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Shakurbasti (SSB) to Itarsi Jn (ET) Trains

from Shakurbasti to Itarsi Jn
12138PUNJAB MAIL04.0818.3514.27hr
16032ANDAMAN EXPRESS12.3805.2516.47hr
16318HIMSAGAR EXP12.3803.3014.52hr
16688NAVYUG EXPRESS12.3805.2516.47hr
from New Delhi to Itarsi Jn
11078JHELUM EXPRESS10.1500.1514.00hr
12626KERALA EXPRESS11.2523.4512.20hr
12716ASR NED EXPRESS13.2001.4012.20hr
12616G T EXPRESS18.4007.1512.35hr
11058ASR CSTM EXP20.4513.1516.30hr
12628KARNATAKA EXP21.1508.2011.05hr
12622TAMIL NADU EXP22.3009.4011.10hr
12486SGNR NED EXPRESS23.4512.3512.50hr
22404NDLS PDY EXP23.4513.0013.15hr
12422ASR NED SF EXP23.4512.4012.55hr
22458UHL NED SF EXP23.4512.4012.55hr
22456KLK SNSI SF EXP23.5512.3012.35hr
from Hazrat Nizamuddin to Itarsi Jn
18238CHHATISGARH EXP04.3021.0516.35hr
12148NZM KOP EXP05.5018.5013.00hr
12644SWARNA JAYANTI05.5018.5013.00hr
12646ERS MILLENUM EX05.5018.5013.00hr
12782SWARNA JAYANTHI05.5018.5013.00hr
12804VSKP SWRN J EXP05.5018.5013.00hr
02486NZM NED SPL05.5019.0013.10hr
12642THIRUKKURAL EXP07.1019.3512.25hr
12648KONGU EXPRESS08.3520.5012.15hr
12808SAMTA EXPRESS08.3520.5012.15hr
12618MNGLA LKSDP EXP09.1521.3512.20hr
12191NZM JBP SUP EXP14.2002.5512.35hr
12780GOA EXPRESS15.0002.4511.45hr
12406GONDWANA EXPRESS15.2003.5012.30hr
12410GONDWANA EXPRES15.2003.5012.30hr
12722DAKSHIN EXPRESS23.0012.1013.10hr
from Delhi S Rohilla to Itarsi Jn
14624PATALKOT EXP12.2002.3014.10hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Shakurbasti and Itarsi Jn?
    There are 33 trains beween Shakurbasti and Itarsi Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from Shakurbasti?
    The first train from Shakurbasti to Itarsi Jn is Firozpur Cantt Jn Mumbai Cst PUNJAB MAIL (12138) departs at 04.08 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Shakurbasti?
    The first train from Shakurbasti to Itarsi Jn is Kalka Sainagar Shirdi SUPERFAST EXPRESS (22456) departs at 23.55 and train runs on Th Su.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Itarsi Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from Shakurbasti to Itarsi Jn is New Delhi Ksr Bengaluru KARNATAKA EXPRESS (12628) departs at 21.15 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 793km in 11.05 hrs.