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2018-04-12 12:31Handicapped

Handicapped Quota in Railway

What is Handicapped Quota in Railway?

  1. A reservation quota of two sleeper class berths has been earmarked in all trains running on non-suburban sections for handicapped persons performing their journey on handicapped concessional ticket. The person accompanying the handicapped person as escort is also allotted the berth out of this quota.
  2. In sub-urban trains, separate accommodation for handicapped persons has been earmarked.
  3. For the convenience of the physically challenged persons, facilities like Wheel Chairs have been provided at all important stations on the Indian Railways.
  4. In allotment of STD/PCO booths operated from the Railway Stations, 25% booths have been reserved for physically handicapped persons(including blind disability 40% and above).

Rail Travel Concession For Blind Persons:

  • 'Completely Blind' persons are eligible for concession from a station to any station.
  • Percentage of concession :
    • AC I Class and AC 2 Tier - 50%
    • Other Classes - 75%
  • He may take one escort also in the same class on 50% or 75% concession.
  • A certificate in the prescribed form issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner or the Head of a recognized blind institution should be produced.
  • The certificate is valid for 5 years from the date of issue.
  • Photo copy of the certificate is accepted, verified with the original & ticket is issued.
  • The blind person need not come to the counter personally.
  • While traveling the passenger should carry the original certificate.
  • The escort of a blind child below 5 years gets concession, while the child travels 'free'.
  • 'Seeing Eye dog' of a blind is allowed in I class and will be charged for 30 kg.
  • Season ticket is issued to the Blind, collecting 50% of II class public fare.

Rail Travel Concession of Orthopaedically Handicapped (OH):

  • Orthopaedically handicapped persons who cannot travel without escort are eligible for concession from any station to any station.
  • Percentage of concession:
    • AC I Class and AC 2 Tier - 50%
    • Other classes - 75%
  • They are eligible for concession in all classes and by all trains except Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains.
  • Escort is compulsory. Escort is also given the same concession.
  • Passenger having this concession ticket found traveling without escort would be treated as traveling without ticket.
  • A certificate in the prescribed form should be obtained from a Govt. Doctor.
  • Validity of the certificate:
  • Nature of Handicap Age of the passenger
    in the certificate
    • Any Age
    • 5 Year
    • Upto 25 Years
    • 26 to 35 Years
    • Above 35 Years
    • 5 Years
    • 10 Years
    • Lifetime
  • A photo copy of the certificate may be accepted and verified with the original certificate.
  • The passenger should carry the original certificate while traveling. Otherwise he will be treated as traveling without ticket.
  • Season tickets are issued on 50% concession to orthopaedically handicapped persons and their escorts. A combined ticket will be issued.
  • Invalid chair/tri cycle/tri-cycle fitted with motor of a handicapped person shall be carried 'free' on production of a doctor certificate. The same can be carried as ICP if foldable and in BV if not foldable.
  • An Orthopaedically handicapped child below 5 years shall be carried free while the escort will be given 50% or 75% concession according to the class of travel.

Rail Travel Concession For Cancer And T.B. Patients:

  • Cancer and T.B. patients are eligible for concession in the following circumstances:
    • Travel from home town to get admission in the recognized hospital.
    • Travel to home town after discharge from the hospital
    • Travel between hometown and recognized hospital for periodical checkup/re-examination.
    • Travel between two recognized hospitals for the purpose of re-examination.
  • Concession allowed:
    • Cancer patients 50% in 1A & 2A & 75% in other classes.
    • T.B. patients 75% in I/SL/II classes.
  • They may take one escort also in the same class on concession.
  • A certificate in the prescribed for issued by the recognized cancer institute/T.B. sanatorium should be produced in original.
  • Validity of certificate:
    • Cancer patient - Outward journey - One year, Return journey - 3 Months
    • T.B. Patient - (Both directions) - 3 Months
  • The escort of a child patient below 5 years shall be given 75% concession while the child is carried free.
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