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Rajamundry (RJY) to Gudur Jn (GDR) Trains

from Rajamundry to Gudur Jn
22707TPTY DOUBLE DECK01.2009.1807.58hr
08573VSKP TPTY SPL02.1311.2009.07hr
17479PURI TPTY EXP03.1014.0010.50hr
17481BSP TPTY EXPRESS03.1014.0010.50hr
22859PURI CHENNAI EXP04.2212.1807.56hr
22605PRR VM EXPRESS05.1212.3307.21hr
22603KGP VM SF EXP05.1212.3307.21hr
22825SHM MAS SF EXP05.1212.5007.38hr
06009SRC PDY SPL06.1714.1307.56hr
22855SRC TPTY SF EXP07.4215.3307.51hr
22851MAQ VIVEK EXP07.4215.1807.36hr
57258TIRUPATI PSGR09.1323.5014.37hr
22841SRC MAS ANTYODAYA EXPRESS11.1719.2808.11hr
18567VSKP QLN EXP11.1719.3808.21hr
22807SRC MAS AC EXP11.1719.2808.11hr
12835HTE YPR EXPRESS12.5719.5807.01hr
12889TATA YPR EXP12.5719.5807.01hr
12376ASN MAS EXPRESS12.5720.0307.06hr
18637HTE BNC EXP12.5719.5807.01hr
13351DHN ALAPPUZHA E13.1622.3809.22hr
18189TATA ALLP EXP13.1622.3809.22hr
12863HWH YPR EXPRESS13.5021.2307.33hr
17644CIRCAR EXP15.5003.3311.43hr
12254ANGA EXPRESS15.5323.1907.26hr
06580VSKP YPR SPL16.5700.1007.13hr
17488TIRUMALA EXPRESS17.0502.5809.53hr
12839HWH MAS MAIL17.0601.2308.17hr
12660GURUDEV EXPRESS17.4501.1807.33hr
12845BBS BNC SUP EXP17.4501.1807.33hr
06057SRC MAS SPECIAL18.0202.2308.21hr
17210SHESHADRI EXP18.4103.3308.52hr
07210CCT TPTY SPL20.0504.2808.23hr
07941CCT RU SPL20.2004.2808.08hr
22801VSKP MAS SF EXP21.4006.2308.43hr
22869VSKP MAS SF EXP21.5505.5307.58hr
22833HUMSAFAR EXPRESS21.5705.0807.11hr
12830BBS CHENNAI EXP22.0705.5007.43hr
12898BBS PDY EXPRESS22.0705.5007.43hr
22871BBS TPTY EXPRESS22.0706.3808.31hr
22879BBS TPTY SUP EXP22.0706.3808.31hr
07479VSKP TPTY SPL22.1307.0308.50hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Rajamundry and Gudur Jn?
    There are 41 trains beween Rajamundry and Gudur Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from Rajamundry?
    The first train from Rajamundry to Gudur Jn is Visakhapatnam Tirupati DOUBLE DECKER (22707) departs at 01.20 and train runs on Tu F Su.
  3. When does the last train leave from Rajamundry?
    The first train from Rajamundry to Gudur Jn is VSKP TPTY SPL (07479) departs at 22.13 and train runs on W.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Gudur Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from Rajamundry to Gudur Jn is Hatia Yasvantpur Jn EXPRESS (12835) departs at 12.57 and train runs on M W. It covers the distance of 442km in 07.01 hrs.