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Platform Ticket
2018-04-12 12:31Platform Ticket
Platform Ticket

Platform Ticket

What is Platform Ticket?

A Platform Ticket is a type of rail ticket issued by Major Railway Station, permitting the bearer to access the platforms of a railway station, but not to board and use any train services. It allows people to walk with their friends and loved ones all the way to the passenger car at stations where the general public is not admitted to platforms. Railfans can also purchase platform tickets and enjoy their trainspotting hobbies.

Platform Ticket

Note :↴

  • If you forget to buy a Platform Ticket of ₹ 10/- will charged by railway ticket checking staff at least ₹ 250/- as Fine.
  • ₹ 250/- is not the only Fine charged, 'If the passenger is caught by railway ticket checking staff at any platform without Platform ticket or travelling ticket, passenger will be charged double the fare of the last train that arrived at / departed from that platform. The fare will be worked out on the basis of the last ticket checking station on the train's route.'

Platform Ticket

  • It is issued only at notified stations.
  • It is an authority to enter the platform.
  • Platform ticket holder cannot remain in a carriage.
  • The cost of a platform ticket is ₹ 10/-.
  • It is valid for 2 hours from the time of issue.
  • The date and time of issue will be marked on the ticket by the SM.
  • The holder should surrender the ticket at the exit gate to the TC.
  • No refund will be granted on Platform tickets.
  • Press Correspondents and News paper agents are charge 1/4th of the above rate, but Monthly Permits are not issued to them.

Free Platform passes or permits are issued to staff of certain Government Departments.

  • Posts and Telegraphs Department.
  • Military Police.
  • Civil Police.
  • Government Railway Police.
  • Officials of Excise Department on duty and Sewa Samiti.
  • Boy Scouts Organizations.
  • Railway contractors and their staff.