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Ladies Quota

What is Ladies Quota?

  • Ladies quota (LD) is generally earmarked in Sleeper class (SL) and second sitting (2S).
  • Ladies who traveling alone or with a child below 12 years of age can make reservations under this quota.
  • There are only SIX berths available under this quota in the ENTIRE Train.

As the name suggests, this quota is only open to ladies. However, male children under the age of 12 can also be booked under this quota. This quota can be booked online. However, in most trains, the Ladies Quota is six seats or berths in the lowest reserved class, and these six seats or berths might well be in the middle of many other berths occupied by men. Only a handful of trains have a Ladies Quota in their AC classes; I'm working on a list of these trains.

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