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Tatanagar Jn (TATA) to Bondamunda Jn (BNDM) Trains

from Tatanagar Jn
20828HUMSAFAR EXP00.10Rourkela02.3202.22hr
19659SHM UDZ EXPRESS00.10Rourkela02.3202.22hr
22830SHM BHUJ SF EXP00.10Rourkela02.3202.22hr
12130AZAD HIND EXP01.32Rourkela03.5502.23hr
18005HWH SBP JDB EXP01.47Bondamunda Jn04.2602.39hr
12906HWH PBR OKHAEXP02.30Rourkela04.5002.20hr
22906HAPA OKHA LINK02.30Rourkela04.5002.20hr
12834HWH ADI EXPRESS03.55Rourkela06.1702.22hr
18477UTKAL EXPRESS06.00Bondamunda Jn08.5602.56hr
58111TATA ITR PASS06.30Bondamunda Jn10.2203.52hr
13288SOUTH BIHAR EXP08.25Bondamunda Jn11.1302.48hr
22844PNBE BSP EXPRESS09.45Rourkela12.0002.15hr
12871ISPAT EXPRESS10.47Bondamunda Jn13.1302.26hr
18189TATA ALLP EXP15.30Bondamunda Jn17.5902.29hr
12860GITANJALI EXP17.22Rourkela19.4002.18hr
58113TATA BSP PASS17.45Bondamunda Jn21.2703.42hr
12870HWH CSMT EXPRES18.15Rourkela20.3502.20hr
12768SRC NED EXP18.15Rourkela20.3502.20hr
22894HWH SNSI EXPRESS18.15Rourkela20.3502.20hr
22512KARMABHOOMI EXP18.15Rourkela20.3502.20hr
18111TATA YPR EXP18.35Rourkela21.0002.25hr
12889TATA YPR EXP18.35Rourkela21.0002.25hr
18030SHM LTT EXPRESS20.05Bondamunda Jn22.4602.41hr
22886ANTYODAYA EXP21.55Rourkela00.1502.20hr
12810HWH MUMBAI MAIL23.40Rourkela02.0102.21hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Tatanagar Jn and Bondamunda Jn?
    There are 26 trains beween Tatanagar Jn and Bondamunda Jn.
  2. When does the first train leave from Tatanagar Jn?
    The first train from Tatanagar Jn to Bondamunda Jn is SRC JBP HUMSAFAR (20828) departs at 00.10 and train runs on Th.
  3. When does the last train leave from Tatanagar Jn?
    The first train from Tatanagar Jn to Bondamunda Jn is Howrah Jn Mumbai Cst MUMBAI MAIL (12810) departs at 23.40 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Bondamunda Jn and its timing?
    The fastest train from Tatanagar Jn to Bondamunda Jn is Patna Jn Bilaspur Jn EXPRESS (22844) departs at 09.45 and train runs on Su. It covers the distance of 164km in 02.15 hrs.