from Umroli to Vasai Road
69164DRD PNVL MEMU05.5506.5801.03hr
93002DRD ADH LOCAL06.0907.0000.51hr
93006DRD CCG FAST LOCAL07.4408.4501.01hr
71001BOR BSR DEMU08.4209.4501.03hr
93008DRD BVI LOCAL08.5910.0001.01hr
93016DRD CCG FAST LOCAL13.1114.0400.53hr
93020DRD DDR LOCAL14.4415.4000.56hr
93022DRD DDR LOCAL15.4916.4700.58hr
93026DRD CCG FAST LOCAL18.0419.0000.56hr
93028DRD CCG FAST LOCAL19.3220.3401.02hr
93030DRD CCG LOCAL20.1421.0800.54hr
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Kumbh Mela 2019