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Station Master
2018-04-12 12:31Station Master
Station Master

Station Master

Responsibility of the Station Master for working :-

  1. The Station Master shall be responsible for the efficient discharge of the duties devolving upon the staff employed, either permanently or temporarily, under his orders at the station or within the station limits and such staff shall be subject to his authority and direction in the working of the station.
  2. The Station Master shall see that all signals, points gates of level crossings and the whole machinery of his station are in proper working order and shall immediately report all defects therein to the proper authority.
  3. The Station Master shall also be responsible4 to see that the working of the station is carried out in strict accordance with the rules and regulations for the time being in force.
  4. No person other than the Station Master shall ask for or give Line Clear, or give authority to proceed.

The Station Master must daily inspect the station which must include the inspection of cabins, signals, level crossing gates, lamps, weighing machines, goods and station yard and vehicles standing therein, at least once a day. The Yard Master will perform similar duties in the area under his charge. At large stations where daily inspection is not practicable, the Station Master must do this inspection frequently, at least once a week. The Assistant Station Master or the Assistant Yard Master on duty must inspect signal cabins once in his duty hours and sign the Train Signal Registers.

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