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Ulhasnagar (ULNR) to Kopar (KOPR) Trains

from Ulhasnagar to Kopar
96102KJT CSTM LOCAL03.1903.4300.24hr
96302ABH CSTM LOCAL03.5104.0900.18hr
96304ABH CSTM LOCAL04.1704.3600.19hr
96104KJT CSTM LOCAL04.2504.4600.21hr
96306ABH CSTM LOCAL05.0105.2100.20hr
96106KJT CSTM LOCAL05.1605.3600.20hr
96308ABH CSTM LOCAL05.2405.4300.19hr
96202BUD CSTM LOCAL05.5206.1200.20hr
96310ABH CSTM LOCAL06.1606.3500.19hr
96204BUD CSTM LOCAL06.2606.4700.21hr
96206BUD CSTM LOCAL06.5807.1600.18hr
96208BUD TNA LOCAL08.1008.2900.19hr
96210BUD CSTM LOCAL09.0609.2500.19hr
96212BUD CSTM LOCAL10.4011.0000.20hr
96312ABH CSTM LOCAL11.0411.2600.22hr
96214BUD CSTM LOCAL11.1411.3700.23hr
96314ABH CSTM LOCAL11.2311.4300.20hr
96216BUD CSTM LOCAL11.3611.5900.23hr
96218BUD CSTM LOCAL11.5412.1500.21hr
96316ABH CSTM LOCAL12.0912.2800.19hr
96220BUD CSTM LOCAL12.1312.3200.19hr
96318ABH CSTM LOCAL12.2512.4300.18hr
96222BUD CSTM LOCAL12.3512.5500.20hr
96320ABH CSTM LOCAL12.5713.1500.18hr
96108KJT TNA LOCAL13.0513.2300.18hr
96322ABH CSTM LOCAL13.4113.5900.18hr
96324ABH CSTM LOCAL14.0614.2700.21hr
96110KJT TNA LOCAL14.1114.3200.21hr
96326ABH CSTM LOCAL14.3014.4800.18hr
96328ABH CSTM LOCAL19.4420.0500.21hr
96224BUD CSTM LOCAL20.3720.5800.21hr
96330ABH CSTM LOCAL21.2121.4100.20hr
96332ABH CSTM LOCAL21.3921.5800.19hr
96226BUD CSTM LOCAL21.5022.0900.19hr
96334ABH CSTM LOCAL22.0722.2500.18hr
96228BUD CSTM LOCAL22.1122.2900.18hr
96112KJT CSTM LOCAL22.2722.4600.19hr
96230BUD TNA LOCAL22.5323.1100.18hr
96232BUD CLA LOCAL23.1723.3800.21hr
96020KHPI CSTM LOCAL23.2523.4500.20hr
96234BUD CSTM LOCAL23.4400.0300.19hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Ulhasnagar and Kopar?
    There are 41 trains beween Ulhasnagar and Kopar.
  2. When does the first train leave from Ulhasnagar?
    The first train from Ulhasnagar to Kopar is Karjat Mumbai Cst LOCAL (96102) departs at 03.19 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Ulhasnagar?
    The first train from Ulhasnagar to Kopar is Badlapur Mumbai Cst LOCAL (96234) departs at 23.44 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Kopar and its timing?
    The fastest train from Ulhasnagar to Kopar is Ambarnath Mumbai Cst LOCAL (96302) departs at 03.51 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 12km in 00.18 hrs.