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उधम सिंह नगर
2018-04-12 12:31उधम सिंह नगर
उधम सिंह नगर

Udham Singh Nagar

Udham Singh Nagar was a part of district Nainital before it gained the identity of a separate district in September 1995. Covering an area of 3,055 sq. kms at an height of 250 meters above sea level, the district was named in memory of Late Shri Udham Singh, a great freedom fighter, who killed Michael O'dwyer after the brutal Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

The district comprises of three main subdivisions Rudrapur, Kashipur and Khatima and is surrounded by the exotic Kumaon Himalayan ranges on one side and Nepal on the other (Tanakpur touches the Khatima border which is in Champawat district).

How to Reach

  • Air: The nearest Airport is Pant Nagar, at a distance of 12 kms.
  • Rail: Udham Singh Nagar (Rudrapur) is well connected to Delhi, Dehradun, Lucknow and Kolkata by direct broad gauge line.
  • Road: Udham Singh Nagar (Rudrapur) is well connected to important towns & cities of the country and nearby area.

Where to Stay

What to see

Rudrapur: This is an industrial town but has immaculate beauty. Tourist traveling from Delhi to Nainital stop over here for rest and fun. Here we have Ataria Devi Temple, Shiv Temple, Panch Mandir, Gurudwara, beautiful places & pilgrimage centres.

Hari Mandir: Established is 1954, the Hari Mandir is a highly religious entity in Rudrapur.

Panch Mandir: Pauranik Lakshmi Narayan Panch Mandir was established in 1967 68. The temple has idols of Shri Ram. Lord Shiva. Lord Ganesha, Mad Lakshmi, Maa Parvati and huge Shivling. There's also a Shani Temple here.

Haripura and Baur Lakes:This picturesque place is close to Gadarpur around 20 kms. Both the lakes are connected with one another. Famous for the bird watching and nature walk these ponds are surrounded by dense forest.

Atariya Temple:At a distance of 2 kms from the bus stand and half a kilometer away from the Rudrapur Haldwani motor route. According to a folktale when king Rudra was passing through, his chariot got stuck into marshy land, so he decided to build a temple and well at that place. The present Atariya temple is the same.

Chaiti Temple:At a distance of 2.5 kms from Kashipur bus stand on the Kashipur-Bazpur route, is situated the widely known temple of Chaiti Devi. Every year in the month of March during 'Navratras' a grand fair is held here and lakhs of pilgrims come here to worship the Goddess from various places.

Giri Sarovar:The enchanting Lake is situated at a distance of 2 kms from Kashipur bus stand on the Kashipur-Ram Nagar route and is ideal picnic spot.

Beyond Udham Singh Nagar

Nanak Matta:Guru Nanak visited this place. Situated at a distance of 56 kms from Rudrapur on Rudrapur-Tanakpur motor route, Nanakmatta is a great pilgrimage centre of the Sikh religion. Thousands of pilgrims come here throughout the year. A big dam has been constructed on river Dhela at Nanak Matta. This is in itself a beautiful picnic spot where one can enjoy boating and fishing. The dam is situated at a distance of 56 km. from Udham Singh Nagar (Rudrapur).

Purnagiri:Situated at a distance of 21 kms from Tanakpur the Purnagiri temple is a famous Shaktipeeth. All over the year the temple is crowded with pilgrims who come to seek the blessings of the Goddess. The surroundings valley echoes with holy chanting of mantras as the people climb up to the temple. creating an atmosphere of spiritual charm.