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Varanasi Junction Railway Station (BSB)
वाराणसी जंक्शन रेलवे स्टेशन

Varanasi Junction Railway Station, popularly known as Varanasi Cantt Railway Station is the rail hub in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Varanasi Junction Railway Station code is BSB. It is partly under the administrative control of Lucknow Division of the Northern Railway Zone, and partly under the administrative control of Varanasi Division of the North Eastern Railway Zone of the Indian Railways. Former Railway Minister Ms.Mamata Bannerjee included Varanasi Cant in World-Class Railway Stations development project.

The first railway line to Banaras was opened from Howrah station in December 1862. George Turnbull, the Chief Engineer of the East Indian Railway Company was responsible for deciding the route and building the 541-mile line via Bandel, Burdwan, Rajmahal and Patna. This route up the Ganges plain, with few hills, was chosen because of the primitive railway engines then available.

Address of Varanasi Junction Railway Station : Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh Pin - 221002

Best Place to Visit Near Varanasi Railway Station

  1. Sarnath : 9 km from Varanasi Rly Station
  2. Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple : 5.0 km from Varanasi Rly Station
  3. Assi Ghat : 9 km from Varanasi Rly Station
  4. Manikarnika Ghat : 5.9 km from Varanasi Rly Station
  5. New Vishwanath Temple : 11.8 km from Varanasi Rly Station

Varanasi Railway Station to Kashi Vishwanath Temple

You can reach easily to the temple by having an auto rickshaw or taxi. Distance from Varanasi Railway Station to Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple is 5.0 km & distance from Mughalsarai Junction is 17 Km & distance from Manduadih Railway Station is 4 Km. Kashi Vishwanath Temple is one of the most famous temple in Varanasi, also known as the Golden temple dedicated to the Lord Shiva.

The best time to visit the ghats is a dawn, when the river is bathed in a mellow light as pligrims come to perform puja (prayers) to the rising sun, and at sunset when the main ganga aarti (river worship ceremony) takes place at Dashashwamedh Ghat.


Platforms 09
Parking Yes
WiFi Yes
Public Transport Yes
Retiring/ Dormitory Rooms Click here, (How to book)
Cloak Room Yes
Restaurants Yes

Airport Connectivity

Distance between Varanasi Airport and Varanasi Junction Railway Station is 22 kms or 13.7 miles.

  • It takes 26 minutes to travel from Varanasi Airport to Varanasi Junction Railway Station.

Bus Connectivity

Distance between Varanasi Junction Railway Station and Varanasi Bus Station is 1 kms or 0.6 miles. It takes 1 minutes to travel from Varanasi Junction Railway Station to Varanasi Bus Station.


Auto rickshaw stand at the entrance of the station. Entrance of the station the passengers are provided with a taxi stand for the city taxis and private taxi cabs.

Hotels Near Varanasi Railway Station

  • Hotel Madin: 1.9 km from Varanasi Rly Station
  • Taj Nadesar Palace : 1.2 km from Varanasi Rly Station
  • Rivatas By Ideal : 2.1 km from Varanasi Rly Station
  • Ramada Plaza JHV : 1.7 km from Varanasi Rly Station
  • Radisson Hotel : 1.6 km from Varanasi Rly Station

Suggested itinerary for Varanasi from Delhi

Best Trains Delhi to Varanasi
Departure Trains Dep Arr Travel 3AC Fare SL Fare
12310 RJPB RAJDHANI 17:15 02:03 08:48 ₹ 1465/- XX
12562 SWATANTRTA S EX 20:40 08:25 11:45 ₹ 1105/- ₹ 415/-
Tatkal booking for 3AC/CC opens at 10AM and for SL opens at 11AM

Stay in hotel

After arriving in varanasi railway station take taxi for hotel, if hotel not booked take auto-rickshaw(₹100), cycle-rickshaw(₹50) or taxi(₹200-300) for Dashashwamedh Ghat, Prepaid autorickshaw and taxi services also available from railway station. Taxi and rickshaws are not allowed in Dashashwamedh ghat after 9am to 9pm road is closed by police due to high pedestrian traffic, taxi or rickshaw driver will drop you at Godaulia chowk walk towards Dashashwamedh ghat(500 meters) or old city and find suitable hotel for you, one can find budget hotel under ₹ 400-500 and mid range hotels ₹ 800-1200.

  • Stops Hostel (Budget hotel)
  • Brown Bread Bakery Guesthouse (Mid rang)
  • Brijrama Palace (Luxury)


  • Kashi Vishwanath Temple (free, foreigners not allowed, sunrise to sunset)
  • Dashashwamedh Ghat (free, 24X7)
  • Man Singh Observatory (Indian,SAARC,BIMSTEC/foreigner ₹15/200, all days, Sunrise to Sunset)
  • Manikarnika Ghat (free, 24X7)
  • Scindia Ghat (free, 24X7)
return to Dashashwamedh Ghat before 6pm for river Ganga aarti. This is enough for today go to your hotel and take some rest.

Check out from hotel and start your journey from Dashashwamedh Ghat towards Assi ghat

  • Harishchandra Ghat (free, 24X7)
  • Assi Ghat (free, 24X7)
  • Banaras Hindu University (free, 24X7)
  • Ram Nagar Fort (Indian/foreigner ₹20/150, all days, 10am-5:30pm)
  • Sarnath
    • Dhamekh Stupa (Indian,SAARC,BIMSTEC/foreigner ₹15/200, all days, Sunrise to Sunset, all days, )
    • Archaeological Museum (₹5 for all, all days, 9am-5pm)
    • Mulgandha Kuti Vihar (₹25 for all, all days, 6am-6pm)

Wake up earlier so you can reach assi ghat before 8 o'clock, on the way you will see Harishchandra Ghat.Hindus from distant places bring the dead bodies of their loved ones to the Harish Chandra Ghat for cremation. In Hindu mythology it is believed that if a person is cremated at the Harish Chandra Ghat, that person gets "moksha".

After Assi ghat visit BHU then go to Ram nagar Fort. after ram nagar fort procceed to sarnath. Shared autorickshaw (₹20) is available from lanka crossing and durgakund (near assi ghat and BHU) to Varanasi railway station, an auto will charge ₹ 120-150 from varanasi station to sarnath, local buses also available for sarnath(₹ 20) but you may wait at least 30 minutes. Transport also available from varanasi station to mughal sarai railway station a shared auto will cost ₹ 30 and shared tata magic ₹ 20. train service also available from varanasi station to sarnath railway station click here

Sarnath to mughal sarai railway station is about 18km far take an autorickshaw to catch your train from mugha sarail railway station.

Below are the best trains from Mughal sarai railway station to New Delhi.

Return Trains Dep Arr Travel 3AC Fare SL Fare
12309 RJPB RAJDHANI 22:32 07:40 09.08 ₹ 1300/- XX
12393 S KRANTI SUP EX 21:19 07:50 10:31 ₹ 1130/- ₹ 425/-
12397 MAHABODHI EXP 17:40 04:35 10:55 ₹ 1130/- ₹ 425/-
Tatkal booking for 3AC/CC opens at 10AM and for SL opens at 11AM

How to reach varanasi ?

By Air- Varanasi is well connected with major cities of india by air, daily flights available from Delhi. for more information click here

By Train- There are lots of trains running for Varanasi from Delhi area here are few best trains.

1. Train no.12310(Train type- Rajdhani) originated from New Delhi railway station, this is the fastest train for varanasi running all days, train departs from New Delhi at 17:15 and arrives Mughal Sarai railway station(15km from varanasi) at 02:03. General fare from New Delhi to Varanasi is Rs.1465/$22 and tatkal fare is Rs.1825/$27 for 3AC coaches, Rs.2005/$30 general and 2525/$38 tatkal fare for 2AC coaches, Rs.3290/$49 for 1A coaches. Food cost included in fare for all classes.

2.Train no.12562(Train type- superfast) is the another best train for Varanasi under budget having Sleeper class starts from New Delhi at 20:40 and arrives varanasi at 08:25 this is the best train for overnight journey. Fares are 220/$4 unreserved class, 445/$7 general and 525/$8 tatkal fare for sleeper class, 1105/$17 general and 1420/$21 tatkal fare for 3AC, 1575/$24 general fare and 2015/$30 tatkal fare for 2AC, 2665/$40 fare for 1AC classes. Train has pantry car one can buy meal on train.