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Khar Road (KHAR) to Dahisar (DIC) Trains

from Khar Road to Dahisar
91213CCG BYR LOCAL00.0300.3700.34hr
91217CCG BYR LOCAL00.1300.4800.35hr
91219CCG NSP LOCAL00.1700.5200.35hr
91223CCG VR LOCAL00.3101.0600.35hr
91229CCG BYR LOCAL00.4201.1600.34hr
91235CCG VR LOCAL00.5301.2600.33hr
91237CCG BYR LOCAL01.0101.3600.35hr
91243CCG BYR LOCAL01.1601.5100.35hr
91245CCG VR LOCAL01.2401.5700.33hr
90015BA VR LOCAL04.3905.1400.35hr
90017CCG VR LOCAL04.4805.2100.33hr
90059BA VIRAR LOCAL05.5406.2800.34hr
90097CCG VR LOCAL06.4107.1700.36hr
90115BA VIRAR LOCAL06.5907.3300.34hr
90149BA VR LOCAL07.3308.0800.35hr
90193BA VIRAR LOCAL08.1108.4400.33hr
90233BA BSR LOCAL08.4509.2200.37hr
90413CCG VIRAR LOCAL11.1211.4600.34hr
90431CCG BYR LOCAL11.2712.0100.34hr
90475BA BSR LOCAL12.0112.3300.32hr
90489CCG VIRAR LOCAL12.1112.4600.35hr
90571CCG VIRAR LOCAL13.4114.1500.34hr
90609CCG VIRAR LOCAL14.2515.0000.35hr
90683BA VIRAR LOCAL15.4016.1400.34hr
90709CCG VIRAR LOCAL16.0916.4200.33hr
90785BA VIRAR LOCAL17.2217.5600.34hr
90873CCG VR LOCAL18.3819.1300.35hr
90883CCG VIRAR LADIES SPL18.4619.2100.35hr
90931CCG BYR LADIES SPL19.2520.0100.36hr
90973BA VIRAR LOCAL19.5620.3400.38hr
91039BA BYR LOCAL20.5021.2300.33hr
91071CCG VR LOCAL21.1421.4800.34hr
91113CCG BYR LOCAL21.5622.3200.36hr
91157BA VR LOCAL22.3523.1100.36hr
91175CCG BYR LOCAL22.5923.3300.34hr
91181CCG BYR LOCAL23.0923.4300.34hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Khar Road and Dahisar?
    There are 36 trains beween Khar Road and Dahisar.
  2. When does the first train leave from Khar Road?
    The first train from Khar Road to Dahisar is Churchgate Bhayandar LOCAL (91213) departs at 00.03 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Khar Road?
    The first train from Khar Road to Dahisar is Churchgate Bhayandar LOCAL (91181) departs at 23.09 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Dahisar and its timing?
    The fastest train from Khar Road to Dahisar is Bandra Jn Vasai Road LOCAL (90475) departs at 12.01 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 19km in 00.32 hrs.