (99068) departs at 23.18 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Thane and its timing?
    The fastest train from Panvel to Thane is Pune Jn Mumbai Cst PRAGATI EXPRESS (12126) departs at 09.55 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 35km in 00.33 hrs.