from Ranchi to Namkon
58662HTE TATA PASS04.4004.4900.09hr
18613RNC CPU EXP07.4507.5400.09hr
53062HATIA BWN PASS08.1508.2400.09hr
58026HTE KGP PASS09.2009.2900.09hr
63597RNC ASN MEMU12.3012.3800.08hr
68086RNC GBA PASS15.2215.3100.09hr
18309SBP JAT EXPRESS15.3515.4200.07hr
58034RNC BKSC PASS15.4515.5400.09hr
58142HTE TATA PASS18.3018.3600.06hr
18624HTE PNBE EXP19.3019.3900.09hr
18616KRIYA YOGA EXP21.4021.4900.09hr
18622PATLIPUTRA EXP22.2522.3200.07hr
from Gangaghat to Namkon
58143TATA HTE PASS09.0509.2400.19hr
63598ASN RNC MEMU10.1010.3400.24hr
58033BKSC RNC PASS11.1611.3600.20hr
58661TATA HTE PASS16.3517.0100.26hr
53061BWN HTE PASS17.0017.2400.24hr
58025KGP HTE PASS18.0018.2400.24hr

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