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Rajdhani Express

TheRajdhani Expressis a series of express passenger train services in India operated by Indian Railways connecting New Delhi with other important destinations (mostly capital cities of other states). Rajdhani means "The Capital" in many Indian languages. The Rajdhanis are among the fastest trains in India along with Tejas Express, Gatimaan Express, Shatabdi Express and Duronto Express and get the highest priority on the Indian railway network.

  1. Rajdhani express gets the highest priority on the Indian railway network.
  2. They are fully air-conditioned. AC First, AC 2-Tier, AC 3-Tier.
  3. Passengers are served complimentary meals during the journey.
  4. Depending on the duration and timings of the journey, these could include morning tea, breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner.
  5. All Rajdhani Express trains offer three classes of accommodation: AC First Class with 2-berth and 4-berth lockable bedrooms, AC 2-tier with open berths (bays of 4 berths + 2 berths on the other side of the corridor) with curtains for privacy, and AC 3-tier (bays of 6 berths + 2 berths on the side) without curtains.
  6. Currently there are 22 pairs of trains, connecting New Delhi to important cities across the country. These trains have fewer stops than other express trains and halt only at prominent stations.
  7. The Indian Railways has also introduced free wi-fi facility in Rajdhani Express trains.
  8. Recently Dynamic Pricing has been introduced on all Rajdhani express trains.