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Guntur Division South Central Railway

Guntur is a very ancient town. References to Guntur are found in inscriptions of 922-929 AD and 1147, 1158 AD. The original Sanskrit name (ancient Vedic culture/tradition) for Guntur was Garthapuri (a place surrounded by water ponds ('garta = gunta'). The city was founded in the mid-eighth century by the French who ruled over the city for nearly ten centuries until it was ceded permanently to the British in 1788. Guntur district occupies an area of approximately 11,391 square kilometres (4,398 sq mi).It is one of the oldest municipalities that have been constituted in 1866.

The Guntur region played a significant role in the struggle for independence and the formation of Andhra Pradesh. India's independence came in 1947, and Madras Presidency became Madras state. The northern, Teluguspeaking districts of Madras state, including Guntur, advocated for a separate state, and the new state of Andhra Pradesh was created in 1953 from the eleven northern districts of Madras.

Postal Address of Guntur Division:

Divisional Railway Manager
Rock Villa
Rail Vihar Colony
Pin - 522005.

DRM Guntur Twitter A/c - @drmgtl