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Samastipur Jn (SPJ) to Muzaffarpur Jn (MFP) Trains

from Samastipur Jn to Muzaffarpur Jn
12521RAPTI SAGAR EXP00.0200.5000.48hr
15047PURBANCHAL EXP00.3001.2500.55hr
15051KOAA GKP EXP00.3001.2500.55hr
15227MUZAFFARPUR EXP02.2004.0001.40hr
13021MITHILA EXPRESS03.2004.5501.35hr
15707KIR ASR EXPRESS04.0505.3001.25hr
75207SPJ MFP DMU04.4511.0006.15hr
15653AMARNATH EXPRESS05.4006.5501.15hr
12491MOUR DHWAJ EXP06.0006.5500.55hr
15097AMARNATH EXP06.0006.5500.55hr
19166SABARMATI EXP06.0006.5500.55hr
14523HARIHARNATH EXP06.2007.2001.00hr
15531SHC ASR JANSADHARAN06.2007.2001.00hr
55227SPJ MFP PASS06.3207.5001.18hr
15027MAURYA EXP06.5008.0501.15hr
13157TIRHUT EXPRESS07.4509.1501.30hr
13019BAGH EXPRESS09.0010.0001.00hr
15549JYG PNBE INT EXP09.3010.5001.20hr
12565BIHAR S KRANTI09.4510.3500.50hr
12553VAISHALI EXP10.3011.1500.45hr
14649SARYU YAMUNA EXP10.5011.5501.05hr
14673SHAHEED EXPRESS10.5011.5501.05hr
15231BJU GONDIA EXP11.0312.1001.07hr
18181TATA CPR EXP11.1712.3501.18hr
15903DBRG CDG EXPRESS12.0012.5000.50hr
19710KYQ JP KAVIGURU12.0012.5000.50hr
15705CHAMPARAN HUMSFR12.2013.2001.00hr
55239SPJ MFP PASS14.1516.2502.10hr
11062DBG LTT EXPRESS14.4515.4501.00hr
12523NJP NDLS EXPRESS15.2516.1000.45hr
12407KARMABHOOMI EXP15.2516.1000.45hr
19602NJP UDZ EXPRESS15.2516.1000.45hr
15909ABADH ASSAM EXP15.4516.4000.55hr
55021SPJ SV PASS16.0017.2501.25hr
12561SWATANTRA S EXP16.5017.4500.55hr
11034DBG PUNE EXP18.1519.0500.50hr
12203GARIB RATH EXP18.1519.0500.50hr
15559DBG ADI JANSADHARAN18.1519.0500.50hr
15529SHC ANVT JANSADHARAN18.3019.3001.00hr
12235DBRG NDLS RAJEXP18.4519.3000.45hr
20503DBRG NDLS RAJEXP18.4519.3000.45hr
15211JANNAYAK EXP18.5820.1501.17hr
13419JANASEWA EXPRES19.1520.4001.25hr
75211SPJ SEE DMU19.3020.5501.25hr
11123BJU GWL MAIL19.5021.3001.40hr
14603JANSADHARAN EXP20.2021.1000.50hr
15271JANSADHARAN EXP21.2022.5001.30hr
15203BJU LJN EXP21.4022.3500.55hr
13509ASN GD EXPRESS22.3023.2000.50hr
13507ASN GKP EXPRESS22.3023.2000.50hr
53131SDAH MFP FAST PGR22.5000.1501.25hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Samastipur Jn and Muzaffarpur Jn?
    There are 51 trains beween Samastipur Jn and Muzaffarpur Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from Samastipur Jn?
    The first train from Samastipur Jn to Muzaffarpur Jn is BARAUNI JN ERNAKULAM JN RAPTISAGAR EXPRESS (12521) departs at 00.02 and train runs on Tu.
  3. When does the last train leave from Samastipur Jn?
    The first train from Samastipur Jn to Muzaffarpur Jn is Sealdah Muzaffarpur Jn FAST PASSENGER (53131) departs at 22.50 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Muzaffarpur Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from Samastipur Jn to Muzaffarpur Jn is Barauni Jn New Delhi VAISHALI EXPRESS (12553) departs at 10.30 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 52km in 00.45 hrs.