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Secunderabad Division South Central Railway

Secunderabad Division was formed on 2nd October 1966 with broad gauge as well as meter gauge systems. Later on 17th November 1977 the meter gauge was carved in to Hyderabad division. The division serves three states viz. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. It has 1311.06 route Kilometers of track out of which 1006.42 Kms are in AP, 179.37Kms in Maharashtra and 125.27Kms in Karnataka. Out of 1311.06 route kilometers 825.33 Kms of track is electrified. There are in all 150 stations out of which 118 stations are situated in Andhra Pradesh, 22 stations in Maharashtra and 10 in Karnataka.

Secunderabad Division is the most important Division of South Central Railway and ranks amongst the top five divisions of Indian Railways. The present day Secunderabad Division takes its roots from erstwhile Nizam State Railway which was established in 1869. The Wadi-Secunderabad line was built with Nizam's finance became part of Nizam Guaranteed State Railway. It was extended up to Warangal in 1886.

It carried 64 million tonnes of freight and 123 millions of passengers during the year 2011-12. In other words it contributes over 64% of originating loading and over 35% of passenger traffic of South Central Railway. Gross earnings of the Division during the Year 2011-12 stood at Rs. 3958 Cr. A dedicated work force of 22,178 employees and a jurisdictional spread of 1311 route Kilo meters extending into the three states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra & earnings Rs 3958 Cr speak for themselves about the eminent position of Secunderabad Division not only on South Central Railway but also on the Indian Railways.

Postal Address of Secunderabad Division:

Divisional Railway Manager
Bunglow no.1
Secunderabad Bhavan
South Lalaguda
Pin - 500017.

DRM Secunderabad Twitter A/c - @drmsecunderabad