from Ramgarh Cantt to Garwa Road Jn
18613RNC CPU EXP10.1514.2004.05hr
12873JHARKHAND S J EX16.1020.0803.58hr
18101TATA JAT EXP18.3523.1304.38hr
18309SBP JAT EXPRESS18.3523.3204.57hr
18311SBP BSB EXPRESS22.2503.3005.05hr
18611RNC BSB EXPRESS22.2503.3005.05hr
18631RNC GARIBNWAZ EX22.2503.3005.05hr
from Barka Kana to Garwa Road Jn
53525BRKA BSB PASS03.5010.0006.10hr
53357BRKA DOS PASS06.1512.1005.55hr
53343GMO CPU PASS08.5516.0207.07hr
13347PALAMOU EXPRESS18.1023.0504.55hr
12877RNC GARIB RATH19.0022.3003.30hr
12453RNC NDLS RAJ EXP19.3022.5003.20hr
19607AII WKLY EXP20.3500.0303.28hr
18009SRC AII EXPRESS20.3500.0303.28hr
19414KOAA ADI EXPRESS20.3523.5303.18hr
11448SHAKTIPUNJ EXP21.4501.1003.25hr

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