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35 kms from Almora, Jageshwar is believed to be the abode of the twelve Jyotirlings. It is situated in a beautiful narrow valley surrounded by magnificent Deodar trees. The complex, consisting of 124 temples and hundreds of statues, is famous not merely for its exquisite craftsmanship but also for its Swayambhu Linga named Nagesh. In Jageshwar, fairs are held during Shivaratri and in the month of 'Sayan (July-August). The place is visited by both religious as well as nature loving tourists.

Jageshwar Dham, boasts of more than 200 big and small temples, at the height of about 1900 meter above sea level. The deodar trees and the fragrant sandal wood plantations lend an ethereal aura to the site. The main temple in the complex is dedicated to Bat Jageshwar, or Shiva the child. There is another one dedicated to Vridh Jageshwar, situated on the higher slopes. The story goes that as Lord Shiva was meditating at this spot, the village women left their household chores and other duties and walked to watch him, as if in a trance.

One can also visit the Goludevta Temple at Chitai. which is a unique seat of justice for the locals. People actually file their complaints at a designated spot by attaching photocopies of their judicial papers and beg for divine intervention and mercy. Upon redressal of their cause, most people offer a sacrifice to thank the lord.

How to Reach

  • By Air : The nearest airport for Jageshwar is Pantnagar. Pantnagar Airport is situated 150 kms. from Jageshwar. Taxis are available to Jageshwar from Pant Nagar Airport.
  • By Rail : The nearest railway station is Kathgodam, 125 km.
  • By Road : Directly linked with Almora-35 kms. Haldwani-131 kms. Pithoragarh - 88 kms. and Kathgodam private jeeps and taxis are also available.

Where to Stay

  • K.M.V.N. Tourist Rest House : Ph 05962-263028
  • Forest Rest House
  • Paying Guest House
  • There is one Tourist Rest House and a few Dharamshalas here and about 2 kms by trek from here is Vridh Jageshwar which provides a splendid view of the Himalayas from this old temple.

What to See

Jageshwar Mahadev : Jageshwar is one of the principal temples situated in the temple premises. The temple has two dwarapalas (door guardians) in the form of the armed Nandi and Skandi. This is a west facing temple of Lord Shiva. Here, Shiva is worshipped in the form of Nagesh/Jageshwar. In the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, the Shivlinga is divided into two parts. The larger one depicts Shiva and smaller one his consort Parvati. An Akhand Jyoti burns in the temple. There are two Asthadhatu statues of Chand Kings Deepchand and Tripalchand in the standing posture behind the Shivlinga.

Jageshwar Temple Complex : Jageshwar is a religious place with over 100 temples devoted to Lord Shiva. You can go around Jageshwar and witness the exquisite architecture of temples like Dandeshwar temple which portrays elegant samples of ancient iconography.

Jagannath Temple: Do not forget to catch a glimpse of the highly impressive image of Ganesha and life-sized dwarapalas (door guardians) outside the Jagannath temple.

Kuber Temple : The cluster of temples at Jageshwar can be best seen from Kuber Temple.

Sri Mahamritunjaya Mahadev: The Mahamrityunjay temple is the largest and oldest temple in the Jageshwar temple complex. This temple of Shiva is eastern facing and the Linga is worshipped as the saviour from death. The unique linga has an eye shaped opening.

Dandeshwar Shiv Temple Complex: Situated slightly upstream from the Jageshwar temple complex, the Dandeshwar temple complex is in a dilapidated condition. This place is 200 mts from Artola village from where temples of Jageshwar starts. From this place Vinayak Kshetra or sacred area begins. This place lies between Jhanker Saim temple,Vrudhh jageshwar and Koteshwar temples.

Vinayak Kshetra : This place is 200 mts from Artola village from where temples of Jageshwar starts. From this place Vinayak Kshetra or sacred area begins. This place lies between Jhanker Saim temple, Vridhh jageshwar and Koteshwar temples.

Jhanker Saim Mahadev: This temple is situated south of Jageshwar. Legend has it that during the Tapasya by Lord Shiva, Demons obstruct His penance. Then God Jhanker Saim come into being as Trinetra and send His Ganas to kill the demons.

Sri Briddha Or Budha Jageshwar: This temple is situated 3 km north to Jageshwar. This temple is situated at the top of the hill and comes after a uphill trek. It is contemporary to Jageshwar group of temples. Its a great place for a view in the mornings, when you can see the snow-capped Himalayan view.

Pushti Devi Or Pushti Bhagawati Maa: It is the temple of Goddess Devi. The temple enshrines the full murti of Goddesses. This temple is situated in the Jageshwar main premises.

Airavat Gufa: A cave close the Jageshwar temples.

Archaeological Museum: The Archeological Museum run by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), houses idols and statuettes removed from Jageshwar shrine dating 9th to 13th century AD.

Beyond Jageshwar

Jalna: This is a picturesque venue with fruits like apple. apricot, Plum etc. in the Himalayas. From here just three kilometers is Banadi Devi Temple. This temple is surrounded by trees from all sides. Distance: 65 kms. from Jageshwar.

Almora : Almora, a picturesque district in the Kumaon region, East of Uttarakhand in India, with a breathtaking panoramic view of Himalayas, summons tourists worldwide to its alluring grandeur of natural beauty. Famous for its rich cultural heritage, unique handicrafts, delicious cuisine and magnificent wildlife. coupled with an easy accessibility, Almora promises its tourists a visit full of fun arid unforgettable memories.

Jageshwar Weather

  • Best Season : Apr to Jun & Sep to Nov.
  • Summer Weather : 12 to 28°C,
  • Winter Weather : -2 (Minus Two) to 15°C