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TTE - Duties
2018-04-12 12:31TTE - Duties
TTE - Duties

Duties of TTE

Responsibilities of TTE:-

  1. He shall report for duty atleast one hour before the scheduled departure of the train at the train originating station and atleast half an hour before the schedule arrival of the train at the intermediate station.
  2. He shall wear a neat and clean uniform alongwith number, Badge, Name Plate, etc.
  3. He shall sign On and Off Register maintained at the station.
  4. He shall obtain complete position of the reservations, check the same on train, maintain record (charts, etc.) and hand over the reliever complete and correct details showing the vacant berths/seats.
  5. He shall check the tickets of the passengers in the coach and guide the passengers in occupying their accommodation. He prevents illegal/unauthorized entry in the  coach  including the platform ticket holders.
  6. He shall ensure that the number of passengers do not exceed the carrying  capacity of the coach.
  7. He shall collect dues such as reservation fares/supplementary charges and issue EFTs.
  8. He ensures that passengers in the coach do not carry heavy luggage in their compartments causing inconvenience to fellow passengers and assists such passengers to transfer the luggage to Luggage Van/Cabin.
  9. He assists the passengers in the coach in obtaining food/refreshments,etc and also to issue message to proper station for this service in time.
  10. He shall take care of the passenger amenities and cleanliness of the coaches.
  11. He shall ensure that the doors of the coaches are kept latched during run of the train and open them as and when required by the passengers.
  12. He shall keep the end doors of the vestibuled coach locked during 22.00 hrs to 06.00 hrs to prevent unauthorized entry.
  13. He shall remain vigilant particularly during the night time and prevent entry of unauthorized persons/beggars/intruders in the coach.
  14. He shall always be polite, tactful and courteous in his dealings with the passengers leaving no room for any complaints.
  15. He shall allot berths seats which are vacant to passengers at intermediate stations on realization of fare/surcharge as per rules on first com-first served basis  or according to the priority on the waiting list if such a list is kept at the station.
  16. He shall take assistance of GRP/RPF if necessary for removal of unauthorized occupants and deal with them under provisions of Section 155(I) of Railway Act,1989.
  17. He shall be present in the allotted coach during duty hours and if more than one coach are to be handled, give frequent visits to all the coaches.
  18. He shall issue Guard Certificate/Receipt to AC passengers in case of failure of AC equipment or when passenger is compelled to travel in lower class with a higher class ticket for want of room/accommodation.
  19. He shall attend to any complaint of theft/loss of passenger belongings and lodge the first information report with the GRP in the prescribed format to enable the passenger to continue the journey.
  20. He shall carry blank FIR forms for making them available to the passengers in case of any incident of theft of luggage, etc.Such forms duly filled in the handed over to the next GRP Post at the scheduled stoppage for further action in the matter.
  21. Such other activities as may be prescribed from time to time.