from Rasulpur to Nimo H
37786BWN BDC LOCAL03.5403.5600.02hr
37814BWN HWH LOCAL04.2304.2600.03hr
37816BWN HWH LOCAL05.2305.2600.03hr
37818BWN HWH LOCAL06.0006.0300.03hr
37820BWN HWH LOCAL06.3606.3800.02hr
37782BWN BDC LOCAL07.0307.0500.02hr
37824BWN HWH LOCAL07.1807.2100.03hr
37826BWN HWH LOCAL07.5607.5900.03hr
37828BWN HWH LOCAL08.4108.4400.03hr
37830BWN HWH LOCAL09.0409.0700.03hr
37832BWN HWH LOCAL10.2710.3000.03hr
37834BWN HWH LOCAL11.4011.4300.03hr
37836BWN HWH LOCAL12.4312.4600.03hr
37838BWN HWH LOCAL13.5814.0100.03hr
31152BWN SDAH LOCAL14.5815.0100.03hr
37840BWN HWH LOCAL15.3315.3600.03hr
37842BWN HWH LOCAL16.4816.5100.03hr
37848BWN HWH LOCAL18.1818.2100.03hr
37850BWN HWH LOCAL18.5819.0100.03hr
37852BWN HWH LOCAL20.1320.1600.03hr
37854BWN HWH LOCAL20.5821.0100.03hr
37784BWN BDC LOCAL21.1821.2100.03hr
63502BWN HWH LOCAL22.1622.1900.03hr
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