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Udaipur City (UDZ) to Chittaurgarh (COR) Trains

from Udaipur City
12316ANANYA EXPRESS00.20Chittaurgarh02.1501.55hr
19601UDZ NJP EXP00.20Chittaurgarh02.1501.55hr
19328UDZ RATLAM EXP01.15Chittaurgarh03.4502.30hr
12991UDZ JP EXP06.00Chittaurgarh08.0002.00hr
59604UDZ AII PASS09.30Chittaurgarh12.2002.50hr
19609UDZ HW EXP13.05Chittaurgarh15.5002.45hr
59836UDZ NMH PASS14.15Chittaurgarh18.2004.05hr
09722UDZ JP SF T SPL15.05Chanderiya16.5801.53hr
12982CHETAK EXP17.15Chittaurgarh19.1001.55hr
12964MEWAR EXPRESS18.15Chittaurgarh20.2502.10hr
59606UDZ COR PAS19.30Chittaurgarh22.3503.05hr
19660UDZ SHM EXP20.00Chittaurgarh22.1002.10hr
19330VIRBHUMI COR EXP20.35Chittaurgarh22.5002.15hr
19667MYS HUMSAFAR EXP21.00Chittaurgarh23.1002.10hr
22902UDZ BDTS SUP21.00Chittaurgarh23.0502.05hr
12996UDZ BDTS SF EXP21.35Chittaurgarh23.3001.55hr
19666UDZ KURJ EXP22.20Chittaurgarh00.1001.50hr
22985RAJ HUMSAFAR EXP23.10Chanderiya01.3302.23hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Udaipur City and Chittaurgarh?
    There are 18 trains beween Udaipur City and Chittaurgarh.
  2. When does the first train leave from Udaipur City?
    The first train from Udaipur City to Chittaurgarh is Udaipur City Kolkata ANANYA EXPRESS (12316) departs at 00.20 and train runs on M.
  3. When does the last train leave from Udaipur City?
    The first train from Udaipur City to Chittaurgarh is RAJ HUMSAFAR EXP (22985) departs at 23.10 and train runs on Sa.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Chittaurgarh and its timing?
    The fastest train from Udaipur City to Chittaurgarh is UDAIPUR CITY KHAJURAHO EXPRESS (19666) departs at 22.20 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 119km in 01.50 hrs.