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Delhi Division Northern Railway

The Delhi division is headed by Divisional Railway Manager (DRM), Serving Haryana, Punjab, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, Delhi Division has a route kilometer age of 1386.82 with 213 stations. The Division handles 496 Passenger carrying trains and 210 Freight trains everyday. The original station to serve the capital of India, Delhi Junction came into existence in April 1864 when a temporary building was constructed.

At that time nobody could have imagined that the station designed to deal with 100 passengers a day would ultimately have to deal with 1,00,000 passengers per day. Planning for construction of the present building commenced in 1890. The station was built in the style of the Mughal period, resembling both mosque and fortress. It could be used a hotel as well as a shelter during emergencies, with provision for security personnel gaining rapid access to the top in order to take up defensive positions.

This was an important consideration for the British as the neighboring Chandni Chowk area was the epicenter of political activity. The colour of the building is red to blend with the nearby structures of import - Red Fort and the Jama Masjid. Delhi earlier handled both broad and meter gauge trains. Since 1994, it is a purely broad gauge station, meter gauge traffic having been shifted to Delhi Sarai Rohilla Station.

Postal Address of Delhi Division:

Divisional Railway Manager
4-Railway Officer Colony
New Delhi.

DRM Delhi Twitter A/c - @drmdelhi