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Lucknow (LKO) to Agra Cantt (AGC) Trains

from Lucknow
14853MARUDHAR EXPRES00.15Idgah06.4506.30hr
14863MARUDHAR EXPRES00.15Idgah06.4506.30hr
14865MARUDHAR EXPRES00.15Idgah06.4506.30hr
13167KOAA AGC EXPRESS05.50Agra Cantt16.5011.00hr
19054MFP ST EXPRESS10.30Agra Cantt17.1506.45hr
11112GWL SUSHASAN EXP16.10Agra Cantt03.4511.35hr
13237PNBE KOTA EXP23.40Agra Cantt05.4006.00hr
13239PNBE KOTA EXP23.40Agra Cantt05.4006.00hr
from Lucknow Ne
15045GKP OKHA EXPRES10.30Agra Cantt17.1506.45hr
12179LJN AF INTERCITY15.55Agra Fort21.5506.00hr
19038AVADH EXPRESS20.55Agra Fort04.0007.05hr
19040AVADH EXPRESS20.55Agra Fort04.0007.05hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Lucknow and Agra Cantt?
    There are 12 trains beween Lucknow and Agra Cantt.
  2. When does the first train leave from Lucknow?
    The first train from Lucknow to Agra Cantt is Varanasi Jn Jodhpur Jn MARUDHAR EXPRESS (14853) departs at 00.15 and train runs on Tu Th Su.
  3. When does the last train leave from Lucknow?
    The first train from Lucknow to Agra Cantt is Patna Jn Kota Jn EXPRESS (13239) departs at 23.40 and train runs on M W Th F.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Agra Cantt and its timing?
    The fastest train from Lucknow to Agra Cantt is Lucknow Ne Agra Cantt INTERCITY (12179) departs at 15.55 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 327km in 06.00 hrs.