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General Reservation
2018-04-12 12:31General Reservation
General Reservation

General Reservation Rules

What are the General Reservation Rules?

A passengers seeking reservation of berths or seats should purchase tickets from the Railway reservation offices/authorised travel agency only. PRS ticket will be issued from one station to another station of the train route only. In case change of train separate ticket will be issued for each train from originating to destination station.

Advance reservations are made upto 120 days in advance for all classes and all trains, except following trains :-

Train No. Train Name
12419/12420 Gomti Express
12459/12460 New Delhi Amritsar Express
12497/12498 Shane Punjab Express
12279/12280 Taj Express
14043/14044 Delhi - Kotdwara Garhwal Express
14095/14096 Himalyana Queen Express
14209/14210 Lucknow-Allahabad Intercity Express
14215/14216 Ganga Gomti Lucknow-Allahabad Express
14203/14204 Varanasi-Lucknow Intercity Express
14315/14316 Bareilly-New Delhi Intercity Express
14519/14520 Delhi-Bhatinda Kissan Express
14525/14526 Ambala-Sri Ganganagar Intercity Express
14711/14712 Haridwar-Sri Ganganagar Express
14721/14722 New Delhi Sri Ganganagar Intercity Express
14731/14732 New Delhi Bhatinda Express
14211/14212 Agra Intercity Express
14681/14682 New Delhi Jalandhar Express.

In the above mentioned trains reservation are made upto 30 days in advance Reservation for 14001/14002 Delhi-Attari Link Express train are made upto 15 days in advance. The period of advance reservation is exclusive of the day of the departure of the train.

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