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Sealdah (SDAH) to Dhakuria F (DHK) Trains

from Sealdah to Dhakuria F
34712SDAH LKPR LOCAL04.0004.1100.11hr
34412SDAH SPR LOCAL04.1504.2600.11hr
34714SDAH LKPR LOCAL04.3004.4000.10hr
34814SDAH DH LOCAL04.4504.5600.11hr
34612SDAH BRP LOCAL05.0505.1500.10hr
34716SDAH LKPR LOCAL05.1205.2300.11hr
34816SDAH DH LOCAL05.2505.3500.10hr
34512SDAH CG LOCAL05.4505.5600.11hr
34718SDAH LKPR LOCAL05.5506.0600.11hr
34614SDAH BRP LOCAL06.0206.1200.10hr
34818SDAH DH LOCAL06.2006.3100.11hr
34514SDAH CG LOCAL06.3006.4100.11hr
34616SDAH BRP LOCAL06.4006.5100.11hr
34820SDAH DH LOCAL06.5507.0600.11hr
34618SDAH BRP LOCAL07.0807.1900.11hr
34720SDAH LKPR LOCAL07.1407.2500.11hr
34620SDAH BRP LOCAL07.3007.4000.10hr
34516SDAH CG LOCAL07.4207.5300.11hr
34824SDAH DH LOCAL07.5008.0100.11hr
34622SDAH BRP LOCAL08.0008.1100.11hr
34722SDAH LKPR LOCAL08.1508.2600.11hr
34414SDAH SPR LOCAL08.2008.3100.11hr
34518SDAH CG LOCAL08.2808.3900.11hr
34416SDAH SPR LOCAL08.4008.5100.11hr
34624SDAH BRP LOCAL08.5009.0100.11hr
34826SDAH DH LOCAL08.5709.0800.11hr
34520SDAH CG LOCAL09.1009.2100.11hr
34724SDAH LKPR LOCAL09.1609.2700.11hr
34418SDAH SPR LOCAL09.3009.4100.11hr
34626SDAH BRP LOCAL09.4009.5100.11hr
34420SDAH SPR LOCAL09.5010.0100.11hr
34828SDAH DH LOCAL09.5710.0800.11hr
34628SDAH BRP LOCAL10.1210.2300.11hr
34522SDAH CG LOCAL10.2410.3500.11hr
34422SDAH SPR LOCAL10.3010.4100.11hr
34830SDAH DH LOCAL10.3810.4900.11hr
34424SDAH SPR LOCAL10.4510.5600.11hr
34426SDAH SPR LOCAL10.5511.0600.11hr
34726SDAH LKPR LOCAL11.0211.1300.11hr
34428SDAH SPR LOCAL11.0811.1900.11hr
34630SDAH BRP LOCAL11.1511.2600.11hr
34524SDAH CG LOCAL11.2511.3600.11hr
34832SDAH DH LOCAL11.4211.5300.11hr
34728SDAH LKPR LOCAL11.5012.0100.11hr
34526SDAH CG LOCAL12.1012.2100.11hr
34632SDAH BRP LOCAL12.2512.3600.11hr
34834SDAH DH LOCAL12.3512.4600.11hr
34730SDAH LKPR LOCAL12.5013.0100.11hr
34792SDAH NMKA LOCAL13.2013.3100.11hr
34836SDAH DH LOCAL13.2613.3700.11hr
34634SDAH BRP LOCAL13.3213.4300.11hr
34528SDAH CG LOCAL13.4013.5100.11hr
34430SDAH SPR LOCAL13.4713.5800.11hr
34530SDAH CG LOCAL14.0214.1300.11hr
34838SDAH DH LOCAL14.1014.2100.11hr
34732SDAH LKPR LOCAL14.2014.3100.11hr
34532SDAH CG LOCAL14.4814.5900.11hr
34860SDAH DH LOCAL14.5515.0600.11hr
34636SDAH BRP LOCAL15.0215.1300.11hr
34734SDAH LKPR LOCAL15.1515.2600.11hr
34534SDAH CG LOCAL15.3315.4400.11hr
34840SDAH DH LOCAL15.4015.5100.11hr
34736SDAH LKPR LOCAL15.5016.0100.11hr
34638SDAH BRP LOCAL16.1816.2900.11hr
34536SDAH CG LOCAL16.3516.4600.11hr
34738SDAH LKPR LOCAL16.4816.5900.11hr
34842SDAH DH LOCAL16.5517.0600.11hr
34640SDAH BRP LOCAL17.0517.1600.11hr
34538SDAH CG LOCAL17.1517.2600.11hr
34432SDAH SPR LOCAL17.2017.3100.11hr
34740SDAH LKPR LOCAL17.2817.3900.11hr
34602SDAH BRP LADIES SPL17.3517.4600.11hr
34642SDAH BRP LOCAL17.4017.5200.12hr
34540SDAH CG LOCAL17.5218.0300.11hr
34844SDAH DH LOCAL18.0218.1300.11hr
34742SDAH LKPR LOCAL18.1518.2600.11hr
34502SDAH CG LADIES SPL18.2018.3100.11hr
34434SDAH SPR LOCAL18.3018.4300.13hr
34542SDAH CG LOCAL18.3818.4900.11hr
34846SDAH DH LOCAL18.4518.5600.11hr
34744SDAH LKPR LOCAL18.5719.0800.11hr
34898SDAH MGT LOCAL19.0519.1600.11hr
34644SDAH BRP LOCAL19.1819.2900.11hr
34544SDAH CG LOCAL19.3019.4100.11hr
34746SDAH LKPR LOCAL19.3519.4600.11hr
34848SDAH DH LOCAL19.4519.5600.11hr
34646SDAH BRP LOCAL20.0020.1100.11hr
34546SDAH CG LOCAL20.1020.2100.11hr
34850SDAH DH LOCAL20.2020.3100.11hr
34782SDAH KWDP LOCAL20.3020.4100.11hr
34648SDAH BRP LOCAL20.4020.5100.11hr
34548SDAH CG LOCAL20.4820.5900.11hr
34748SDAH LKPR LOCAL21.0021.1100.11hr
34852SDAH DH LOCAL21.1021.2100.11hr
34550SDAH CG LOCAL21.3621.4700.11hr
34750SDAH LKPR LOCAL21.4521.5600.11hr
34854SDAH DH LOCAL21.5522.0600.11hr
34752SDAH LKPR LOCAL22.2022.3100.11hr
34436SDAH SPR LOCAL22.2722.3700.10hr
34552SDAH CG LOCAL22.3522.4600.11hr
34856SDAH DH LOCAL22.4522.5600.11hr
34754SDAH LKPR LOCAL23.0523.1600.11hr
34554SDAH CG LOCAL23.1823.2900.11hr
34858SDAH DH LOCAL23.4223.5300.11hr
from Dum Dum to Dhakuria F
34062BNJ CG LOCAL12.3013.1000.40hr
from Sonarpur Jn to Dhakuria F
34811DH SDAH LOCAL04.0904.2600.17hr
34711LKPR SDAH LOCAL04.1804.3100.13hr
34411SPR SDAH LOCAL04.3004.4200.12hr
34511CG SDAH LOCAL04.3804.5000.12hr
34713LKPR SDAH LOCAL04.4704.5800.11hr
34813DH SDAH LOCAL05.0205.1400.12hr
34513CG SDAH LOCAL05.1505.2700.12hr
34715LKPR SDAH LOCAL05.2405.3600.12hr
34815DH SDAH LOCAL05.4105.5300.12hr
34717LKPR SDAH LOCAL05.4705.5900.12hr
34515CG SDAH LOCAL06.0106.1300.12hr
34817DH SDAH LOCAL06.3206.4400.12hr
34517CG SDAH LOCAL06.4306.5700.14hr
34719LKPR SDAH LOCAL06.5007.0300.13hr
34819DH SDAH LOCAL07.0207.1600.14hr
34413SPR SDAH LOCAL07.2007.3500.15hr
34721LKPR SDAH LOCAL07.3107.4500.14hr
34519CG SDAH LOCAL07.4007.5400.14hr
34821DH SDAH LOCAL07.5408.0800.14hr
34521CG SDAH LOCAL08.0208.1600.14hr
34723LKPR SDAH LOCAL08.1608.3000.14hr
30511CHT MJT LOCAL08.2208.3800.16hr
34415SPR SDAH LOCAL08.4208.5600.14hr
34823DH SDAH LOCAL08.4809.0300.15hr
34523CG SDAH LOCAL08.5409.1000.16hr
34725LKPR SDAH LOCAL09.0309.1700.14hr
34501CG SDAH LADIES SPL09.1609.3000.14hr
34417SPR SDAH LOCAL09.2209.3700.15hr
34825DH SDAH LOCAL09.3009.4400.14hr
34727LKPR SDAH LOCAL09.4209.5800.16hr
34525CG SDAH LOCAL09.4810.0300.15hr
34419SPR SDAH LOCAL10.1110.2800.17hr
34827DH SDAH LOCAL10.1810.3500.17hr
34729LKPR SDAH LOCAL10.3010.4400.14hr
34527CG SDAH LOCAL10.4711.0100.14hr
34831DH SDAH LOCAL11.1011.2400.14hr
34529CG SDAH LOCAL11.3111.4500.14hr
34731LKPR SDAH LOCAL11.3711.5500.18hr
34833DH SDAH LOCAL12.0612.2000.14hr
34733LKPR SDAH LOCAL12.4312.5600.13hr
34531CG SDAH LOCAL12.5013.0400.14hr
34835DH SDAH LOCAL13.0513.1900.14hr
34837DH SDAH LOCAL13.5314.0700.14hr
34533CG SDAH LOCAL14.0114.1900.18hr
34735LKPR SDAH LOCAL14.1514.2900.14hr
34421SPR SDAH LOCAL14.3514.4900.14hr
34535CG SDAH LOCAL14.4314.5700.14hr
34737LKPR SDAH LOCAL15.0315.1700.14hr
33061CG BT LOCAL15.1415.2800.14hr
34839DH SDAH LOCAL15.2315.4100.18hr
30711LKPR MJT LOCAL15.3915.5300.14hr
34537CG SDAH LOCAL15.4916.0300.14hr
34841DH SDAH LOCAL15.5616.1100.15hr
34423SPR SDAH LOCAL16.0516.1900.14hr
34739LKPR SDAH LOCAL16.1216.2600.14hr
34539CG SDAH LOCAL16.2816.4400.16hr
34843DH SDAH LOCAL16.4316.5700.14hr
34541CG SDAH LOCAL16.5717.1100.14hr
34425SPR SDAH LOCAL17.0517.1900.14hr
34845DH SDAH LOCAL17.1017.2400.14hr
34741LKPR SDAH LOCAL17.3017.4400.14hr
34427SPR SDAH LOCAL17.4017.5400.14hr
34543CG SDAH LOCAL17.5218.0900.17hr
34859DH SDAH LOCAL17.5818.1300.15hr
34429SPR SDAH LOCAL18.0418.1800.14hr
34743LKPR SDAH LOCAL18.1918.3300.14hr
34847DH SDAH LOCAL18.3318.4900.16hr
34793NMKA SDAH LOCAL18.4318.5700.14hr
34545CG SDAH LOCAL19.0119.1500.14hr
34745LKPR SDAH LOCAL19.1119.2500.14hr
34431SPR SDAH LOCAL19.1719.3100.14hr
34547CG SDAH LOCAL19.2719.4100.14hr
34747LKPR SDAH LOCAL19.4319.5700.14hr
34549CG SDAH LOCAL20.0120.1500.14hr
34849DH SDAH LOCAL20.1120.2500.14hr
34749LKPR SDAH LOCAL20.3920.5300.14hr
34551CG SDAH LOCAL20.4520.5900.14hr
34851DH SDAH LOCAL21.1121.2400.13hr
34751LKPR SDAH LOCAL21.1921.3300.14hr
34899MGT SDAH LOCAL21.3721.5000.13hr
34553CG SDAH LOCAL21.4822.0200.14hr
34753LKPR SDAH LOCAL21.5522.0900.14hr
34853DH SDAH LOCAL22.0522.2100.16hr
34555CG SDAH LOCAL22.1522.2900.14hr
34855DH SDAH LOCAL22.4422.5800.14hr
34755LKPR SDAH LOCAL22.5523.0900.14hr
34557CG SDAH LOCAL23.0223.1600.14hr
34857DH SDAH LOCAL23.1823.2900.11hr
34757LKPR SDAH LOCAL23.2823.4000.12hr
from Ballygunge Jn to Dhakuria F
30712MJT LKPR LOCAL10.1210.1300.01hr
30552MJT GOF LOCAL19.5819.5900.01hr
from Baruipur Jn to Dhakuria F
34611BRP SDAH LOCAL06.1306.3900.26hr
34613BRP SDAH LOCAL06.5807.2500.27hr
34615BRP SDAH LOCAL07.3508.0100.26hr
34617BRP SDAH LOCAL07.5808.2400.26hr
34619BRP SDAH LOCAL08.2208.4800.26hr
34621BRP SDAH LOCAL08.5809.2600.28hr
34623BRP SDAH LOCAL09.2409.5100.27hr
34601BRP SDAH LADIES SPL09.4210.0900.27hr
34625BRP SDAH LOCAL09.5010.1900.29hr
34627BRP SDAH LOCAL10.4011.0900.29hr
34629BRP SDAH LOCAL11.0811.3400.26hr
34631BRP SDAH LOCAL12.1012.3600.26hr
34633BRP SDAH LOCAL13.1813.4400.26hr
34635BRP SDAH LOCAL14.4015.0600.26hr
34637BRP SDAH LOCAL16.1016.3600.26hr
34639BRP SDAH LOCAL17.1017.3600.26hr
34641BRP SDAH LOCAL17.5818.2400.26hr
34643BRP SDAH LOCAL18.4219.0800.26hr
34645BRP SDAH LOCAL19.4320.0900.26hr
34647BRP SDAH LOCAL20.4021.0600.26hr
from Kolkata to Dhakuria F
30612KOAA BRP LOCAL17.1019.0101.51hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Sealdah and Dhakuria F?
    There are 217 trains beween Sealdah and Dhakuria F.
  2. When does the first train leave from Sealdah?
    The first train from Sealdah to Dhakuria F is Sealdah Lakshmikantapur LOCAL (34712) departs at 04.00 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Sealdah?
    The first train from Sealdah to Dhakuria F is Sealdah Diamond Harbour LOCAL (34858) departs at 23.42 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Dhakuria F and its timing?
    The fastest train from Sealdah to Dhakuria F is Majerhat Lakshmikantapur LOCAL (30712) departs at 10.12 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 1km in 00.01 hrs.