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2018-04-12 12:31Humsafar

Humsafar Express

Ministry of Railways had announced in Rail Budget 2016-17 introduction of new type of trains calledHumsafar Express. Humsafar train is a fully Air Conditioned 3 AC service having facility GPS based Passenger Information System, Passenger announcement System, fire and smoke detection and suppression system, CCTVs, comfortable seats, mobile and laptop charging points, integrated Braille display, LCD display above compartment doors in the aisle, Fire retardant curtains, etc..

Humsafar Train

Here is the list of all the features that the new edition of Humsafar Express will offer its passengers:
  1. Keeping in mind the long standing complaint regarding side lower berth by the passengers, a detachable board has been introduced by IR which can be placed on top after joining the two side seats. The move has been put to effect with the consideration that the passengers do not go through the ordeal of backaches.
  2. Remember the weird blue upholstery that our trains had, or still have? The new trains will have refurbished interiors that are on the lighter side. The curtains in the trains are fire resistant as well.
  3. Fretting about charging your smartphones? For the first time in AC-3 tier compartments, you will find USB charging points next to the berths.
  4. Great news for those who can’t travel without a book! Each berth in the compartment has been equipped with reading materials.
  5. Many can relate to the dread of climbing to the upper berth! Making the upper berth climbing arrangement more comfortable, IR has also added a handle on the top berth that will assist passengers while climbing.
  6. Making train travel more family-friendly, baby seats have been included in the toilets. This will prove convenient for families travelling with babies and toddlers and make it easier for changing diapers..
  7. In another first, a sensor-based men’s urinal based on an NID design has been added in the trains. These toilets have a two-step floor to contain flow of water near the basin.
  8. An interesting feature is the colourful anti-graffiti exteriors, which will be accompanied by reflective destination boards that glow in the night as well as reflective 3D numbering.
  9. Following suit from the earlier version, each cabin has dustbins, comfortable seats, mobile charging points, a mirror and luggage racks.
  10. Vinyl coating has been added to the flooring that will make it easier for cleaning the trains’ floors.
  11. Like the previous version, the trains will have toilet occupancy indicators and GPS-based information system that will help catering the passengers better.
  12. The central aisle has LED-lighting that also displays the seat numbers.
  13. The Humsafar Express has been facilitated with vending machines that will offer tea, coffee and soup.
  14. The trains also have the CCTV footage display system along with extensive fire/smoke detection and suppression system.

Fare Details of Humsafar Express:

Out of the total accommodation 10% of total accommodation shall be earmarked as tatkal quota. There is also provision for HO quota/duty pass quota. The first block of 50% after 10% tatkal and HO quota shall be booked on the base fare for Humsafar train and thereafter a 10% increase for every 10% increase in the passenger block for the remaining 50%.

Base dare of AC-3 Tier of Humsafar Train shall be 1.15 times of the base fare of AC-3 Tier superfast Mail/Express trains, which shall be applicable for the first passenger block of 50% and thereafter a 10% increase for every 10% increase in the passenger block for the remaining 50%. Fare of tatkal quota shall be 1.5 times of Humsafar basic fares. Other charges shall be levied separately.

Humsafar Express Fare

Cancellation charge & Refund Rules:

Normal cancellation and refund rules apply.

Other Important Details:

  1. Other charges like reservation fee, superfast surcharge, service tax, etc. as applicable shall be levied separately. Catering charges shall be optional for meals. The fare of Humsafar is inclusive of bedroll charges.
  2. The advance reservation period will be 120 days.
  3. Normal Child fare rules apply. No concessional tickets and tickets against free complimentary passes which are not reimbursed shall be admissible in this train.
  4. Defence warrants will be eligible for exchange as per the actual fare.
  5. Vacant berths left after first charting would be offered for current booking shall be sold at the last price sold for that class with 10% discount on last price and other supplementary charges like reservation fee, superfast charges, service tax, etc. as applicable will be levied in full.
  6. The last price of tickets for the train should be printed in the reservation chart for the purpose of charging of difference of fare in the train or charging the passengers of the train without ticket, etc. 10% discount in the last price shall also be applicable for allotment of vacant berths in the train by TTEs.

List of other Humsafar Trains to be introduced in future are:

  1. 12503/12504 Kamakhya - Bangalore Cantt. (Weekly)
  2. 14715/14716 Sri Ganganagar - Tiruchirappalli (Weekly)
  3. 19423/19424 Ahmedabad - Chennai Central (Weekly)
  4. 22317/22318 Sealdah - Jammu Tawi (Weekly)
  5. 22705/22706 Tirupati - Jammu Tawi (Weekly)
  6. 22833/22834 Bhubaneswar - Krishnarajapuram (Weekly)
  7. 22867/22868 Durg - Hazrat Nizamuddin (Bi-Weekly)
  8. 22887/22888 Howrah - Yesvantpur (Weekly)
  9. 22913/22914 Bandra Terminus - Patna (Weekly)