from Sealdah to Baharu F
34712SDAH LKPR LOCAL04.0005.0601.06hr
34714SDAH LKPR LOCAL04.3005.3701.07hr
34716SDAH LKPR LOCAL05.1206.1901.07hr
34718SDAH LKPR LOCAL05.5507.0001.05hr
34720SDAH LKPR LOCAL07.1408.2401.10hr
34722SDAH LKPR LOCAL08.1509.2401.09hr
34724SDAH LKPR LOCAL09.1610.2601.10hr
34726SDAH LKPR LOCAL11.0212.1101.09hr
34728SDAH LKPR LOCAL11.5012.5801.08hr
34730SDAH LKPR LOCAL12.5014.0001.10hr
34792SDAH NMKA LOCAL13.2014.2701.07hr
34732SDAH LKPR LOCAL14.2015.2901.09hr
34734SDAH LKPR LOCAL15.1516.2501.10hr
34736SDAH LKPR LOCAL15.5017.0101.11hr
34738SDAH LKPR LOCAL16.4817.5701.09hr
34740SDAH LKPR LOCAL17.2818.3801.10hr
34742SDAH LKPR LOCAL18.1519.2601.11hr
34744SDAH LKPR LOCAL18.5720.0601.09hr
34746SDAH LKPR LOCAL19.3520.4301.08hr
34782SDAH KWDP LOCAL20.3021.4001.10hr
34748SDAH LKPR LOCAL21.0022.0901.09hr
34794SDAH NMKA FAST21.3022.3001.00hr
34750SDAH LKPR LOCAL21.4522.5301.08hr
34752SDAH LKPR LOCAL22.2023.3001.10hr
34754SDAH LKPR LOCAL23.0500.1201.07hr
from Ballygunge Jn to Baharu F
30712MJT LKPR LOCAL10.1211.1100.59hr
from Baruipur Jn to Baharu F
34334BRP LKPR LOCAL07.1507.4000.25hr
34332BRP LKPR LOCAL18.3018.5500.25hr
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