from Sambalpur to Rengali
13352DHANBAD EXPRESS01.5002.2000.30hr
18452TAPASWINI EXPRES04.2004.4300.23hr
68034SBP JSG PASS07.3008.0000.30hr
12872ISPAT EXPRESS08.2008.4800.28hr
68028SBP ROU MEMU11.1011.4200.32hr
18311SBP BSB EXPRESS13.1013.3300.23hr
58213TIG BSP PASS15.0515.4500.40hr
58132PURI ROU PASS16.0016.3000.30hr
18006KORAPUT HWH EXP17.5018.1500.25hr
68032SBP JSG PASS19.1519.4500.30hr
from Sambalpur City to Rengali
18118RAJYA RANI EXP04.3504.5500.20hr
22840BBS ROU SF INT E18.4219.0500.23hr

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