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Foreigner Quota

What is Foreigner Tourist Quota?

Special Quota: Several important trains have a special quota for foreign tourists. This can be availed on payment of US Dollars or Pound Sterling. Tourists without foreign currency, will be allotted the special quota on production of the exchange certifi cates issued by an nationalised bank. At the time of reservation, the passport number and the country of origin should be mentioned.

Indrail Pass Ticket

  • This ticket is issued to the following persons:
    • Foreigners with valid passport.
    • Non-resident Indians.
    • Indian wives of foreigners.
    • Tourist guides with foreign tourists.
  • It is issued for adult and child for a period of 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 7, 15, 21, 30, 60 and 90 days.
  • Fare is printed in US dollars and fare collected in US $, UK Pounds and Euro.
  • Colour of ticket :
    • AC I Class - Blue
    • 2A/3A/CC/FC - Green
    • II/SL Class - Yellow
  • At the time of issue the following details are to be filled by the Booking clerk:
    • Name of the Passenger
    • Country
    • Passport Number
    • First day of commencement of journey
    • Last day of completion of journey
    • Signature of the Booking clerk with Station stamp.
  • Facilities given to an Indrail Pass holder:
    • Can travel from any station to any station
    • Can travel by all trains including Rajdhani/Shatabdi trains
    • Need not pay Reservation charges
    • Need not pay Supplementary charges
    • Need not pay Meals charge by Rajdhani/Shatabdi trains
    • Can Break journey anywhere.
    • Can make reservation 360 days in advance.
    • Separate Foreign tourist Quota available.
    • Given preference in Emergency Quota.
  • For travel in Higher class, difference in fare for the portion of journey in Higher class is collected in Indian currency.
  • Any Refund/Balance amount given in Indian currency only.
  • Refund Rules for Indrail Pass:
    Indrail PassTime of SurrenderCancellation Charge
    Unused Unreserved
    • Before Commencement of journey
    • More than 2 days in advance
      excluding the day of journey
    • Within 2 days and upto midnight
      of the day of journey
    • After midnight of day of journey
    • Full Refund

    • Full Refund

    • 10%

    • No Refund
    Partially Used No Refund
    Lost/Misplaced/Torn No refund
  • Tatkal Quota
  • General Reservation
  • Lower Berth Reservation
  • Ladies Reservation
  • Foreigner Reservation
  • Handicapped Reservation
  • Premium Tatkal Reservation