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2018-04-12 12:31Tejas

Tejas Express

The Tejas Express will be running between Mumbai and Karmali, Goa very soon. If you are looking for a smooth and a relaxed train journey from Mumbai-Goa, Tejas Express is the right choice. The high-speed Tejas Express train will also run between Chandigarh and New Delhi & Anand Vihar to Lucknow very soon.

Tejas Train

Importants Facts About Tejas Express?

The Tejas Express between Mumbai-Karmali, Goa will be starting from May 22, 2017, and here are the some importants things which you must know about the upcoming high-speed train:

  1. The new Mumbai-Goa Tejas Express will run at a speed of 130 kmph.
  2. Tejas Express will have a lot of new features like Wi-Fi facility, LCD screens, automatic doors in all the coaches.
  3. The Tejas Express will have 20 coaches and the train will be operating five days a week between Mumbai and Goa.
  4. The executive class and the chair class in the Tejas Express will have facilities like snacks tables, magazines and tea, coffee vending machines.
  5. The Tejas Express between Mumbai and Goa will have a completely new feature for visually challenged travellers i.e there will an assistance Braille.
  6. The officials of the Railway Ministry said that the Mumbai-Goa Tejas Express will also have a CCTV cameras facility for the security of the passengers.
  7. The high-speed train will also have other features like hand dryers, water level indicators and touchless water taps.
  8. Bio-Vacuum toilets facility will be available in all the coaches of the Tejas Express.
  9. The high-speed train will be having an automatic entrance plug-type doors. The automatic entrance plug-type doors will have better sound and also a heat insulation. It will also have secure gangways which help in reducing sound, dirt and sand.
  10. The train will be having all the safety measures like suppression system, fire suppression system, smoke detection and fire detection.
  11. The Tejas Express will have a GPS-based passenger information display system and a digital destination board for the convenience of the passengers.

Tejas Express Fare Details:

Travelling by Tejas Express train will cost you 20% more than by the Shatabdi Express. Equipped with modern facilities such as CCTV cameras and smoke-and-fire detection system.