from Malakpet to Hitec City
47149FM LPI LOCAL04.3605.1800.42hr
47150FM LPI LOCAL05.4106.2300.42hr
47151FM LPI LOCAL06.0106.4800.47hr
47153FM LPI LOCAL06.5607.5000.54hr
47152FM LPI LOCAL07.4108.2500.44hr
47154FM LPI LOCAL08.0108.4300.42hr
47211FM LPI LOCAL08.4109.2400.43hr
47155FM LPI LOCAL09.2310.0500.42hr
47165FM LPI LOCAL10.0611.0000.54hr
47156FM LPI LOCAL10.4611.3100.45hr
47157FM LPI LOCAL11.0611.5600.50hr
47198FM LPI LOCAL11.3112.1800.47hr
47214FM LPI LOCAL11.4612.2800.42hr
47158FM LPI LOCAL12.2113.0300.42hr
47169FM LPI LOCAL13.1313.5800.45hr
47160FM LPI LOCAL13.3614.1800.42hr
47216FM LPI LOCAL14.5115.3600.45hr
47161FM LPI LOCAL15.2616.1200.46hr
47162FM LPI LOCAL16.2517.0600.41hr
47163FM LPI LOCAL17.2118.0600.45hr
47164FM LPI LOCAL17.4918.3800.49hr
47218FM LPI LOCAL18.1118.5900.48hr
47166FM LPI LOCAL19.0119.4500.44hr
47207FM LPI LOCAL19.2120.0200.41hr
47167FM LPI LOCAL19.5720.3700.40hr
47203FM LPI LOCAL21.0121.4300.42hr
47220FM LPI LOCAL21.1622.0700.51hr
47170FM LPI LOCAL21.5622.3800.42hr
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Kumbh Mela 2019