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Varanasi City (BCY) to Aunrihar Jn (ARJ) Trains

from Varanasi City to Aunrihar Jn
55014BCY CPR PASS04.5005.4000.50hr
15104GKP INTERCITY05.5506.2300.28hr
55122MUV BTT PASS07.0507.4400.39hr
75104BCY PEP DEMU09.0009.4500.45hr
14008SADHBHAWNA EXP09.2609.5800.32hr
14016SADHBHAWNA EXP09.2609.5800.32hr
75106ALY MAU DMU09.5210.3600.44hr
14018SADBHAVNA EXP10.5011.2000.30hr
55120BCY GKP PASS11.2512.0500.40hr
55132BCY CPR PASS12.4513.2500.40hr
11039MAHARASHTRA EXP13.3314.0000.27hr
15017GORAKHPUR EXP13.3314.0000.27hr
75114BCY BTT DEMU13.5014.4400.54hr
11061DARBHANGA EXP14.1514.4600.31hr
55134BCY BUI PASS16.1016.5500.45hr
15160SARNATH EXPRESS16.4217.1000.28hr
15007BCY LJN EXPRESS17.0017.3300.33hr
75102BCY BUI DEMU17.4018.1700.37hr
55136BCY AMH PASS18.1018.5000.40hr
15112CPR INTERCITY18.3519.0300.28hr
11033DARBHANGA EXP20.1020.4500.35hr
75116PRG GCT DEMU22.0022.3900.39hr
55150BCY GKP PASS23.5500.4300.48hr
from Varanasi Jn to Aunrihar Jn
15054LJN CPR EXP06.4007.1500.35hr
12562SWATANTRTA S EXP08.3509.1300.38hr
19305INDB GHY EXP11.4512.2300.38hr
15021SHM GKP EXPRESS11.4512.2100.36hr
75112BSB GCT DMU13.3517.4804.13hr
15232GONDIA BJU EXP19.3522.0702.32hr
15268JANSADHARAN EXP20.0020.4500.45hr
11081LTT GKP EXPRESS21.2522.0800.43hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Varanasi City and Aunrihar Jn?
    There are 32 trains beween Varanasi City and Aunrihar Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from Varanasi City?
    The first train from Varanasi City to Aunrihar Jn is Kanpur Anwarganj Gorakhpur CHAURICHAURA EXPRESS (15003) departs at 00.45 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Varanasi City?
    The first train from Varanasi City to Aunrihar Jn is Varanasi City Gorakhpur PASSENGER (55150) departs at 23.55 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Aunrihar Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from Varanasi City to Aunrihar Jn is C Sahumaharaj T Kolhapur Gorakhpur MAHARASHTRA EXPRESS (11039) departs at 13.33 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 31km in 00.27 hrs.