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Raipur Jn (R) to Usalapur (USL) Trains

from Raipur Jn
15232GONDIA BJU EXP00.11Usalapur02.1001.59hr
12251WAINGANGA EXP00.25Bilaspur Jn02.1501.50hr
22939HAPA BSP EXPRESS02.35Bilaspur Jn04.4002.05hr
18240NGP BILASPUR EX05.00Bilaspur Jn07.0002.00hr
58112ITR TATA PASSGN05.30Bilaspur Jn08.2502.55hr
22885ANTYODAYA EXP05.40Bilaspur Jn07.2001.40hr
20821SRC HUMSAFAR05.40Bilaspur Jn07.2001.40hr
12869CSMT HOWRAH EXP06.05Bilaspur Jn07.4501.40hr
19317PURI HUMSAFAR EX06.05Bilaspur Jn07.5001.45hr
12767NED SRC SUP EXP06.05Bilaspur Jn07.4501.40hr
22893SNSI HWH SUP EXP06.05Bilaspur Jn07.4501.40hr
22511KARMABHOOMI EXP06.05Bilaspur Jn07.5501.50hr
22845PUNE HATIA SUP06.45Bilaspur Jn08.4001.55hr
18518VSKP KRBA EXPRES06.50Bilaspur Jn08.5502.05hr
13426ST MALDA TOWN EX07.05Bilaspur Jn09.1002.05hr
68728R BSP MEMU07.15Bilaspur Jn09.2502.10hr
22867HUMSAFAR EXP07.50Bilaspur Jn09.4001.50hr
22895DURG FZR ANTYODAYA EXP07.50Bilaspur Jn09.4001.50hr
13287SOUTH BIHAR EXP08.20Bilaspur Jn10.1001.50hr
58118G JSG PASS09.27Bilaspur Jn12.3003.03hr
18215DURG JAT EXPRESS09.40Usalapur11.4502.05hr
18238CHHATISGARH EXP09.55Bilaspur Jn12.1502.20hr
12442BILASPUR RJDHNI10.15Bilaspur Jn12.0001.45hr
18244BGKT BSP EXP10.40Bilaspur Jn12.4502.05hr
18246BKN BSP EXP10.40Bilaspur Jn12.4502.05hr
12856BSP INTERCITY11.40Bilaspur Jn13.4502.05hr
12536LJN GARIBRATH12.20Usalapur14.2002.00hr
12823C G SMPRK KRNTI12.40Bilaspur Jn14.3001.50hr
07005HYB RXL SPL12.40Bilaspur Jn14.3001.50hr
07007SC DBG SPL12.40Bilaspur Jn14.3001.50hr
07009SC BJU SPL12.40Bilaspur Jn14.3001.50hr
12549DURG JAT SF EXP12.40Bilaspur Jn14.3001.50hr
68746R GAD MEMU13.55Bilaspur Jn17.0003.05hr
12410GONDWANA EXPRES14.15Bilaspur Jn16.4502.30hr
12850PA BILASPUR EXP14.15Bilaspur Jn16.5002.35hr
12101JNANESWARI DELX14.30Bilaspur Jn16.1001.40hr
12905PBR HOWRAH EXP14.30Bilaspur Jn16.1001.40hr
22905OKHA HOWRAH EXP14.30Bilaspur Jn16.1001.40hr
12129AZAD HIND EXP14.52Bilaspur Jn16.3001.38hr
68706DGG BSP MEMU15.15Bilaspur Jn18.1503.00hr
17482TPTY BSP EXP15.30Bilaspur Jn17.4002.10hr
12151SAMARSATA EXP15.40Bilaspur Jn17.2501.45hr
12949KAVIGURU EXPRESS15.40Bilaspur Jn17.2501.45hr
12809HOWRAH MAIL16.10Bilaspur Jn17.5501.45hr
18573VSKP BGKT EXP16.50Usalapur19.0002.10hr
18207DURG AII EXP16.55Usalapur19.0102.06hr
18213DURG JP EXP16.55Usalapur19.0002.05hr
12070JANSHATABDI EXP17.50Bilaspur Jn19.4001.50hr
58204R GAD PASS18.20Bilaspur Jn21.1002.50hr
12811HATIA EXPRESS18.35Bilaspur Jn20.1501.40hr
12852BILASPUR EXPRESS18.35Bilaspur Jn20.1501.40hr
12879LTT BBS SUP EXP18.35Bilaspur Jn20.1501.40hr
22865LTT PURI SUP EX18.35Bilaspur Jn20.1501.40hr
12853AMARKANTAK EXP19.02Bilaspur Jn20.5001.48hr
58202R BSP PASS19.25Bilaspur Jn22.3503.10hr
20814JU PURI EXPRESS19.40Bilaspur Jn21.3501.55hr
22816ERS BILASPUR EXP19.40Bilaspur Jn21.3501.55hr
22620TEN BILASPUR EX19.40Bilaspur Jn21.3501.55hr
18029LTT SHALIMAR EX19.50Bilaspur Jn22.0002.10hr
18201DURG NTV EXP20.30Usalapur22.3002.00hr
18203BETWA EXPRESS20.30Usalapur22.3002.00hr
18205DURG NTV EXP20.30Bilaspur Jn22.2001.50hr
15160SARNATH EXPRESS21.15Usalapur23.4602.31hr
18241DURG ABKP EX PAS21.50Usalapur00.0502.15hr
22648KORBA EXPRESS22.15Bilaspur Jn00.4002.25hr
12833HOWRAH EXPRESS23.05Bilaspur Jn00.5501.50hr
12859GITANJALI EXP23.35Bilaspur Jn01.1501.40hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Raipur Jn and Usalapur?
    There are 67 trains beween Raipur Jn and Usalapur.
  2. When does the first train leave from Raipur Jn?
    The first train from Raipur Jn to Usalapur is Gondia Jn Barauni Jn GONDIA EXPRESS (15232) departs at 00.11 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Raipur Jn?
    The first train from Raipur Jn to Usalapur is Mumbai Cst Howrah Jn GITANJALI EXPRESS (12859) departs at 23.35 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Usalapur and its timing?
    The fastest train from Raipur Jn to Usalapur is Pune Jn Howrah Jn AZAD HIND EXPRESS (12129) departs at 14.52 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 111km in 01.38 hrs.